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Man, am I the only one out there that has tried there new discs ( Striker, Vision, Riot, and Core) or the new Opto plastic ( Can you say old Innova gummy, well close). Come on Ladies and Gents. You have to give this stuff a try. I know it's a scarry thought that you might have to throw out your Roc ( well multiple Roc's) or Wasp after you try the Core, but it's OK. Change is good. Soooo try it you might, like it ;o)

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No your not the only one. I've tried the Core (basically a buzz...and awesome), the Riot (basically a more faster slightly more stable Rogue/Wraith), Vision (about the most useful wickedly understable disk in production...i.e. major anheiser shots), and the striker which in my opinion is somewhere between a teebird and an assassin...(2 of the best control drivers on the market). A buddy has also recently picked up a stalker which he loves...haven't thrown it...so can't really comment. But YES ABSOLUTELY Latitudes new sh*t is awsome, without question. Love the plastic, love the grip, love the dynamics. Props to the Latitude crew...well done! OK I'm not really diggin the Vision, but it is really the most useful roadrunner/Avenger ss I've ev er thrown.
Went toss em for practice at the butt-crack of dawn today. Not a lick of wind so I got to really see what these discs do. The Vision is the absolute greatest discs I have ever thrown in my short sorry little "career" in disc golf. The disc will hyzer flip, fly flat for about 200 feet then start to coast to the right (not making this up) until falling out of the air almost dead on the line of aim it was released. I have never seen (don't play with many good people) nor thrown a disc that does this. It is so forgiving as well when I throw an annie too high and not flat enough that it will not turn out of it and fall left too early like avenger ss or beasts. It is like a champion beast with magic fairy dust in my opinion. I also Used the striker and I have to say that I wish it was just a TINY HAIR more understable. Just a wee bit more and it will replace my teebird. It's just way faster and gets deep quicker than teebird. (less time for error for me) The core holds an annie quit well on a midrange, but i seem to pass up the basket alot on approches. The grown was extremely wet and after a pass with the towel, the opto plastic was like rubber, awesome. Thats all the hot air I have for this morning. I do want more Visions to keep as spares, maybe they can make another like the Striker. Wonder how these discs will break in?
Hey now! you go wash that mouht out with soap! Talking crazy stuff about replacing your Teebird. Thats like telling a Roc or Buzzz junkie to toss there beloved disc's.......oh ...thats right, I did.
I know, tell you now though, IMO it's as good as both roc and buzz because it's right between them i think. But the teebird.....has treated me well in the past, I will at leaste keep it with me like I do with my Avenger (only Ace I ever got). Moral support.
Threw the Stiker and it is pretty sick! Very cool disc and the Opto plastic is so sweet! Remindes me of the CFR plastic which I maintain is harder than Champion plastic

I'll be trying more Lat.64 discs in the near future!
Anyone got something to say about the Grip Line Plasic? Need more discs and want to know if I should stick with opto!!!
I've been throwing the Blitz on about 50% of my hyzer drives. Beautiful flight. Predictable feels great and doesn't chip. I wish there were more latitude discs.
Try the Riot. It's more overstable than the Blitz and the bottom lip is even more rounded than the Blitz. It has such a smooth release because of that. Heck my index finger doesn't scream in pain when I use these two discs. I also brought the Core to a tournament this week and let people try it. It was a big hit.
I manage to loose my beloved Buzz early in the season and when I was goin to order a new one.....they where out of stock. I bought an Opto Core and I never looked back. Flies the same as the Buzz but with a much smoother grip for my hand =)


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