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Recently, a couple of locals have been saying that a player may take a re-tee of the box if they don't like the drive (usually right after they shank a drive badly). On occasion it has been alleged that it does not even cost the player a stroke! What's up with that? Now I admit that my Rule book is a year or two old, but I could not find any info on the PDGA website confirming this alleged rule change. Anybody got any information regarding this subject, or are these guys talking out of their butts?

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Optional Re-throw......and yes it does involve a penalty stroke

I have to say that the guys are talking out of their butts.

Every RETHROW either from the tee, fairway, water, hazards, or putt is penalized.

There is no free Mullligans unless it is stated prior to a Friendly match.

Butt talking. They can declare a provisional if they think their original shot is lost or unplayable. If they choose to play from their provisional, then they incur a stroke penalty.

Optional Re-Throw, eh? So if I don't like my drive, I  can just opt for another one?  That sounds silly! A good example of this occurred yesterday. A guy drives, hits a tree right off the box, disc rolls way down hill (but not OB). Probably would have cost him a 6 or 7 to recover, maybe more. Instead, he gets a re-throw, finishing with a bogie. This is OK? What would be the point of outcome driven competition if you get do-overs?

You get to do this from where ever you are on the course?

Yea i would like to see this fly in a tournament. these people would get laughed off the course. I am pretty sure you can take a second tee shot, but it would be your third throw because of the penalty stroke. just like if you throw off the tee on certain holes and don't make the mando, then you have to pick it up and play from the drop box with a penalty stroke added

That makes more sense...

Example from the tee.

Hole 18 at Barnett, Florida. Water hole.

The rule for the course is throw and land on the island.

If disc lands in water or other land, you are assessed a penality stroke and have the option

to throw from a closer pad (A from B or C from B).


Example of Mulligan.

If playing with a bunch of buddies, the group may elect to allow mulligans.  But during competition play

there are no mulligans.

Rule 803.06-

At any time, a player may elect to rethrow from the previous lie as evidenced by the marker disc or, if the marker disc has been moved, from an approximate lie as agreed to by the majority of the group or an official. The original throw plus one penalty throw are counted in the player's score.




Not necessarily according to the definition of a provisional throw...

Provisional Throw: An extra throw, agreed upon by a player's group, that is not added to a player's score if not used in the completion of the hole. Additionally, a set of provisional throws that will be allowed to complete a hole as an alternative to the original play of the hole, when there is a disputed ruling. Only one set of throws will be counted as the player's score when a final ruling is made.



So, No you would not automatically incur a penalty stroke in the event of declaring a provisional in the event of a disputed ruling...especially if your provisional throws were the correct ruling. There shouldn't be any penalty strokes in this case



It's for real but it's not automatic. What they're talking about is calling a foot fault on yourself and having someone in your group second the call. You get a warning and get to rethrow with no penalty. If you do it again, THEN it costs a 1-shot penalty. This is like a mulligan that players on tour are aware of but you usually have to make the foot fault look good to get someone to second it.

If players are exploiting the rule, why not change the rule so that there is no free warning?  1-shot penalty the first time it happens.

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