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I'm just starting out and there are a lot of options out there in regards to discs. I'm wondering which are the best (or most popular) discs to purchase for beginners. Thanks in advance for any reply :-)

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A lot of times new comers buy the biggest baddest disc because it's cool and everyone is throwing one. In reality, a new disc golfer should buy nothing but dx plastic discs. Reason for that is so you don't spend big money on discs you don't like. Great beginner discs are Innova Valkyrie, Discraft Xpress, Innova Mako, Discraft Comet, Innova Aviar, and Discraft Magnet. If you were my friend I wouldn't let you throw anything else until you learn those beginner type discs. It is VERY important to learn how discs fly before learning how to throw far. Throwing far is easy when you learn how to throw properly. Properly thrown discs fly far. Hope this helps!
The FORCE had a perfect answer.  You want to throw things that are understable (that can be explained if you are still figuring out disc golf terms).  The distance will come with time when your muscles learn this new motion.  It is all about control.  I would even suggest driving with only a midrange, or even a putter because that will be the easiest to learn how to control your shots.  I played today and threw a Midrange, or Putter for a majority of the drives.
Innova Wolf--you can putt, approach, and drive with it. The skeeter is also good for doing all three.
i second the skeeter
In regards to the Innova Wolf. These come in two different sizes. Size 165-170 or 170-175. What do these numbers refer to? BTW. Thank you all for the replies. Super helpful and $$ saving!!

Those numbers represent the weights of the disc. If you go to a website like discgolfcenter.com or marshallstreet.com they list the exact weights of the discs. I, as do most people, believe that one should begin learning the game with lighter discs. So, I would buy the lightest one they have available. It looks like discgolfcenter.com has a red 150 gram Wolf for sale. 




They also have a large selection of lightweight Skeeters.




Good luck. :)


Hey Shannon! I myself am a Brand Newbie to Disc Golf and I have received GREAT advice from the folks here. I am having great luck learning to throw some of the discs that were recommended to me. The discs I feel I have had the Greatest learning experience from are my Mid-Range, AND Putt & Approach discs. The Mid-Range I REALLY like are the Innova DX Kite, Stingray, Skeeter and Shark. The Putt & Approach Discs I REALLY like are the Innova DX Dart, and Aviar. 


I have accumulated a larger number of Discs than I figured I would already have, but these are the ones that I feel have been helping me learn the most. Best of Luck with your choices and let us know what you choose!

I have thrown different discs in my time from different companies.  All I can say is, I agree with what the others are saying, start with an understable disc, and stay away from the expensive drivers (until you develop your style and really enjoy the sport).  I knew someone that spend little over a hundred dollars in high grade plastic and decided that he hated the sport.  In fact I think Innova and Discraft makes a starter pack (driver, mid and putt included).  This would be the best way to start in my opinion.  You can go to discgolfcenter.com and look up these packs.

Also if you look up "women's disc golf championship" on youtube, you can see how women play.  I had made the mistake of throwing my wife into the sport and there were no women in our club.  And she got frustrated because she could not compete against the boys.  If you can, find other women to play with.  Women really do play differently than men.  I just do not want you to play and get pissed and leave the sport.

And most importantly, be patient.  You will develop your own style as you learn the sport.  Remember, just have fun.  If you do, you'll love the sport for life.

Wow, there are so many discs out there. When I started I made the mistake of wanting to try everything, big mistake! By chance to you have a pro shop around? If so check them out, because it's so important to be able to feel the disc in your hand and see if you like the way the rim is and if you dig the plastic.. Some you will like and some you won't, so if you can do that. That's your best bet, plus he/she can offer you advise.

Here are some good noob discs imo...Valkyrie, Sidewinder (Innova), Vision by Latitude 64. Now, some will say stay away from drivers at 1st and that my be a good idea. OK here are some more.....Fairway drivers: Teebird, TL, Leopard by Innova, River by Lat 64. Some Mids to look at: Roc, Mako, Shark, Cro, Wolf (Innova), Buzzz (A MUST disc!), Comet, Glide (Discraft), Core, Fuse, Havoc (Latitude 64).

Putter are tough, those you have to try and like the way they feel in the hand.

Well, hope this helps!



Try to find lighter weight discs. You may have to order them online as most shops only carry the max weight discs (175 g)

I always hand a newb four discs


Valkyrie, Leopard, Roc or Buzzz, and Classic Roc

Star Sidewinder, DX TeeBird.

Keep weights in the lower range.

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