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I got a Snap Band on April 15 and I thought I would start a thread to chronicle my progress with it.

First the basics so far and then some details. Tim recommended a workout with 3 reps of 20 "pulls" to start out. I didn't want to hurt my old arm so I did a couple of workouts with half that many pulls before my first round. I was able to get 10 to 20 feet more out of my drives on the first round. After this, I bumped up to Tim's recommendations and did this about 2 or 3 times before my next round. Again, most drives were 10 - 20 ft farther. I played again today, and regressed a bit, but this could be attributed to wind. I did go almost 30ft farther than before using the Snap Band on one hole.

For me, I think most of the benefits I have gained from the Snap Band so far are from the way it trains you to draw the disc across your chest on the proper line.

Details: I started playing in 1979 but just started playing again regularly 2 summers ago and really got the bug last summer. A new course, Dillon Park, Noblesville, IN opened with 18 baskets last summer and its 5 minutes from my house. I'm 51 years old and my max distance before the Snap Band was only about 230 ft. I throw right-hand backhand mostly, but when I started throwing the new, overstable plastic I couldn't get around the profound left turn, so I temporarily switched to forehand until I studied up on the technique videos on the web. I throw a lot of different discs but probably use an Orc and a Destroyer the most. I have certain holes where I always use a Crush and I have a Groove, Archangel,Valkyrie, and a TL.

It will be interesting to me to see if the Snap Band can teach this old dog some new tricks. So far, things look promising.

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Since my last post, I've played about 3 - 4 times and I have been trying to work out with the Snap Band about 3 times a week. I try to do it more often if I'm not able to play. My distance improvement is more consistent at about 20ft beyond my pre Snap Band days.

My practice / workout routine is to do about 20 pulls with the Snap Band and then practice 20 reps of 5 - 20ft putts in my basement. After that, I do two more reps of 20 pulls with the Snap Band.

My putting is improving, but I still prefer to use a different grip for putting, than the power grip Tim recommends for driving and working out with the Snap Band.

My arm isn't too sore the day after this workout, so I could probably do something a bit more aggressive.

Comments and recommendations welcome.
I played once since my post, the very next day. I've worked out with the Snap Band on Thursday using my normal routine and may do a few pulls before bed, although a beer sounds a bit better.

I may get a chance to play on Monday, Wednesday definitely if it doesn't rain.

I seem to be stuck at 250' - 270'. My game is still better than last season, though. Could be age issues, or maybe I just need to be more rigorous with the workout.

Any visits to Ft. Wayne in your future? If so, maybe I could cruise up from Indy for a lesson. :)
Sill stuck at 250'. And I think that 270' might have been optimistic.

If I can get to 310' consistently I think I could be satisfied.
I've been playing quite a bit. I had my personal best round of 5-under at Dillon Park on 6/4, a -1 on 6/7, a -4 on 6/8 and a -4 on 6/9. All were from the short tees.

I've had maybe one drive near 280', but 250' is still my norm. Looking at the vids has helped but I still have trouble pivoting and following through properly.

My accuracy has improved a little and my 30 - 40' putts have improved a lot, but that could just be luck.
I'm still waiting for the "experience" of it breaking and snapping someone in the head!!! LOL!
Looks like the snap band is not all its cracked up to be. Power is NOTHING without form. I would rather be able to have great form and toss a nice line through the trees then to be able to power it 500+ feet without control.
I'm wondering if Tim got mad when the negative comments were directed back at him or if it had something to do with patent pending. His was not the first rubber strap designed to give arm strength. His was the first with a disc attached to it but I wonder if that was enough of an infringement. How to get ahold of him in the case you need a warranty? I think I saw his email in an earlier post somewhere. I hope the liability of personal injury was considered and rigorous testing was done prior to it's release for his sake. He might have been a little too upfront for some but overall I liked him well enough. Just some random thoughts.
Yea, I would not expect the band to snap, however I can only imagine someone losing their grip on a disc and ending up hitting someone with that disc as it shoots back, perhaps maybe even through a glass door they attached it to.

I imagine a lot of things that can go wrong simply from my expirences with a regular exercise band.
me and some buddies made a few water balloon launchers back in the day...extreme launchers. We got our tubing from a medical supply store that sold it as physical therapy/exercise equipment. It was one piece, had 2 nice handles and you had your choice of tension. In our first models..our biggest design flaw was cutting the tube in half. The points where the cut ends connect to...whatever your attaching it to...eventually fail.
Is this snap band tim guy still on this network ? I tried to look him up but cant find his account.
Nope his account was deleted
Remember, this is the experience of a non athletic 51 year old with a bad back who as been working on his bad form off and on for 25 years.

I did not mean to suggest that I was unhappy at all with the performance of the Snap Band. I'm just not thrilled with my performance at this point.

I do think it has helped my form at least as much as my power.

I did not intend my comments to be perceived as negative and Tim had certainly not given me any reason to think that my comments have angered him. Tim has been way cool to me in making suggestions and with getting me my Snap Band. I bought it directly from him before it went on sale through the disc shops.

In fact I must have missed the negative comments, if they were posted on DGRUS. Linkies?

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