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Over the weekend I was playing adair disc golf coursein oregon, and was having a pretty good game...then it happend. I was on hole 14  got out my old trusty light blue 169 gm. destroyer with a picture of Bubbles on it ( trailer park boys ) and threw the biggest FAIL of my life it went everywhere i wasnt trying to throw, about 225ft out and 200ft. to the right !!! EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!! We looked for about an hour with no luck ( it was kinda hard to see with tears of pain and agony running down my face ) but had to give up.  If anyone finds it, there is a reward of a high five, with a possibility of a thumbs up as well. Thank You.

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I feel your pain Troy. Last year I lost the disc that I had my first ace with, and I was devastated as well. I threw it in a water hazard on a cold and windy November afternoon. Needless to say, I didn't jump in after it. : (
Griplock. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I stopped counting my lost discs in 1990. Still, I feel yer pain.
I tossed my favorite Buzzz ESP FLX 167g into the Big Sioux River in Brandon SD on Saturday. I was almost in tears.

I had to shot the rest of the toruney without my beloved Buzzzz.

As it turns out I won the CTP toss at the end and won a new Buzzzz.
I lost my favorite hot pink pro destroyer out here at the fairgrounds last week. So i know exactly how you feel about it. I held it a lil to long and i didnt hit a single tree or branch and im sure it was about a 350' to 400' throw over some brush, so theres no way in hell anybody will probably ever find it but i was willing to reward up to the cost of the disc for it.
hard to lose the good ones
Yeah that sucks, I just returned a CE Valkyrie that I found to the rightful owner, who said he had written it off and expected to never see it again because people rarely return discs, especially anything of value. I told him I return EVERY DISC I find regardless what it is and that he should urge everyone he knows to do the same (I have convinced everyone I throw with that having a disc with someone elses name and number on it in your bag without trying to return it is as good as having a curse, and not only will the Disc Gods place your disc in horrible lies as punishment, but they will make you lose your favorite disc the first chance they get) but if you return discs you will be blessed with aces and birdies, and phone calls from others who want to give your disc back. He said he would pay it forward and return every disc he finds for the rest of his life and will make sure his buddies do too....and he insisted on giving me $15, due to the fact that he paid $60 for it and thought it would be kept/sold/traded away as soon as it was found..........

CE Valkyrie for $15 and a newly converted group of faithful disc returners, I think I made a good trade-hopefully someone converted the guy who finds your destroyer
When I started disc golfing I was a RHFH and looooooooooved my Fleash colored 174g Star Teerex. It gave me great approaches and I now have 3 in my bag (sadly not the first one). But my course is nice in that it is hard to lose discs because there isn't really anywhere for them to hide except in the tops of nasty thorn trees they had the wisdom (sarcasm) to place all over the course. Anyway I tossed on hole 7 (a dogleg left) and the disc anhyzered but we didn't see it come down and then spent the next 45 minutes looking for it. I mourned that disc until I finally had the cash to buy some new ones. No one ever called...

On a positive note I've returned every disc (if it has a name or number on it) except one because the guy didn't want it back. I've found 5-6 discs without names or numbers and haven't gotten to keep a one of them because different people I know had just lost or broken their disc.

Felt your pain for a while. Now I'm okay.
I play a course in Pooler, GA every time I go to visit my parents. There are several water hazards and half of the course is heavily wooded. Needless to say, every time I lose a disc on that course I find another discs. What's great about that course is that they have a drop box for lost discs. The course manager collects the discs every week and he holds them until someone calls him looking for it. I think more courses should adopt this program.

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