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Hi, I am new to disc golf and had some questions about which disc(s) to get and how to throw.

I am 13 years old and skinny, I was wondering what kind of discs I should purchase...I have no discs, but I have a budget of $50 dollars.

I also have no idea how to throw the disc the right way...so a few pointers would be awesome :)

Thank you so much!

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Starting off you can get away with 3 to 4 discs. My 1st set up was a driver, fairway driver, midrange, and putter.

They were a: Sidewinder, Leopard, Roc, and a Avair.

Innova a makes a starter pack in DX or Champ plastic. The Champ goes for around $30 bucks and you get a Leopard, Shark and Aviar. You could also go online and pick three of your own. Marshall St. is a good store to check out, because they have a flight chart showing were the discs fall in each group. Stay below a "speed" of 6 or 7 and only pick stuff from the right side of the chart.


Youtube is great to find a ton of instructional video's on disc golf. discgolfreview also has some great articles to check out.


Hope this helps!

Thank you!!! I have just one more question and that is, are there some brands to stay away from or some that are better than others? I am also assuming that the lower the speed the less distance correct?

The pointer for figuring out how to throw is to find someone at the course who can bomb pretty well and watch them and what they do. Most likely they will be doing the X-step for backhand throws. Ask some questions of some of the better locals. If there is a league that would be a good time to go out and meet some of the better players. Tips are best given in person so get out and meet some local players.

There are also some videos on YouTube that will show proper technique.

Rescue recommended some decent starter discs as well. I would thrown in a TeeBird as a good starter disc.

Thanks! I will defiantly look for a league in my area! I am left handed...does that matter I just thought of that...and is it worth it get Champion plastic over DX? 

Sorry for all the questions but what size would be the best for me?

yes on the plastic if you plan to play for a while .  Just go out and have fun  and it will all come to  you as you play.   enjoy the game .

I would say no. There are some great companies out there. I guess the most used or thrown are Innova, Discraft, Latitude 64, and Westside. I carry a few from each company and dig them all. For me I would say Quest is my peast favorite, but starting out, I'd keep it simple. Aside from Champ plastic or like plastic (Z, Opto etc.) there is also Star, ESP, and Gold Line. These are high end plastic ($16 to $20 a disc). Another thought is buying used discs. That can save you $$$ and break in time. As for low speed less "D". That's not true when you are starting out. The speed of a disc has to do with you really. So you have to be able to produce and arm speed of "6" in order to make the disc fly the wasy it was ment to. So if you only have the arm speed or snap of  around "6". That disc will go farther than a disc with a speed of "10", because you can't throw it properly in order for it to perform the way it's suppose to.

Being left handed doesn't make a difference it how you throw or how the disc will react, they are circular objects. Champion (Innova), Opto (Lat64), and Z (Discraft) are the most durable plastics you can buy from these three companies and will last a very long time provided you don't lose them.


As far as size goes, it really called weight, and they are measured in grams. At 13, and being a new player, weights in the 150-165 gram weights would be a good choice. Drivers require more speed, so lighter weights will get you a better result. The Innova starter packs have been put together with a lot of thought and are some of the best molds that they make, for beginners and pros alike.


Have fun, play alot, watch others, and check out videos on YouTube.


My kids play by the way. My daughters are #2 and #5 in the world for 10 and 13 years old girls.

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