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OK, I'm done with these super ulta fast WIDE rim discs. I was out practicing today and I just loved the way my Orc, Valkyrie, and Sidewinder fit in my hand. Comfort led to predictability and some nice consistent throws. It was nice to connect with the Katana and the Halo (Opto all the way if you are looking at this disc!), but it was infrequent and the feel wasn't there. Reminds me of the first Titanium graphite shafted golf club I hit. Saw the ball scream off of it, but didn't FEEL it. I know it's not an issue about hand size (insert your joke here), because I'm a XXL in gloves. Like I said...I must be getting old? because... In my day.......................

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you know I find myself reaching less and less for a boss or destroyer etc. and more and more for the likes of a Beast or avenger ss. Just more comfortable in the hand, which leads to more consistent releases.
Nice to see I'm not alone! and you're right. Since you metioned an Eagle to me. It has not left my bag. Great disc!
I was throwing the other day, and I love the Force, but only when it leaves my hand correctly. My XL was just about 30 feet shorter, but I was way more consistent. I am playing in a tourney on Saturday, and I think I am going almost all midrange, and putters for every hole.
I know it's not an issue about hand size (That's Not What She said), because I'm a XXL in gloves.
Smart a$$ :)
I know I haven't got the arm to throw the Boss properly but I still mess with it now and again. I much prefer the way my SLs and TLs fit in my hand. They do make throwing much easier . I tend to follow the old axiom: Use the slowest disc you can comfortably get to the basket. They're easier to control in the air and less skippage on the ground.
I personally started off when the Destroyer was just released and I decided I wanted the longest possible disc so I tried to learn to throw it. Eventually I got my consistency with it and I was able to put it up a wide open fairway 400 or so reliably.

On tight fairways however I was suffering as my disc needed too much play to make it very far. Also, it was likely to skip off the fairway even when it landed there and leave me shooting from the bushes.

Lately I have put away my drivers for a while and I'm concentrating on the greatest disc of all time: The Roc!
its all about coosing the right disc for the right shots! keep all those old skool drivers and midrange discs in the bag for accuracy on tight fairways. but by all means you need to learn how to throw those speedy discs. they will shave strokes off your game on longer courses. and always remember if you wanna keep up with the young and gun arms, you WILL NEED A FASTER DISC!! so change your release; put some anhyser on that shit and get distance
; )~
Good post!
I'm with you Rescue, Boss and destroyer just don't work that well for me. Right now my go to driver is a 169g champ Sidewinder. I just love the way it feels in my hand. And I am getting old....Grand masters next year.
Masters for me, but what I found out. I may be playing with the older crowd. It just means they have been playing a lot longer! After tournaments and checking scores. I always find, I would have done better in AM1 or AM2. That 40 something group is pretty tough. Seems they still have an arm, but now have a little better of an understanding about the game and the strategic aspect of it.

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