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Now that the government stepped in: wimpy as it is.
The banks still are running this country, didn't used to be.

Will this help your buying of disc golf products?
Make you more thrifty?

The banks made billions in charges last year.....

do not have any sympathy for banks anymore....

Hear that credit unions are getting more business.

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wtf?! dps.
I think these "awesome" new regulations to reign in "big bad banks" will simply take the economy down another notch. These reforms simply screwed up credit for those of us that were responsible borrowers. My bank didn't even take any bailout money!!

To avoid the new regulations, my bank simply raised my interest rate to 26% last November. That's right 26% APR!!! This interest rate is not for balance transfers or as a penalty, this is my "excellent customer" rate. Never mind that I have been a customer at this bank for over 10 years. I never made a late payment and I have never, ever been anywhere near my credit limit. This is downright usurious and it was done because Obama wanted to regulate (control) our banks. Boy, he sure showed them! Good luck to the average person needing credit and thanks again to Obama for excessive government regulations!
I love these new rules. I have paid all my credit cards on time. I carry no balances month to month. And I get screwed!

Thank you government.

Also remember that business never ever pays taxes in any way, shape, or form. Every single tax is passed onto the end user or consumer.
Don't be so sure......Point and fact, I have my CC on record with SK, DGC, and Disczilla. Since the regulations and subsequent APR rate hike....no more disc golf wares via funded by a CC.
Hey, you have it wrong! Your should be HAPPY that the banks got puished with MORE regulations!
It right there in the class envy play book. Don't worry, the wonderful folks in the goverment that have been regulating the banks since the Great Depression, will get it right the next time around and make life fair for you.
You don't like paying high interest rates? Don't carry a balance.
Maybe a little off topic but many people do not realize that Credit Card companies make money every time you use one. They just make less if you pay off the balance every month.

They charge the business you are purchasing from a certain percentage for every transaction.

Cash and checks (as long as it a good check) means the business gets 100% of the funds you spent there. Just something to think about when supporting your favorite businesses.
Actually I don't know if Mike or Wade keep your CC info on file...Alan does though. None the less no more Disc Golf via credit card for me.
Nothing to do with disc golf?
How many online and including ebay, disc golf businesses are there?
I have a business and pay taxes.
It's called income tax.
The end result of sales tax is at the consumer end.
Do the math- if credit takes out a 5% fee, and the profit margin is 40%, then paying by credit hurts the business by taking 1/8th of the $ they would have made off your sale. We love cash at the Shop.
It was amazing how all the credit cards that DPS holds, decided to raise interest rates, on existing amounts.
Try getting a small business loan now. (Laughter in background).
Truth of the matter:
banks went wild
overextended themselves
we bailed them out
they got off the hook
gave themselves raises
charged extreme fees
lacked sympathy to small business and now the unemployed
did I miss anything?
You can't blame those for using credit.
If you have a well paying job, great pay off your debt.
Now move to say Detroit, Flint, Las Vegas and try to get a job.....

It has to get better!

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