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I am loving Lat 64 since I got my River in the mail, love the Gold plastic, the predisctabilty, how true it is to it's flight ratings. 


I'm going to get another Lat 64 driver, I want something flippy, with 2 fade.  I'd like around 9-10 speed.  My River is in Gold plastic but if you guys can tell me a bit more about the differences between Gold and Opto I'd appreciated, I'm guessing it's probably close to the difference between star and champion (except you don't have to break in Gold at all, which is very nice).


Appreciate any advice you have, thanks in advance.

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the flow (imo) is a faster river , and the pain in GL is a super stable river , nice for hyzers or anhyzers . if you want a faster river try a bolt  it is less stable but faster flow .
I would suggest the Bolt also.

OK, found it, hope I can find one on ebay because the numbers on it are perfect, thanks guys.

Have you checked their flight ratings chart?  This will answer your questions for what you're looking for...





Innova Roadrunner/Sidewinder

Discraft Surge ss

If your new to the game, id stick to the discs that are most common because you can find out more info. on them. JMO

Its cool you like LAt. 64, but nothing flies quite like these three discs mentioned.

Pick up an Opto Flow in the upper 160s--its as good as any other driver on the market (including the Roadrunner/Sidewinder)...
I already got a Star Roadrunner and a Champ Sidewinder, I'm just amazed at Lat 64's product, so true to it's ratings.  I defy anyone to say a Pro/Star Katana is really -3 turn.  I also really prefer not having to spike my disc into the ground 100 times to break it in.  Lat 64s Gold plastic is to Innova's Star plastic as the Beatles are to the Monkees.

What is your golf D and max D Josh? 

Those ratings are relative to the person throwing them as designed as discs have different cruising speeds.  If you exceed the cruising speed the disc will act more understable and if you don't meet the cruising speed, then the disc will fly overstable.  True overstable discs are a different thing entirely.


What ratings would you apply to the Katana?

Yeah, I took my flow out to a field and tested it against my wraith and Surge. Flow won hands down: greater distance, Glide, and consistancy. I have the opto Flow and for me, it is an amazing disc, but I wouldn,t call mine floppy. I throw 400 ft max and it has a great s turn but always comes back. But if floppy is what you want, the Havoc is very fast and reliable if you hyper flip it. I found the opto to be more under stable than the GL when it comes to havocs. Though it says it is a -1, it really is more under stable than that if you can throw 350 ft. BTW, everywhere it says "floppy"' it's meant to say "flippy", because of my iPads auto correct, and it won't let me go back and change it. The Vision is is also a good flippy disc and slower and more understable than the havoc. But, the havoc is much easier to throw than the speed would lead you to believe.
How far do you throw your river? if you can get it out there, say like 300' or so then you could try a striker that would be really perfect for you. A flow might also do you great. I have one and LOVE IT! the difference between gl and opto is gl is LESS STABLE then opto and opto is well MORE STABLE and indestructible. I want a river some day but in otpo :D
i would say in most molds the GL is less . but i have a GL halo and it is more stable then my opto halo . and the same thing with the pain GL is way more over stable then my opto pain . imo

vision is flippy. about 9-10 speed, but only has a chance of coming back if it's hyzer flipped. sidewinder on the other hand says speed 9, and it is for the most part, but because of its understability and glide, it can go much deeper than the vision.


sorry to suggest an innova disc when you're looking for a lat 64. i agree with the plastic decision. i bought a vision to replace my sidewinder that i lost... it hasn't done the job. i also use a fuse and am looking to get more of the discs mentioned in this post.


the star sidewinder in low 170's is money though. it flips enough and still has a straight to quite a bit of fade depending on how high the throw is and the angle of release. the vision doesn't have the reliability of fading that the sidewinder does and that is why i mention it. perhaps the flow could fill this gap nicely, but i cannot tell from experience. my friend has a striker that he turns over but comes back every time if the throw is high enough.


hope this helps a little. i'd say stay away from the vision if you're looking for something to come back, but maybe look into the striker if the response on the difference between opto and gl plastic in the river isn't what you're looking for. who knows, maybe the opto vision is a bit more stable than the gl and could be just what you're looking for. also, the vision might have a better tendency of coming back if you're not throwing more than 350 feet.


just saying, the combination of spin, arm speed, and angle of release is what determines the disc's flight path and not necessarily the ratings



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