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Man, am I the only one out there that has tried there new discs ( Striker, Vision, Riot, and Core) or the new Opto plastic ( Can you say old Innova gummy, well close). Come on Ladies and Gents. You have to give this stuff a try. I know it's a scarry thought that you might have to throw out your Roc ( well multiple Roc's) or Wasp after you try the Core, but it's OK. Change is good. Soooo try it you might, like it ;o)

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if you are even considering the trident you will be able to make the blitz scream. i wish i could throw those stable discs better. The plastic seems indestructable, i nailed a power line pole with one today and couldn't even see a mark. I can tell we will get along!
I don't know dude. You should be able too. Heck you throw a good 20 to 30 feet further. I know my max "speed" for Innova discs is 10 or 11, but I know what you mean. Even though the Max and Monster are below that speed. I couldn't throw them to save my life. However, I've bought a couple 150 class discs to work on my technique, but what I've found out. Is that I can throw the snot out of the overstable discs I have. Man, I have a 150 Flick. I throw it flat and that sucker screams. The cool part is that it will fly straight fore the majority of it's flight and then hyzer wicked hard at the end. Before I switched, I could only use it for short spike hyzers. Same thing for my 150 Destroyer, especially with a tailwind. If I throw it right I get about an extra 50 feet out of it
Alright. First game with them today, i was late so i didn't get even one warmup shot. I scored very high. 73 and it is my highest on that course. I took everything else out of my bag. The blitz is tough. Throw it too high, you pay, throw it with any hyzer, you pay. It has to be thrown flat and straight. It's so dang fast though, the flight time is about 2/3 that of normal discs so it seems like it didn't go far but when I get there it's just as far as any others. The Stryker...throw it flat and straight and it's spot on, but anything else and you'll pay. It's more stable than a teebird, but again, helllllla fast. the vision is exactly liek a Beast to me, Just a touch faster and less glidey. Can flip it every single time though and it seems to be less affected by wind DURING EARLY FLIGHT, after that if a cross wind catches it it will annie very smoothly for days. I think it's still flying right now i will go get it tomorrow. The Core, this is close to a buzzz but a hair more understable. I didn't have to throw it fay today but when i put a annie on it it held it and i find that a buzz thrown at that same speed will turn out before this one. Zero Line Spike putter....I ain't gonna lie Rescue, that thing whipped my arse. I have been using a super soft magnet since I started this game. I was not ready for this thing. I literally missed puts today from 9 feet on out. Quite a few too, quite a few. I stuck to my promise though, even as competitive as I am, I only used these discs. My Outcome feeling as of today is,...I will keep using the spike as a putter, I will have to throw it harder, I was getting soft with my putting (i only spin putt). I will carry the blitz with me because when I hammer chopped it, it stayed vertical the entire time, great for comming out of harsh tree's and vines. I also thru it backhand once for the heck of it and it just screamed out there, very far very fast. I will keep and use the stryker but i will also keep the teebird next to it when i need it to be realllly strait tunnel. I think I will buy another vision or 2 lighter if I can get any and will replace my beasts with these. I will keep the Core but keep my Kite right next to it because I don't full trust it for high annie midrange shots.
Sorry this was so long, this is my review of these discs after one day of practice for an hour and a half in a baseball field windy and one round with treese without any warmups. As a note, It usually taked me about 20 practice drives before i start throwing the discs flat and low like i need them and by hole 3 i predicted it would get better by hole 16 and that's when i got 2 birds and started playing well.
The plastics do not have a nick or gouge at ALL. got some scuffs on the top from that billions of trees i hit but it's cosmetic. Again the grip is flawless, none held too long, none slipped out. all opto line. The light blue colors are easy to see in sun and during beginning of evening surprisingly. The Chameleon is impossible to find in the trees so keep that color for midrange. Sparkle ones are hard to get used to, with the flakes were smaller and had more of them, they are big and spaced out. The fly Fast, they fall hard, the're indestructable, they look awesome, the grip is unbeleivable. Give me another driver from them less stable than bliutz but more stable then vision but just as mean as both and I will buy that thing today!!!!!
To be honest, I'm not sure if these opto lines will break in hahaha. I can't throw a boss or destroyer very well so the blitz is being tough on me. I don't see that it's less stable than a destroyer, not to me anyways. Forehand throws are crazy fast and very accurate.
Cool, I'm glad you dig them. I also took them out today. Didn' throw the Striker much, but I threw the heck out of the Vision. All I can say is WOW. The thing is so controlable. I threw it at all three angles and was very impressed. When I put it on an anny line. It just kept flying with a nice turn and only faded slightly at the end, but it worked the best with a little hyzer angle. It had a slight turn after it came up flat and a mild fade at the end. So far I think this disc had the best glide out of drivers. Also, this plastic is sick! I had a couple tree stikes with no signs of damage and the grip is awesome. I like the Core, but I don't no if I have a place for it? Seems like a tweener right in the middle of my Buzzz and Roc. I like the rim of the Riot. Since it's rounded. I seem to get a nice clean release. I've thrown it with my Teerex just to compare the two and it seems like there neck and neck. Can't wait to try the Blitz!
What really suprised me was how easy they are to spot. I was worried a bit. Since they almost appear clear, But the guy at Marshal Street mentioned that they reflect the light well since they are so shiney. Sure enough, you can see them a mile away, but I haven't tried the Chameleon. I don't think I will either after what you said.
Man, I haven't been this jazzed about a disc before. I need to get a life lol!!!
I've had two Core's and I think they tend to be a little overs table at first, going on to being under stable after a few tree hits and now my Cores are totally unpredictable. I some times get good shots out of them but I can' rely on them any more... They get flippy after only a couple of weeks (playing them at least a few times a week). The Riot is one of my favorite discs, never tried the Striker but my brother throws it frequently and he loves it. I have an XXX but it really needs heavy winds to operate correctly. I want to try the Blitz but I have spent too much money on discs these past months so I can't bring myself to buy anymore...
Did you get any of the Vision?
No your not the only one. I've tried the Core (basically a buzz...and awesome), the Riot (basically a more faster slightly more stable Rogue/Wraith), Vision (about the most useful wickedly understable disk in production...i.e. major anheiser shots), and the striker which in my opinion is somewhere between a teebird and an assassin...(2 of the best control drivers on the market). A buddy has also recently picked up a stalker which he loves...haven't thrown it...so can't really comment. But YES ABSOLUTELY Latitudes new sh*t is awsome, without question. Love the plastic, love the grip, love the dynamics. Props to the Latitude crew...well done! OK I'm not really diggin the Vision, but it is really the most useful roadrunner/Avenger ss I've ev er thrown.
I would guess your throwing Champ Beasts (way understable) maybe I'm wrong but I have mostly thrown STAR BEASTS which are not that unsimilar to a STAR SL (slightly less stable in my opinion). Anyway if you want a true stable disk try a new red or black star beast (I am currently throwing a black one and can bomb it about 350 - 375 on nearly a frozen rope).
yes they are champs. Never tossed a star one. So the star beast is more stable than a champ?
Went toss em for practice at the butt-crack of dawn today. Not a lick of wind so I got to really see what these discs do. The Vision is the absolute greatest discs I have ever thrown in my short sorry little "career" in disc golf. The disc will hyzer flip, fly flat for about 200 feet then start to coast to the right (not making this up) until falling out of the air almost dead on the line of aim it was released. I have never seen (don't play with many good people) nor thrown a disc that does this. It is so forgiving as well when I throw an annie too high and not flat enough that it will not turn out of it and fall left too early like avenger ss or beasts. It is like a champion beast with magic fairy dust in my opinion. I also Used the striker and I have to say that I wish it was just a TINY HAIR more understable. Just a wee bit more and it will replace my teebird. It's just way faster and gets deep quicker than teebird. (less time for error for me) The core holds an annie quit well on a midrange, but i seem to pass up the basket alot on approches. The grown was extremely wet and after a pass with the towel, the opto plastic was like rubber, awesome. Thats all the hot air I have for this morning. I do want more Visions to keep as spares, maybe they can make another like the Striker. Wonder how these discs will break in?
Hey now! you go wash that mouht out with soap! Talking crazy stuff about replacing your Teebird. Thats like telling a Roc or Buzzz junkie to toss there beloved disc's.......oh ...thats right, I did.

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