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I purchase a Revolution bag last year and want to give a review on the product. Also warning people about the lack in quality the product holds and customer service.

Purchasing an Atomic Orange bag from Revolution for $135 and after one season there has been significant color changes in the material. The Atomic Orange has now turned to PINK. I also live in Michigan where as the Disc Golf season, I play is from April-September (6 months); I never leave the bag in the sun for long periods of time and I store the bag in a closed area.

I contacted Revolution and got in touch with a man named David Henrickson. I told him about the situation and he proclaimed the color change is from normal wear and tear.

David stated, “Fading is unavoidable, especially with the super intense colors like bright pink we used to offer and the Atomic orange. MSeveral other of the brighter color that we offer will also fade. In fact, I've seen older Navy bags that look like they're a Carolina Blue. Our goal is to make bags that last as long as humanly possible. Normal wear and tear, though can not be eliminated.”

Revolutions goal is to make a bag that last as long as humanly possible, which consisted of 6 months in my case. Overall I enjoyed the bag and the qualities it offered, but the fading is unacceptable. There is no reason the material should change colors that dramatically within a short period of time.

In the end, David and I could not reach an agreement on a discounted bag or a different bag. I would stay away from “Super Intense Colors” if purchasing a Revolution Disc Golf bag. This post is to let people be aware of my situation and the lack in quality Revolution promotes.


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dps Disc Player Disc Golf Bag
Great Price, quality, Hey have replaced a few.... it's going to happen.
Murphy's law.
Ask anyone who owns one.
Hmmmm $100 + not @ DPS!
"Revolutions goal is to make a bag that last as long as humanly possible" The bags form, function, durability, and ability to perform have nothing to do with this concept. My buddy has the same bag and has had the same issue. When he pulls out the rain flap it is still that flaming orange color. But it really does fall into the normal wear and tear area. My bright red Innova bag has drastically changed colors but I live in Texas and only have a few weeks, if that, where the sun doesn't touch it.
Been using the dps "water treatment" bag for years. (It rains alot in Florida).
It's black, and is still the same color "black."
Amazing $40 retail. Say get your money's worth?
$135? No warranty?
Man that bag looks like hell. I would definitely be mad about that. You should get in touch with his manager and e-mail pics along with purchase information. Sometimes they don't think that people will post their issues on disc golf sites like these and they don't realize that it cost them more money then to fix the issue. One issue that I had was ordering from Sun King, I placed 4 orders and each time they were missing one of the discs that their website said was in stock. They worked with me and fixed the issues, However the last time I ordered from them they were missing a disc and said that it would be there on Tuesday. I called them on Wednesday and they said it would be another week before they got their shipment in. this went on for over a month, and each time I had to call them instead of them handling the situation themselves. I sent a e-mail to their management and got no response. I will never order from them again.
You should get a Fade bag, I've had my orange bag in Florida for over a year and it is still orange (not atomic, but orange!). I also paid 30 or 40 bucks for it.
I also have a Fade bag - color has not changed a bit, the bag has taken a beating in rain, snow and sun - it really is a great bag. Tourney bag in Psycho!
I have the other "Respectable orange" carolina bag and it hasn't faded at all in 3 seasons. I think it's a great bag. I'm sorry that yours faded, but should they replace it... for color fading? I don't know. It's still going to work fine. My friend had the same issue and he is embarrassed by the color it changed to and wants adifferent bag, so maybe there is something to your claim. Maybe they should recall them and stop making that color. I don't know.
Revolution makes the truly most durable and AVAILABLE disc golf bag today at a great price. Sorry about your luck but the bag will be functional forever. I won't buy another product.
I love my fade bag.. I have never had any amount that I could see of fading, and I play in the rain all the time... I also never take the bag out of my car unless I am playing, so it's in the sun and heat all the time! One of the best bags around and for sure the best bag for the price!
I just thought I'd point out the irony of all the people who've said their Fade bag hasn't Faded....
Yeah I thought it sounded funny as I was typing it... I'll have to call Tim and tell him he should make his bags fade out after 6 month... after all he need to live up to his name, and keep up with Rev bags at the same time!

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