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Hey all. Just wanted to say Hello and say a few words. I am a Brand Newbie to Disc Golf. I picked up my 1st disc about 2 weeks ago and have only played 6 holes in the Pouring rain, ankle deep in mud. And, STILL, I had the time of my Life. 


I also found a DG Proshop called Mando's close to my home. I have been in there twice already and spent more money than I care to admit. Between the 6 holes in the rain and the Proshop that I am now so fond of, I have seen one thing that has really pulled me into this sport so hard and heavy....


I have not met a SINGLE person involved in DG (to this point) that was not outgoing and willing to walk up and give me tips. or pointers. Didn't matter what it was regarding. The DG community that I have been exposed to thus far is an AMAZING group of people that really seem to take Pride in their Sport, and their willingness to help promote it through shear Kindness.


I have played other sports and never encountered this without being part of an "In-Crowd" within the cirlce, so to speak. So, Long Story short, thanks to everyone that participates in promoting your sport with Pride and Kindness, AND for taking the time to help out the Helpless , like myself! Hope to see y'all out by the Basket!


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I'm glad you like it... soon it will turn into an obsession!
Oh Trust Me Shawn, it Already has.... Not sure my Kids will ever like DG cause they are already sick of hearing me go on about it.... :)

Welcome to the Island of Misfit Toys. Glad your here.

One of the best addictions you'll ever have/enjoy.Side effects are ;new friends,think/talk dg,cash flow,road trips to tourneys/dg courses,health improves with new aches/pain,discover great advice from many involved with dg,you tube advice/vids,cash flow already mentioned;>}
Don't forget the feeling of the first time breaking a distance mark, First time birdieing a hole that you can never get too, beating the guy that showed you how to play, and most of all Your first Ace!
Really interested in what kind of discs you bought , considering your new to the game. Do yourself a favor and stay away from all the "Hype" of the high speed discs. Stay away from the Destroyers , Bosses , Nukes , Katanas etc. Stick to the basics Tee birds , Leopards , Sidewinders and Roadrunners.

Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement! Mark, I have started to figure out the don't believe the hype stuff! I know that I am no Pro and I have No Idea how to handle a stable , or overstable disc yet. I let my 5 year old pick a disc and he liked the graphic on a white 175g DX Destroyer. I can't throw that thing to save my Life! I also ended up with a 171g Champion Valkyrie that came with a Scott Stokely DVD I ordered. I haven't even tried throwing that one yet. I bought a 3 pack of discs the 1st weekend I tried DG that came with a 150g DX Leopard, a 143g DX Shark, and a 150g DX Aviar P&A. Since then, I have purchased a 172g Sidewinder I haven't thrown yet, a 175g DX Kite, a 175g DX Stingray, a 150g Star Skeeter, a 172g R-Pro Dart, and a 172g DX Birdie. 


I have been spending the past couple weeks working on my throwing form and just trying to get it right. I threw only my P&A's for about the 1st week and a half till I was throwing them accurately and out to about 150' with out to much effort. I started working with my midrange discs a couple days ago, while still working on my throwing form and follow through. I really enjoy the midrange discs. I got the Kite out to about 220' yesterday, which is the farthest I have thrown, thus far. I am finding I throw the heavier (170g-175g) discs better and more consistently. 


Thats about it for the moment.... Or until I Bribe my 5 year old into not tell Mom that Daddy bought another Frisbee today...... :)

Sounds like you got the idea!  I have the arm now for overstable discs, but I find myself playing better when I use my less stable discs.  I took my Discraft NUKES, and Forces out of my bag the past few weeks, and mainly use Discraft Stalkers, and Latitude 64 Visions for 300+ drives, Discraft Comet, and Gateway Scout for Midrange, and Gateway magic, and Wizards for approaches, and putts. (hooray for run on sentences!)


Try playing rounds with only your Kite, only your Shark, or even just your Aviar.  It mat take you a couple more throws to get to the basket, but your accuracy will greatly improve!

I think I will try that. I will probably start with the Kite or Stingray, and My Birdie. I want to get used to that Putter. I LOVE the way it feels. Its a Big 'ol, thing, but the Big Lip and the Thumbtrack work REALLY well for my putting grip. I have practice throwing at random furniture in my house up to about 20' and I am WAY more accurate with it than the Aviar, or even the Dart. 


Thanks for the Tip Shawn. And run on sentences are the only way I can usually get my thoughts out. Hope it doesn't offend. There are no English Teachers on this site, are there? :0


Glad to see you have found our little world. Plastic and chains will soon dominate your dream scape.

Learn to throw both forehand and backhand--good players can use them both equally well (grab that 175 Destroyer and teach yourself to throw it forehand--you will thank yourself).

One tip on buying plastic; try buying better grades of plastic (Innova Champion or Star; Discraft Z, ESP, or FLX;)--you will get a lot more life from your favorite discs!

Get your kids involved! My wife and I take my 6 and 3 year old out once a week and they love to practice putting at my basket in the back yard--better yet, get them a mini basket and a bunch on minis for the living room--make it a family affair!

Plastic and Chains ALREADY dominate my Dream scape! Lol.


Thanks for the Tips Ryan. Forehand will be my next venture. I do have a couple Champions and 1 Star plastic disc. I have a feeling that will be the direction I go from this point on. The DX's are working GREAT for me to learn with, but I have noticed they are getting beat up VERY quickly.


My kids are with me every time we I go out! I practice in a field at a local park that is right next to there Favorite playground. They throw discs every time. At least for a while. My 5 year old is Way more into it than my 9 year old, but they both really enjoy it. I want to get them one of the Mini-Baskets in the next week. Our 5 year old saw one at our local DG Proshop and has been BEGGING for one! Sweet...... :)



the DX and low end plastic is good when you are going through a bunch of disc types to figure out what works. But then move up to the Champion/Star/Z etc level as they will hold thier performance characteristics much longer and can take the tree hits.

Definately simplify your bag. Choose 4 or 5 disc and stick with them for a while until you really know what they will do. Basically all you need at this point is a:

putter - sounds like your Birdie

left (overstable) - the Kite or Valkyrie

right (understable)- sidewinder or stingray

straight (good luck) - leopard or the sidewinder at low speed

approach - maybe the shark, skeeter or a Roc

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