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I just started playing, played my Third game today. I just bought a set at a garage sale this past weekend,it looks like a starter set they are by Innova and I have aviar putter 150G,Shark Midrange 150G, Leopard fairway driver 144G, and a Pro Destroyer Distance 172g.

The Shark it seems like that thing just goes strait and true and the Leopard flies nice but it always seems like it wants to bank left so when I throw that one I have to aim pretty much to the right but I get the most distance with the Leopard.

The Pro destroyer,I cant throw that one worth beans! I tried throwing it many times and every once in a while I get a good throw on it,but it hardly never goes farther then my Leopard,Im sure it's me and I'll practice but I was wondering if there is a Disc that you can recommend that will get me extra distance and that is easy to throw?

Im going to Dicks tomorrow and it looks like all they sell is Innova Discs so any from that brand that will help me out?

If not any from there what disc would be good for me,I can just order online. Thanks for the help.

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the best advice i received was this.. when u start out don't use a Driver.. stay with a putter or mid-range.  you must crawl before you run. the Shark is a good disc.  My favorite all around disc is the discraft Buzzz. a great midrange disc.. ok, for all you Innova Roc lovers. the Roc is also a very good disc.  

Where did you get this advice? There are no pros that started this way and teacher supreme Mark Ellis recommends against it. Be smart with your driver choice and learn the complete game.

simple fact.. putters and mids are more forgiving on bad throws.. which all beginners do and even the pros now and then.  how long you do it is up to the person. just good advice i received early one.. and wow, you know every pro and how they gat started. lol jk on that. . i see the other thread bout this very "beginner training" advice.  lol cool. was good reading.

I never fixed my mistakes by masking them

you've got a great start as far as discs go. work at your form, there are TONS of vids on youtube to help with that. resist the urge to start buying tons of discs just yet... you'll appreciate the purchases much more when you can really get the whip on em.

and welcome to the sport!

Yea im still working on getting my throw down for sure. I see what they mean,I mainly use the Shark as it's just so accurate to where I throw and it might not going as far but it's still less strokes as I dont have to chase it off course.

I still need to buy a few more,I would like get a little more distance but besides that I only have the 4 disc and had some close calls losing them near the lake and would like to have some extra on hand. I will try out a buzzz though,many people like those.

This really is all your going to need for now, once you get down the proper throwing basic and that leopard starts banking right then you will want a new disc. The destroyer is going to be a good disc once you build your game up and need a disc that overstable (turns left really quick). However if you must buy a disc or two at Dicks then I would suggest Innova Roc - midrange like the shark, Innova Sidewinder or Valkyrie - drivers that you don't need yet, but will need before to long, another putter of your choice always good two have two putters to work on your game, I recommend two of the same. Stick with lighter disc for now less then 167g's. 

Youtube Discraft clinics or Discmania deep in the game... Watch how they hold the disc and how their arm motion is. Most beginners want to throw a disc the same as they would a freebie.

Most of all welcome back to the game and have fun.


I wanted to add the flight chart for Innova, all the disc on the rights side of this picture are going to be the easiest for you to throw straight. Also the lower the speed number the easier it will be for you to throw straight. Lighter disc also are easier to the straight. Find a good mix of the three and you will most likely find something your looking for.

I should also add that the DX plastic is going to beat up the fastest and will not last very long, Pro line is better and will last a good while, Star and Champion will last a long time for you but as you will see the price is about double DX.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8imGy-gPyng#!  have a look at this video to help you choose your first discs ..... the hawk throws great for beginners.

There are a thousand disc model/plastic/weight options, and if you ask online you'll get 999 different recommendations.  Unless some jokester suggests a groove. 

The previous advice to start with midranges is good.  I wouldn't worry about DX plastic not lasting; it actually just changes its flight characteristics in a short time but still works, and works fine starting out.

You might try heavier discs.  If you're athletic at all, you'll probably end up above 165g, or perhaps at maxweights.  Lighter discs go further with less effort, but heavier discs are more forgiving, especially when thrown hard.

I know you're looking for a starting point but, ultimately, you'll have to try a lot of discs to decide what works for you.  That's why there are 1000 to choose from.

Definitely study the flight chart from the innova website to see how different discs fly. This is what really peaked my interest about the sport. The leopard is probably the perfect long range disc for you right now but if you are looking to try out longer range drivers from innova then go w a roadrunner or sidewinder for now. Have fun!!

The best thing about the flight charts is, once you have a few discs and know how they fly, the charts help you find something to fill out your bag.  Leopard going too left?  Try out something of similar speed, but further right on the chart.


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