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Hey everyone!

Got a question for the group that I am hoping people will weigh-in on.  Since I got back into disc golf heavy-duty 4-5 years ago, everything in my bag has been 174-178g.  Putters, mid-range/approach, drivers.  The heavier the better in all the chronic wind we face down here on the prairie (SW Minnesota).  That said, my driving distances (Pro Wraith, Star Destroyer, Star SL) have plateaued around 310-325 feet.  I've worked my footwork, I've tweaked my throwing motion and accelerated the "rip" across my chest, making sure I've got that little "flick" at the very end of my release, etc.  Barring my throwing off of the top of a hill or out the back of an airplane, I just can't get longer.  :-)

Meanwhile, there are other guys I play with regularly who have jumped from 300 to 400+ feet off the tee the past couple years.  They'll throw 165-168g or even a 150-160g Boss!  They're 5-10 years younger than me (39)...so maybe middle age has something to do with it too.  However, I am wondering if anyone has ever seen any studies or analysis which might suggest that there is an optimal weight of disc to throw off the tee.

It would certainly depend a lot upon body type, skill, etc.  However, if 165g would get me more distance than 175g without sacrificing too much lateral accuracy (in the wind), that would be good information to know (and then share with the DG masses).

Any help, ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.

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It's Technique. You might be able to get an additional 25-50' from lighter plastic, or more beat in plastic, or more understable plastic. But im convinced that the Big D you are looking for comes from technique. The guys that REALLY throw CONSISTANTLY over 400-450' don't need a 150g roadrunner to do it.... All you do then is train yourself how to throw bad farther. Im not talking about giving beginers xcals and wishing them the best of luck, but if you throw 315-325, try working on nose down, flat-slight hyzer release and keep working the HIT. One thing that needs to be mentioned is accuracy... 325' in the fairway or parked is better than 375 O.B. But all that said you will gain a little more flight time out of understable plastic, and lighter plastic, but lightweight understable plastic is unpredictable which is the last thing you want.
Played in my first tournament of the year today at Todd Park in Austin, MN. The wind was CRAZY (30+ MPH sustained, with it seemingly changing directions every few seconds). I pretty much stuck to my 174g Star Wraith on the longer holes for most of the tourney...and for me anyway, I was launching bombs. Many tee shots over 300', a few approaching 335-340+ feet. I did switch it up and throw a 167g Roadrunner whenever I had a tail wind. Not quite as far...but very good placement in the fairway.

This is going to sound stupid, but I think I was throwing 30-40 feet further today for two reasons:

1. Survival. A lot of guys with BIG 450-500' drives were at the event and on my cards...so if I wanted to stay within sniffing distance of them, I had to deliver.

2. Peer Pressure. I didn't want to be the guy who was constantly 150 feet behind some of these other guys...so I put a little extra mustard into each throw and really concentrated on ripping it through my body hard/fast. Some of the guys still outdrove me by 150 feet, since they are worlds ahead of me in the talent dept. However, I held my own a lot better than I thought I would against a few of those guys.

It was my putter that completely betrayed me today. I gave at LEAST 6-7 shots away which cost me about 6-7 places in the standings. I can blame that on the wind, but all 76 players at the event had the same wind to deal with, so that excuse doesn't cut it. I just sucked around the basket today, plain and simple.

After 60-70 drives and 6-7 miles of walking today, I think about 1-2 muscles in my body aren't screaming at me. My back is killing me...as all that "extra mustard" is hard on this old dog. Was fun though, when I wasn't chunking putts, anyway.

Edited to add: Grabbed a 168g Katana with the bit of funny-money I got from the event. Another driver to experiment with.

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