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I purchase a Revolution bag last year and want to give a review on the product. Also warning people about the lack in quality the product holds and customer service.

Purchasing an Atomic Orange bag from Revolution for $135 and after one season there has been significant color changes in the material. The Atomic Orange has now turned to PINK. I also live in Michigan where as the Disc Golf season, I play is from April-September (6 months); I never leave the bag in the sun for long periods of time and I store the bag in a closed area.

I contacted Revolution and got in touch with a man named David Henrickson. I told him about the situation and he proclaimed the color change is from normal wear and tear.

David stated, “Fading is unavoidable, especially with the super intense colors like bright pink we used to offer and the Atomic orange. MSeveral other of the brighter color that we offer will also fade. In fact, I've seen older Navy bags that look like they're a Carolina Blue. Our goal is to make bags that last as long as humanly possible. Normal wear and tear, though can not be eliminated.”

Revolutions goal is to make a bag that last as long as humanly possible, which consisted of 6 months in my case. Overall I enjoyed the bag and the qualities it offered, but the fading is unacceptable. There is no reason the material should change colors that dramatically within a short period of time.

In the end, David and I could not reach an agreement on a discounted bag or a different bag. I would stay away from “Super Intense Colors” if purchasing a Revolution Disc Golf bag. This post is to let people be aware of my situation and the lack in quality Revolution promotes.


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Good points Bob! I agree!
And thanks for the review, Jeff. I always appreciate negative reviews so I know what I may be getting myself into. I have a pretty good bag and am not in the market for another, but when I am, I won't get this one. Probably go with a Fade bag.
well looking at it from my calibrated monitor the grey and oranges color is off maybe not white balance but the pic makes it hard to really tell how bad it is ,the pink spots could be anything a stain from a drink ,it really could be anything ,and looking at it from rev's point of view Dave said it's normal with brighter colors and was really polite about it and this guy post the story on several different boards .
I understand you paid 130 for a bag ,i have a black and grey rev and it's 4 years old and love it,but really the color is faded ,will does that really matter the bag functions nothing is broke on it ,what did you think because you called they would send you a brand new bag ,if that was the case everyone would call after a few months and want a new bag and sell the faded one on eBay .
And i don't recall anywhere on there site the claim that the wont fade .

Also here the link for the disc golf course review one ,his story is slightly different as for the place he lives .
so to me it sounds like a competing bag company posting phony negative reviews .
The link provided is for a completely different person with the same problem. Different first name, different initials, different state. It even has a different picture. I looked at Jeff's page here and he's been on here for over a year - just doesn't sound like a "competing bag company". Sounds like two people with the same problem. Incidentally, my laptop is calibrated with Huey, I run Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3.2 - I do know a little about photography.
probllay right rev i'm just one of those people that thing any review with a gain of salt ,I just found it weird that both poped up at the same time .
And after I posted the link I went back to dgcr and he posted the pic and i seen it was diffent the bag on the other site had really no fade to the bag ,the pic there was better though .
I just don't what he expected ,i've had my rev bag for 4 years it has some stains and some very slight wear and tear ,the black has faded a littl'e but it does what i need it to day by day .
Im rough on bags I was going though 2-3 innova bags a year ,but the rev still held up this long .
also bob how do you like the Huey? ,I have a spyder pro and love it but wish it wasn't so bulky and sensitive
If you check out that other post. There are a few people with the same issue. Not saying you have, but why are people attacking this guy so much? I agree with time the color will fade, but in just six months? When I pay for quality I expect it, even in the color.
John - I understand what you're saying, it's just that I would not be surprised for a bag to fade over a long period of time but six months seems odd. Makes you wonder about the quality of the dye job. As for the Huey, it works pretty well but the suction cups on the back leave marks on the screen that are a pain to remove. It corrects nicely for room lighting, which is handy. I've used it on both a desktop monitor and now on my laptop. I'd like something a bit more precise but I've been putting my money into software (Photoshop and Lightroom are expensive!) and new lenses.
Re-Dye it !
I see your point six months ,seems like a quick time for it to fade .
I hear you on the software I run lightroom 3 and cs5 ,me and my wife are opening a studio this month and the cost of everything makes my head spin
I don't care about looking good, but getting a bag that ends up making me think "pink" every time I pull it out of the trunk would upset me. Revolution...help the man out...he doesn't want your pinkish bag.

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