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I've been playing since late 2007. Usually shoot around 4-5 over. I feel like I have a pretty good arsenal of shots to get around the course. I'm accurate with the mid-ranges and my short game is getting better every season. None of my friends play this great sport, not from a lack of effort on my part, and I haven't met anyone in the area to play with on a consistant basis. So every thing that I've learned has been from YouTube and practice. I want to get into tournament golf this year but I feel like I should be playing even par before I jump in to tournaments.

The one area of my game that hasn't gotten any better is my tee game. I just don't have any distance and I struggle with the accuracy (usually a early release = early tree) I probably throw anywhere from 250 to 275 ft. Can't pick up the extra 25 feet regardless of what I try. Does anyone have any drills or advice that helped them in this area they can suggest?? I love this game and its killing me that I can't figure this part out.



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There's plenty of advice and videos out there. Some of the best ones are -

Dave Feldberg on Grip

Driving With Dan Beto

More Snap 2009 - Brad Walker
Thanks SS, thanks for the links. I've seen the Dan Beto video and it was helpful. I've heard two different styles. Dan talks about starting the throw with the elbow bent and point toward the target. Then you also hear that you are supposed to keep your arm relatively straight? I assume its personal preference or am I wrong?
Some pros like Feldberg keep their arm more or less straight. I think the real point is to keep your arm moving on a straight line towards your target. A big swooping swing doesn't do you much good. Keep the disc close to your body.
Thanks for that snap video, Its gonna mess up my drive for a little while but once i can get that technique right... we had an ultimate player join us a couple of weeks back, was his first round ever and he was outdriving me.. had an incredible snap.
As Star Shark recommended, all the videos are great. I'm no pro, but can drive the hell out of a disc. I did the following to increase my distance while stabilizing my accuracy:

--Fixed my grip (watch the Feldberg video as well as the Discraft driving distance video). The grip is crucial.
--Eliminated my run-up. The faster I go, the shorter I throw--I drive with a slow, deliberate walk up/x-step and focus on reaching back across chest as far as I can, pushing off my left foot (RHBH), and keeping my hips in sync with my shoulder turn on the follow thru. It seems the slower I go, the farther I throw (425 or so). This doesn't work for everybody, but it works for me.
Thanks Ryan, I appreciate the advice. I'm going to try this. I play ball golf as well and that's true with the golf swing. I know alot depends on the type of disc you are throwing but do you find that you typically release the disc on a flat plain or with some anhyzer? It seems all the pros, and other guys that crank it, never release the disc flat.

Appreciate the advice!
I took both keys from my ball golf game as well (and it dropped my handicap from a 12 to an 8 over a years worth of work)...just slow it down. Grip and Tempo are my two 'swing thoughts'.

My release completely depends upon the disc. If I have something overstable (like my Star Destroyer, Nuke, Halo, Spirit) I release it with varying degrees of Anny. Understable discs like my evolution Apache, evolution Scream,, Beat Beast or Beat Roc are released hyzer to flat, depending on my line. In order to release a disc flat, you must have a really straight disc--mine would be a San Marino Roc which I can pump out to 375 or so on a flat line...
I haven't seen this one Donny. Thanks for the tip!
Try some league golf, you will meet players,see what division your in and learn what is lacking in you game.
Thanks Disc nut, I think I'm going to take the plunge this summer. Gotta start somewhere.
I got better really fast when i started playing leagues.


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