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I realized that I use a total of SEVEN disc in my last tourney. How many was I carrying. 21. I have narrow it down

Distance Drivers

Fairway Drivers
CH Eagle
KC Pro TeeBird
KC Pro Cheetah

ESP Buzz
Crystal z Buzz

Voodoo all puts
R Pro Aviar- all approaches 150 in.

I know there are many players that carry 15 + disc. I think for the top advanced players to pros have a reason to carry so many disc. I think the average player would do better with 8-10 disc. I had a couple disc in my bag for that one shot on that one course.

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I carry as many discs as my bag will hold most of the time (so 16-18). I could get by with a few less but I think my habit of carrying a full bag leads me to take more practice shots.

I'm a pretty lazy guy. If I'm practicing and I have more discs, I will throw more shots. I need practice. I am not nearly as good as I hope to be.

If I'm going to ration something let it be water. Water weighs a ton. I can fill my water bottle half full and save weight. Unless it is really hot out I can get by with half a bottle.
I carry almost 30 but I throw forehand and backhand having discs for both styles and back ups for most of them plus roller and thumber discs
dude i feel more comfortable with 20 discs, each one has a shot i would use it for, so if i get in any of those positions, i'll use that disc. ok well maybe i have a couple i wouldn't feel confident enough in, but i keep them in my bag for practice rounds to try em out and get used to em.
Actually our TD just had a discussion about this topic just last weekend. He mentioned the same thing about not carrying so many discs and to just carry the ones that you'll need. My only disagreement for that is because there is the one time, the one shot where you need that specific disc that you put away because you didn't think you needed it. I also carry about 20 discs. I played one tournament in DE where the course was narrow and wooded in some sections and wide open and long in others, but the wind was INSANE. I think if you count both rounds, I used at least 18 of the 20 discs for the situations that I specifically carry them for. Sometimes it happens.

Course I have the Innova Champion Bag that can carry that many and still be comfortable to carry. So I say if you want to carry them, do it. If you feel better with less, then do it. Everyone is different

IF there was a way, some of you would make it work.
There is a better choice:

Special Sale Tee + Bag!
Carries 15 discs comfortably with lots of extras.
I need a bag with an umbrella strap, I guess I could just sew on some velcro straps.
Blake over at the discgolfreview.com forums promotes disc minimalism. Check it out, it is great insight:

The idea is not necessarily fewer discs overall, but like Ian mentioned, fewer molds resulting in better knowledge of those discs.

I carry two each of the force (newer z, mod beat esp), predator (newer z, beat z), and surge (newer 2x doss esp, mod beat esp flx) for drivers as they get lost more often than mids or putters. I carry two of each for two reasons, one disc is less stable than the other, plus if I lose one I have another to throw with similar flight characteristics. The problem is on windy days when I lose a disc, very challenging.

Fairway drivers; z stalker & z reaper, one of each, considering two for tourneys.

Mids; 2 buzzz (esp/z), esp comet, esp meteor, considering z hawk.

Putter; 2 d focus - beat for jump putts, mod beat for main putter.

The DPS:

More features than any bag this size: made of high-tech ballistic water retardent nylon, holds 15 golf discs comfortably in its large opening, 2 large side compartments, 1 zipper back pouch, scorecard holder with 2 pencil-pen slots, a cell phone pouch, an adjustable drink holder for 32 ounce or smaller bottles, an interior key strap clip (not going to lose your keys), heavy duty plastic clips for the bag strap, comfortable shoulder pad strap with the embroidered Disc Playertm logo, 2 metal circle hoops for a back-pack style strap, DiscPlayer zipper pulls, adjustable disc divider, velcro hook & strap for top opening rain flap, umbrella straps, Disc Playertm embroidered logo on the putter pouch...........
Read it, interesting.

If you'll notice in most "pro-experienced" players' bags; out of the 15 discs in their bag, there really only is 5-6 different types. That is 3-4 of the same disc. "3 destroyers, 1 fresh champion, 1 star destroyer fairly new, 1 'beat' star destroyer and so on. 3 putters all the same but different age and wear. You get the idea.

There is a reason. It works. And it's nice, to have back ups.
Experience teaches you to make it work.
Ever lose a 'favorite disc?' Well you suck it up, and make the rest of your bag work.
Even if you buy a new one (replacement) it's like starting all over.
Folding Black Cart-
Already in use World Wide!

I got a Folding Black Cart and I carry as many discs as I want to!
I have backups of the backups now...Nice comfy feeling knowing you have your entire arsenal.
Discs are stuffed in my bag, falling out the sides...I don't care-they are rolling right along.
4 Water bottles rides along just like 2-And I never know the difference and now I never run out of water!
Extra towels, extra snacks, extra gear, it all just rolls along with me, never a worry about weight.
I really hate the feeling of not having the perfect disc for the job and having to trick a disc into trying to get me there!
Having every disc I know with me is the solution, backups are important in a tournament-no time to fetch-get it later-plenty of backups!!!
Although it is true that you may only be using a handful of discs, that is only when everything is going well.
I have discs that are considered "utility" discs that do "special tasks" that no other disc will do. Gotta have them with you though or they do not work very well. These discs are broken in to different levels. I am confident just having them in the bag-even if I never need them, they are there and knowing this lets you throw as though you have a doubles partner!
I have seen people try to strip their bag down, even C.R. Willey thought he was "The Man" one year and showed up with only a handful of discs for the Coachman tourney. He lost all of his discs and had to finish the round with only a putter. This was a complete failure and now just a story to tell. Learn from other peoples mistakes? Get a folding cart and move on with your game. Dominate. Build your Arsenal. Use your strength and energy to finish strong, not carry a heavy bag!
Just take a look at how many players drag themselves through the last 4 or 5 holes. That, sir, is from carrying a heavy bag all day. After I finish a round, I am looking to Freesytle and play Catch with the extra energy I saved.
OK, you get it. I am done. Play Smart, Stay on the Fairway and learn to make short putts. Dominate!

Not a bag, narrowing.
Instead a luggage cart.
Roll it up a canyon type course.

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