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I was curious just how many people are up for playing at night and if anyone has tips for playing after dark.

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playing in the dark is a blast! My tips are make sure your disc is dry and clean before you tape your light source on! It really sucks when the tape lets loose and your light goes one way while the disc disappears into the dark. :) Also having a hand held black light can be quite helpful in finding misplaced disc at night.
We have finally gotten to the time of year that playing at night is great. :P
night time is fun as can be. If tis not tournament, look into the new Blackjax (i think thats the name) light-up discs. They are wicked. A tip, carry a flashlight for walking so you dont bust @$$ over any roots.
i find taping[at room temperature]lights is less labor intensive than blacklight or camera flashing glow discs. i do turn my lights off in between shots and have gotten a couple of years out of them.
If you add a little heat to the tape with a lighter, it seems to bond to the disc better. Also, don't use the tape they give you with the LEDs. I've found gorilla tape to be the best.
clear ducttape(3m or scotch) seems to stick best and you can go right over yer light if you want to (bad or touchy on/off LED or just a small 1.5"glowstick- green's the best color for those), warm up everything if possible, I do it at home ahead of time
the colder'n snowier the tougher the adhesion becomes, press out all air & contour around the LED or lil glowstick (we tape 'em right on top)
sometimes the tape will pull off part of the stamp- sentimental discs beware
the push/pull LEDs in red are best (to see) imho, turn 'em on/off as needed
find 'em in the bobber aisle for ~$3+/ea, never bought the ones marketed for DG myself but they're the same thing, some peeps like the caps but then ya can't operate 'em to save the juice...
just my .02

I've played 3 times now, It seems the best thing for me is the small glow bracelets you can get at the dollar store (Like 4 for $1) and the clear duct tape mentioned above. The other key that is often over looked is you need to throw a full sized glow stick on the basket, even if you know where the baskets are it makes it MUCH easier.

I've been thinking of a monthly "Night Golf" tourney at one of the local courses.
im scared of the dark.
I use LEDs taped to the top of the discs. About a year ago I played in a tournament sponsored by Blackjax. Their lighted discs rock but their light pod leaves a little to be desired. Tape works great but the pods don't hold up to any kind of moisture to include dew nothing worse then the light going out as soon as you throw your drive.
its great fun, night golf! We use the small lights like the picture above (Nite Brite), but good tape to use is surgical tape, very sticky, never lost a light yet. The blackjax discs look awesome, but they are not very good at flying like golf discs, ya know what i mean? Your own discs that you know are the best. I always make sure I pack some insect repellant and my headlamp (one of those cavers LED headlamps with an elastic strap on it), they're small but handy in case you need to go off the fairway at all (you might be able to see your disc ok, but its the stuff you cant see that might cause you an injury (think snakes, branches at head height, holes etc).

I've used some of the glow discs but they lose their glow way too quickly. Give night golf a go, you'll have a good time, and its funny how differently a course plays at night compared to a day round..
I LOVE playing night golf!!! I have a disc from a company that I don't think exists anymore called Fly-By-Night, it has an area inside the rim that you can slip a glow stick into. Flys great and looks great flying.
As the nights get warmer , I may bust out my Glow discs !!!!
very fun,add some beer ,helps your night vision

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