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Im going to play my first tournament soon any advice?

It is not pdga sanctioned as many in our area are not.

ive been plaing since 2003 but work has always been in the way of tournaments.


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get current on official rules and have fun. take it serious.
Get there early, because it will be kind of a sensory overload with all the stuff going on. Bring things to make you comfy during down times. A good chair, Tossing frisbee, basket etc... Finally bring plenty of grub for lunch (so you don't have to leave to get lunch), also snacks and enough water for on and off the course. The FUN will just happen. Tourneys are a blast!

Have fun!!!! And dont let one hole/putt ruin your round! Because when you look at the scoreboard at the end of the whole tournament, you are going to see how close you really where to the players that placed in front of you, and you are going to kick yourself for letting that one putt turn into two or three extra shots because you where to busy being pissed off at yourself! Im serious, its amazing how close the scores really come in at the end of the tourny, sometimes the difference between 1st and say 10th, is four or five strokes. Thats through 72 holes of disc golf, and the difference is five throws!

Ex: In the USDGC final round, Schusterick scored a 7 ( i believe) really early in the round on a hole, and he just kept chucking! He went from leading the tourny to down i wanna say 3 or 4 strokes. Well, later in the round Locastro scores a 9 (i believe) on a hole, and since Schusterick kept chucking away, and didnt pout about one bad shot, leaped right back over top of Locastro and ended up winning the whole Tourny! And this is @ the professional level, where mistakes are few and far between! AM's make mistakes ALL the time, so dont think its just you out there missing that putt!

I would also add that you don't want to sign up for too high of a division, unless you don't mind getting pounded like a drum. Though ultimately playing in a higher division will improve your game. But I'd hate to see you get beat up on so badly that you get discouraged about tournament play. Most important thing is to relax and have fun.
Definitely do this there are some rules you might not know about since you have not played in a tournament yet.  Make sure you have a mini with you and make sure that all of your discs are marked with all the stickers removed.  take plenty of water and food is a good idea.  a chair is optional but there are more people on the course and it can take some time between each hole.  and don't forget your putter.  having a few extra bucks never hurts either there are often CTP to win a basket and other drawings for equipment. 
put your name and number on the bottom of all your discs also.

I have played the sport for a while now.  But it has always been in fun.  You know playing with family and friends.  I had just registered with the PDGA and plan on playing in at least five tournys this year.  Granted, the courses will be places that I have played in, this way I am familiar.  Start off small and work your way up. 

Learn from others so you can be a better player.  But most of all, have fun.  Why play something if you do not enjoy it?



PDGA #46496

Have fun,bring water,gatoraid(electrolights replacement),eat a good breakfast,snacks,fruit and pack a lunch.Arrive about an hour early,better parking,relax.Walk the course,practice your putting.Extra cash for great deals on discs sometimes by venders.Ace,edge program,ctp etc might be offered for a few bucks.Rememeber,ENJOY.
I am playing in a monthly club tourney for the first time on Feb 12th. I figured I would start with the local club and work my way into playing larger events. I'm still nervous as hell, but I am also excited to be competing at a sport again, and its on my back and not the teams. This club will pair us Novices with more experienced players and they've been told to help bring us along, I hope its true.
Just have fun! My first few tourney's I did really bad because I was so worried about my score... play the best you can and have fun!
Stretch , play catch , and practice putt before the round starts , get a sweat going. Take your time and think out each shot just don't go up there and throw , 30 seconds is a long time don't be afraid to use it. Most importantly have confidence in each shot and learn to let the bad ones go (you can't take them back so don't worry about them)

all good comments so far, relax, let the bad shots go immediately, get there early enough to warm up and see any course changes that may occur for the tournament, if you on the top slot of the names/group/card then you are supposed to grab the scorecard(s) and bring them to first hole, and read the rules.

Oh, you will probably play worse than you normily play, pressure, new vibe and circumstances typically get new tour plays. So relax and have fun.

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