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So the big $550 ace pool was finally hit at Coldbrook today, twice (so it got split). Since one of the guys that hit one was from out of town, the guy running the doubles "league" was pissed at how much money the non-local dude got. Now he's changing the ace pool to where you have to pay the dollar or two for EVERY week you miss and the current week if you want to be in it. He even said "if you miss 20 weeks, you pay the ace pool for all 20!" I think that policy sucks. So many people were talking about that ace pool each time it wasn't hit and got bigger. It was bringing non-locals to the course and they were paying the 5 bucks plus the 2 for ace pool/ctp just like the rest of us. Is this guy running it making a good call? I know I don't think so.

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Where I'm from you have to be a member of the local club to even get in the ace pot. I like this idea myself because it gets more people to join the club. Besides, it's only $10 a year to be a member and if you are not a club member you don't even pay into the ace pot. Most people that show up from out of town to play usually join the club. The only drawback we have had from this is some of the members don't ever show up for doubles unless the ace pot is over $100 dollars, which by the way is their choice, but it has caused a lot of friction between them and other members of the club. These same guys spend more time playing out of town than on their own home course and don't involve themselves in the club at all unless there is a big ace pot to win, which none of the people I am referring to have never hit it.
That is a good solution to, if run by a dues paying club: Anyone can enter the ace pool and lost their dollar, but to claim the winnings you must be a club member, as in you can pay to join the club out of your winnings if you weren't a member at the beginning of the round. That's an entirely fair way to put it in my opinion. It should be explained each week if anyone is not from around there.
OK, I dont want to get into it, but I have my reasons, I will apologize for now about this mistake, so sorry Kaces, for now.
for now? damn what do you have agianst K'Aces? i think Larrys awesome in what ever he does.
Stupid. I drove all the way from Detroit after getting off an airplane from Washington at 5:45 in the morning just to play when the ace pool was at $350 or so. I then attended every week I could (and brought people with me, adding to the pool), with hope of hitting a big ace pool. From Lansing it takes over an hour in shitty weather to get to their doubles, I could be staying in town for our own doubles. Being pissed that a non-local player hit is is ridiculous, especially when it was only half. I will not be attending any more Coldbrook doubles and I will certainly not be bringing any of my friends to help contribute to their fund. I was running a traveling ace pool at all the tournaments that I attended for the last few months, I did not discriminate against anyone wanting to get in on it. Dave Milewski hit it and that was that. He got the money, no bitchting by anyone. As some people have said on this thread, "What is up K'Zoo?" We all supported you for worlds and this is how it ends. I am glad Larry has nothing to do with this doubles, Larry hosts some of the best tournaments in the state and I will continue to attend his events. To the people running Coldbrook doubles, have fun when no one shows up.
yea i think its just the guy that runs doubles on sundays, ive never met or talked to him, just handed him my money. it shoudlnt refelect Kazoo discgolf as a whole.
I think what is important for all to know is the fact that those who are running the doubles aren't all affiliated with the K'Aces. It is sad to see such a lack of sportsmanship, but I don't think people should go hating on Kalamazoo.
I've never participated in a tournament or ace pool anywhere, though I hope to change that this season, but I think it really sucks that people going to let the absurd actions of one person put them off of Kalamazoo as a whole. I plan to support the local golf scene in the future for the sake of the sport and the cool people out there. I'm not going to let those scattered asses ruin it for me, and I don't think anyone else should either.
Not sure if "Blaze" is correct, but assuming he is, it's a pretty lame decision by Tim. It's my understanding "casual doubles" means whoever wants to show up and pay their $ is eligible to play...which includes the Ace Pool. To me it doesn't matter whether the pool is $10 or $10,000...the amount shouldn't matter. Let's say the Ace Pool had been growing for 20 weeks. There are basically 20 "aceable" holes at Coldbrook. So...all of the "regulars" had 400 chances each to get an ace and cash in. The fact my nephew happened to be visiting, played, and was 1 for 20 as opposed to 0 for 400 shouldn't take away his, or any other persons, right to be eligible. If they want it to be a league...make it a league. If not, get over it...we all wanted to make an ace...only Mitch and Pat did...that's why they received the $.
I disagree with this decision by Tim. I think the K'Aces are some of the most inclusive golfers I've ever played with. I'm proud to have been a member for the past 14 years.
i said i was sorry, didnt mean to get the Kaces involved, sorry to have assumed... SORRY
if you assume, it only makes an ASS out of U and ME.

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