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I am a beginner. Been playing for a couple months now. I am still working on putting together a quality practice schedule. I am just not sure I am getting the most out of the times I play.

I have some time on my hands so I can devote an hour a day during the week and however long it takes on the weekends. What would be the best way to break that time down between putting, driving, mid-range, hyzers, an-hyzers, etc.?  


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Depends on what part of your game needs the most work,having said that I do the most work on my short game. I will throw all my mids from 150' or so, then go in and putt out from where they landed. I'll do that 5 or 6 times, then pace out 15' and putt, 20' and putt, and so on out to 30'. Seems to have helped.

drives and throws,well i like to practice throws not drives with mids,say a roc and buzzz,in a open area and throw 250ft 300ft,that will teach you straight shots and help your arm break in..for putting,you need to do buy yourself,at the course or at home,and find your own style and spend alot of time just banging putts,i still do this at home or a the practice basket at the course,1hr 1hr half,just putting

Put most of your focus on putting and practicing with your midranges. Once those mids are flying true and straight then work your way up to the drivers (Roadrunners, Sidewinders , Leopards and then Tbirds) Don't get caught up in the hype of new discs stick to the 4 I mentioned and you will do just fine.
many will offer suggestions, but if you have an hour a day for disc golf, you'll get good fast and when you play full rounds, you'll see where you need to concentrate. That said, if you can't putt, all your drives will have to be parked. Putt more.
I would say spend most of your time putting. Playing tournamemts when you are a beginner you will play against others who are beginners and the thing that prevents beginners from moving up is their abillity to make putts. So if you make your putts you will win.

Like a few others said Putting is key, you can't win if you missing every birdie. But make sure your putting and not just throwing at the basket hoping it goes in. The best way for me was playing 21 or horse with another player. If you have to putt by yourself, you might try this putting method....starting at 15 feet working your out after every round, 10 standard putts/ 10 straddle putts/ 10 turbo putts. Each made putt is a point, try to beat your own score. I would do this from 30 feet and my best score was 27. 


One way I learned to anhyzer with mids, I would use a the backside of the big fence behind home plate at a baseball field. I would set up a target at the dugout and throw anhyzers from the other dugout. you could move farther away from the dugout if you want to learn less angle annies.



Ya I do the perfect putt 360 for putting practice makes its fun!
That is something Ive been wanting to try. I live in an apartment so Im stuck with hallway shots lol
Its fun and helps out a lot. I live like a mile away from a college course so I just go up there and play 360.
I reccomend that you practice the shots your not comfortable throwing.   If you RHBH domminate practice forehands, and overheads, then pratice different shots from your dominate side.  My practice session starts with forehand shots, followed by overheads, then rollers, then if I still have time I work on anhyzers from my backhand.  I practice putting either at the end of a driver/midrange session or seperatly.
Ok, I started playing full rounds. Then, were I was weak on, I would work that area for one week. I would look for tough playing areas, like throwing in a row of trees. Work on left hand throws or Scooby shots. What I am saying is GO AND PLAY. Oh, listen to the people here on this site and apply the advise to your game. 

Choose you time wisely. Practice the parts of your game that needs it.  If Driving is a Issue , Practice Driving , etc.


Try to find a local Pro that will be willing to help you. Work on ALL aspects of your game when possible.


Never quit Putting !

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