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I know this topic has been discussed many times, but haven't found the right key words to locate the discussion. 


A disc wedged in the basket, but not resting inside it or the chains must be pulled through to hole out or not?  And i'm asking for both a wedge in the upper and lower parts of the basket.


Or is the wedge good enough in any part of the basket? 


We had a guy tonight wedge through the upper part, and the disc was touching the chains, we ruled that it did not count, were we correct?

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Nope, you were not correct. If a disc is wedged into the basket. It counts, as long as it does not fall to the ground before the person retrieves it. It could be just be hanging on , but if it does not fall it counts. That's another reason way people like the Blowfly.
huh, i read on another forum that if wedged in the upper part, it didn't count, but the bottom does, man i'm confused as heck.
Describe "upper part". Do you mean above the chains? I believe the rules state "supported by the basket" and specifically disqualify any disc on top of the pole hole.
"All discs but the yellow one will complete the hole once the owner gets to the basket and removes it before it possibly falls down and out." More on this page: http://www.pdga.com/interference-rule
Oh sorry J.D. I thought you just ment upper part of the "basket" portion or were the disc comes to a rest. If it's on top of the area that drapes the chains down that's a no.
Sorry for messing you up. I read it wrong.
You don't have to pull the disc through the basket. As others have said, you just have to remove it before it falls out. The other option is to get an "at rest" call from the majority of your group. So if it's a putt, just run the 10 paces to grab it quick. If it's an ace wedgie where you'd be running for 30 seconds or more, turn to your group quickly and say, "At rest?" If you get two "yes" votes quickly, then you're good to go. The disc has been declared at rest and you may stroll at your leisure to get your ace... EVEN IF IT POPS OUT. If your group balks or quibbles over whether or not it's at rest, then disregard them and sprint to the basket to pull it out.

I would actually say that the shot in your example probably DID count. Check out 803.13B

B. Disc Entrapment Devices: In order to hole out, the thrower must release the disc and it must come to rest supported by the chains or within one of the entrapment sections. This includes a disc wedged into or hanging from the lower entrapment section but excludes a disc resting on top of, or hanging outside of, the upper entrapment section. The disc must also remain within the chains or entrapment sections until removed.

The categories excluded here are "on top of the, or outside of" the upper entrapment section. This shot was neither of those and further it was in some part "supported by the chains" and could arguably be considered "within one of the entrapment sections." The problem is that it is partly in an entrapment section and partly on top of the upper entrapment section. Since the rules in this instance are ambiguous I give the benefit of the doubt to the player.

I was going to say that it didn't count and went to get the rule to back up my position, but it actually changed my position. I've never seen anyone wedge one in the top of the target.
Good information, I have never seen one lodged in the upper part of the basket either, however it does happen more often in the lower part.
Sounds like some have already mentioned this : You don't have to pull the disc through the basket. As others have said, you just have to remove it before it falls out.

I have done this a few times. Soft Putters will stick into the side of the basket.
ok, in our case, it was the yellow one, but instead of hanging on the outside, it was wedged through, touching the chains. that doesn't count, correct?
Just to clarify a Non rule That has been quoted twice in this discussion already. You do not have to grab a disc wedged in the basket before it falls out in order for it to count.
The pertinent rule is:
Rule 803.07B If a disc at rest on the playing surface or supported by the target is moved, the disc shall be replaced as close as possible to its original location, as determined by a majority of the group or an official.

The pertinent clarification of the rule from the rule commitee is:
The most controversial part of this rule is when a disc is wedged in the side of the basket or hanging by a nub on the outside. Per this rule, once the group judges that the disc is at rest, it will be replaced there for the owner to complete holing out even if it subsequently falls off the nub or pops out of the side of the basket either by itself, wind or being struck by another disc before the owner gets there.
The question came up whether the yellow disc in the photo was actually touching the chain. It was not. However, it if were touching the chain, we get into the issue whether that constitutues "support" or not. In the case posted here, if the disc wedges thru the top of the chain support and is touching any chain, then you may have to give the player the benefit of the doubt and count it good whether he pulls it back thru the top or down into the chain assembly to remove it.
It's not a non rule. It's an incomplete explanation of the rule. If you don't get the at rest call, it is the standing rule in this situation.

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