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So a buddy of mine gave me a disc today that is a Z Surge but it has a little grip patch that says patent pending from the factory.  Anyone else heard of this? This thing snapped out of my hand really fast today.

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They came out with those a while ago (couple of years back). I'm not sure what the availability of them is these days.
ive seen them from a few golfers. threw it once, but didnt notice any immediate improvements.
Rare, that was like 4-5 years ago. Mark Ellis might have some left who knows. Won't be seeing them made again though.
i got one in a misprint package. its good if you need a backup disc but i didn't really like it.
Yeah, the grip was centered too far for me anyways but I kinda liked it, especially in the snow.
anyone know why they stopped making these? it seems like a pretty good idea in theory at least. is it pdga approved?

As I understand it, it was NOT approved. Latitude 64 gets away with a similar grip because it's part of the mold. This is a sticker and therefore against the rules.
I can't say I've read the spec rules in any detail, but I don't think stickers, per se, are illegal. I think that since this is a part of the formal manufacturing process it is still OK. Post-factory modification is not legal, such as a sticker like this that would be applied on the user-end. Might be totally wrong on this, though I doubt the boys in D land would test out an illegal process.

These discs were unveiled a few years ago at an annual Ann Arbor Area Disc Indeuced Sports Club event, our unique One Disc Challenge. Club members sign up for the season and in addition to the usual shirt/disc/mini for joining we pass out a special disc for testing out during a one round fun time tourney. Most discs we've featured have become part of the line-up (some to DGA). My favorite is the Zone from a couple years ago. Last year we got cyclones in modern plastic.
I do not think stickers are illegal. Mark Ellis puts a stucko stuff on his discs for a good snap.
To tekn the truth it sounds disruptive. I need a good smooth grip sure i should like to throw it though let me borrow it please


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