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I throw Innova and Discraft.

I throw my forehand for distance. I feel confident anything within 350 golf d.
I throw backhand about 300.
Champion Eagle ( 3/3 aces)
C E Valk- forehand hyzer flips
Esp FLX Surge- big hyzers
ESP Flx Surge SS- dead straight backhands
Esp nuke- hyzer forehands and can anny it also.
Esp flx avenger- forehand little to no hyzer
Champion Orc- little fade at the end forehand
star orc- need a fairly big turn forehand

Z Wasp forehand mids
Esp Wasp - straighter than the z but same type of shot
D zone- forehand approach
flx drone- big turn forehand
Meteor- can push it 275 dead straight
z buzz- little hyzer backhands 250

2 jk pro avairs

got a tourney with only innova what should I get?

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only innova disc payout .... destroyers, teebird, wraiths or just get back ups of the ones you love minus the ce
All crap..throw it all out. Quest and Discwing....that's the ticket.
the quarter k is it a good disc then.? is it a 400ft driver? discwing .. jamie?
Sarcasm...Other than no Rocs and Classic Rocs..there is nothing wrong with what he's throwing. The quarter K makes a good paper weight.
I hate when peeps give dumb advice. For Innova payouts mostly FH I would suggest...and give what they do for me in relation to discraft discs FH or BH

Xcal - just like my Nuke FH
Teerex - FH it is a little bit flippy but not too much, good for a tight s curve
Boss - a gentle fade for a FH shot, might be a little hyzer release
Destroyer - big turn over distance driver for FH


Roc - great disc for FH or BH
Champ Gator - similair to ESP Buzzz FH but better

As far as your bag goes...you have an interesting bag for FH dominant. I would suggest more overstable stuff for FH. Force, Xcal, Teerex, etc. Backhand it seems like you either lack power or snap and thus understable stuff (meteor, Surge SS) goes straight for you. But if you are this confident in winning payouts then you must be doing stuff well!!!
A lot of people comet on my bag with a lot of under to stable disc. If I throw an orc good I hit 350 destroyer will be 300 with tons of curve.My forehand does not take a lot of snap to it. My main forehand disc was a champ leopard for the longest time then a champ tee bird. both of those are rather flippy for me now. I would think with time my snap will get stronger needed more over stable disc. I have a gator, but like the drone a little more. Is an x cal really like a nuke forehand? I thought that thing was massive over stable.
I've got a first run Quarter K paperweight. I threw it a couple o' times, never did get it to go 250 meters, unless I picked it up and threw it two more times in the same direction. Damn thing must be broke.
Champion Destroyer , Star Destroyer or a Less stable Pro Destroyer !
I too have more of a good form forehand shot and can also reach 350. For me a Nuke and Xcal are similiar because I do not have that much FH snap. I am throwing a 1st run Nuke for FH which is more overstable then a 2nd run by a lot, should have thrown that in there.

Do you have a CFR gator??? totally different!!
nope, doubt they will have those though.
For ME.. I gots to have me some Fairway stuff. Teebird, Tracker, TL, Leopard, and the jury is still out on the Stalker, but it might replace my Wasp, even though it's .5 less in stability.
Only Innova payout..bummer! I sure dig my Teebird, TL, Leopard, Roc (buy ten of them! lol) and Sidewinder. Hmmm...I still have a Katana in my bag. The more it gets beat in the more I like it, but I'm still not sold on all these wide rimmed monsters. However, they seem to have helped me throw my other discs better, go figure?
A Gator is money for those 100 to 150' up shots. No crazy skips and you know it will hyzer out. I carry both the Drone and Gator. The Drone for the long hyzers and the Gator for the shorter upshots or for escape shots. Nice thing is. If you blow your escape shot. You won't do much damage, since the Gator has no glide or skip. But hey, the Gator works for ME. It's not for everyone.
Good luck in the tournament!

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