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This is for all the ladies out there who enjoy disc golf, want to get better, are looking to make some new friends who enjoy disc golf, or just want to get some secret practice so you can whip up on all the guys you know......

I am happy to announce the creation of the highly anticipated Womens Disc Golf League that is starting up near Kalamazoo, MI!! This is all brought to you by yours truely, "Discin Deb" Ulmark, and Bree Densmore.....

Sunday, Sept. 27th at Coldbrook Park in Climax, MI at Noon. We are going to start out doing doubles. This way there is absolutely no pressure for anyone. Women of all levels are invited to join us! The total cost will be $5/week. $3 will go to payout (this will be a cash payout every week, payout to the top third of teams), $1 will go to the ace pool, and $1 will go towards the CTP's. Deb and I will be donating everything to the CTP's. There will be a minimum of two per week. As of right now, I have enough plastic and other random merch to last quite a while. The $1 that goes towards the CTP fund is going to be put into a pot and eventually we hope to get some money saved to make our own merch, or have a party for the ladies... we will see in time how this goes. Right now we are not going to collect any dues for the club, we are going to let it build up first and see how much interest there is out there. Hopefully by spring we will be well on our way....

As said above we will be doing doubles. We plan on creating the fairest teams possible, we will split up the expereinced players and team them up with the newer players, this will be done as random as possible. I will also be doing stat tracking for this, but the points will be based for individuals. If we play in foursomes (or a sixsome) the points will be awarded as follows: 3 points for a win, 2 points for a tie, and 1 for playing. I am hoping to find some sponsorship to send the top points earners to the USWDGC for next year. Not sure about how many spots, the more the merrier!

If anyone has any ideas, questions, comments, concerns, issues, ANYTHING AT ALL- send them my way! You can hit me up on here, look for me on Facebook, or send me an email at jenniferdombrowski@rocketmail.com. As said, I am looking for as much input as possible!

I have ideas for a club name, but am open for more suggestions! In time we will hold a vote!

No guys aloud UNLESS you wear a skirt and pay double- then and only then will we consider it!

Happy Discin!

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Thanks for the post Chad! I only have the flyers saved on my work computer.... you can either print off this post, or I can email you one tomorrow!
SPONSORS WANTED! RIght now it's just me and Deb basically handing out all of our personal stuff free of charge, for the love of the sport. Anything I can get for CTP's or other prizes would be HUGE!

I am not sure if any of my skirts will fit you, however, Ron Scott has a tu-tu that I'm sure he'd be willing to share! Shaving isn't necessary!
Wow, i am so happy to hear that! I almost can't wait! I'm about 80% sure i will be there on sunday. Do you still have to pay to get into the park because i might not be able to if thats the case. Other than that...I'm so glad to see someone stepping up to create a women's league. Is it just going to be at coldbrook or are we going to move around to all different courses?
Good to hear Emma! There is a fee to get into the park ($5/visit, or $20 annual), however, Bree and I were already discussing that..... she comes from BC, I am comin from Kzoo. If anyone wants to meet up and carpool it can happen.
Honestly, no one has really talked about moving around. I'd like to see what some other people think and am open to all possibilities!
Thank you Innova and Getaway Sports for getting on board with sponsorship!
Gotta add Gateway to the list! Thanks Dave!
I was hoping to try and set something up like this here in AK, but it has been difficult to incentivize newcomers to create a league for women. We have one female on the board and my girlfriend is interested in it as well. Did you have to do much to get women to come or did you advertise somehow? I was thinking of putting up flyers around all the parks with contact information to draw newbies in. Instead of us saying no guys allowed, I was thinking guys could come, but only as caddies and now advice to be giving unless asked. Then all of us could still enjoy the sport together and the social aspect of it all. I'm looking for more ideas to get more people involved. We've got over 30,000 recreational players in this state and I would like to see a lot more new faces in leagues and tourneys.
To start there were three of us who buckled down on the idea. Me and one of the other ladies, Deb, discussed this idea for the last three years. It has always been "lets do this next year", we all know how that goes. I also have a huge phobia of commitment- as far as saying I will be in this particular place at the same time every week, or not knowing where I was going to go after graduating ( I had thoughts of trying to find a job in Alaska or Europe, but found one here, and here I stay) Recently, with the addition of another frisbee obssessed female added to our clan, Bree, we all talked about it, and when I woke up the next morning I decided to do something and actually make it happen RIGHT NOW. I made flyers, and posted them around at most of the local courses. Coldbrook Park, where we are hosting has a very large avid club. There are quite a few ladies who play, and quite a few girlfriends of league players who are interested. I also used the internet to advertise. And, with three of us, we are likely to be able to approach and harrass every lady that steps foot on the course. Between our big mouths, the internet, and the flyers, I think there is a huge potential of this growing to be a really big thing. We are also near a college town, and my next plan of attack is to post flyers on campus. We already had one member of the WMU ultimate team show up, so I am sure she will be likely to drag more team mates out as well.
One thing that I am thinking of doing for next year, once the season officially starts for points, is to have one Sunday a month where guys are aloud to play, we will open it up to any guys, and ladies can feel free to bring their boyfriends/husbands. To come out and play league as a female, it is incredibly intimidating. When I was a newbie, people constantly invited me out, and I was heII no- there is way to much stamina for me to possibly be welcome. However, once I broke my shell, I wondered how I could ever think that. I am pretty sure that is what is holding most ladies back who are interested in excelling their game. Also, if those chicks have a male friend who is also intimidated to play league, this is a great opportunity to make that happen. Everyone is a winner with this- the ladies will see it is no big deal, they will be introduced to playing with some local pros, and so will their male freinds. My boyfrined won't even consider coming to league or doubles because he thinks he isn't good enough (don't tell him I said that :) He just doesn't get that that is not what matters here, nor does he realize that by playing with better people it will make his game better- and one day he will be able to beat me if he actually took my advice. That's gotta be true for a lot of other people then just me.
I also think that by doing this it will be a great way to raise some funds for the club. I am going to keep all of the fees as is, except the $1 that goes into the CTP fund will go towards the club (I like to call this the "Gender Tax"). However, there will be atleast 3 CTP's every week which will be prizes instead of cash. In trying to keep costs down I think that we will build up to having huge turnouts.
It is possible that my motivation comes from selfishness- I want more girlfriends out here ( I moved and all my friends reside on the east side), I want more competition when I show up to local tournaments, I want other people to golf with, I want my game to get better, I want more practice that prepares me for tournaments. How else can I get all of that? Something has to built in order for it to happen, and by my selfishness, I think we will get more ladies involved in the area, and their games will also sky rocket as a result.
Sean, I look at it this way- if you build it they will come (yes, a little cliche'). All you have to do is start it- or have a female with enough motivation to get it going. It will take time, but you can make it happen!
Quality not Quantity
I am so exited to see new faces join us! At first, I was a bit discouraged that there were not hundreds of ladies showing up, however, I am absolutely blown away at the talent that has presented itself. So far, of the thirteen people that have showed up, 8 of them I have never met or seen before. They have incredible talent, and I am more than impressed. Way to bring it on ladies! It's all about the quality, not the quantity, right? See ya Sunday!
I have to thank everyone so far that has thrown sponsorship my way. This has been no easy task getting things going. To start, I am using all of my own stuff that i have collected over the years. With that being said, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all who have been completely selfless and offered to hook up the newest ladies of this great sport!
Innova Discs, Gateway Discs, Larry Labond and the K'Aces, Chad Curtis and Getaway Sports, Lisa Harbour, Nick Crow, Mark Roberts and the Battle Creek Disc Golf Club, and Joe Gill
Your help is greatly appreciated!
If you are interested in donating anything, please feel free to let me know!
It's always cool to see more women getting into discgolf and getting organised and starting leagues.like sean said we are gonna try to get a womens league going here AK .good luck with your league and hope everyone has a great time. oh and here is just a suggestion for a name ......wait for it...... sunday afternoon chick flicks
we were thinking "Climax Club of Climax, MI"
we are still coming up with ideas though! Thanks for the input!

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