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Good morning golfers,

This question has been burning in my brain for months (years actually) and I thought I would ask the divine wisdom of the community to enlighten me.

Why are there golfers amongst us who dog discs from 'smaller' manufacturers like Gateway, Quest, and Lightning? Why do we have folks who look down on another player who doesn't carry top quality plastic? Why must we put so much emphasis on the 'next best thing' from Innova and Discraft? Why the lofty loyalties? I carry a mixed bag of Innova, Gateway, Quest, and Lat 64--but I would not hesitate to try other discs, regardless of manufacturer or plastic.

This is not an indictment of anyone in particular, just a general set of questions.

Although design of the disc is important--as well as the quality of the plastic--success in this sport is dependent upon the player, not the disc in their hand. As the old politically incorrect metaphor goes--its not the arrow, but the Indian. I'm sure we might have all come across a guy who carries one DX Roc and schools players carrying 25 discs in ESP and Star plastic.

Just wanted to see what others had to say on the topic. I would like to hear from those who will only buy discs from one outfit, those who will only throw the highest quality (and expensive) plastics--and conversely from those who throw discs from the smaller guys and thier experiences and interactions with golfers regarding thier choice of discs.

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As far as plastic goes; it makes me sad that elite x seems to be going away. I feel many players, including myself before, strictly use prem plastic. Every plastic has it's pros and I think alot of people are missin out. My brother just started playing and he's loving pro d. The only disc I don't like in pro d is the buzzz. I really hope they make a stalker in pro d. I should say I try to carry few molds in variations.
Don't believe in the "put down" or "looking down" on someone for the plastic they throw.

Would like to see every player get the opportunity to improve their game. It's passing on knowledge.
When I started Lightning was primary. Now, with anything that you pursue, you want the best.
Try new discs, have an open mind. But over time since the late 80's Innova has pushed the envelope to where discs technologies are today.

Now if Quest, Latitude or any other can reinvent the disc, let's see it!

Until then you stick with what works.....
I learned to play in St. Louis while attending college there (1997-2003) and met Dave and the guys in the process--I like their discs and like supporting a homegrown company that emphasizes growing the game with women, children, and school programs through amateur tourneys and building community courses, which is the best thing anyone could possibly do for the game--their stability issue has defiantly improved since I threw my first Gateway disc in 1999, as has the plastic--and they can only get better.

I will keep an eye out for the DKG discs!
For me it came down to simple marketing. Researched discs on the web and Discraft wins through the youtube videos (great coaching videos that had product placement)
Innova wins on the front of their website explaining what disc should do what (The 4 element rating system)
Hence I have those 2 brands in my bag.
I've used a lot of different brands in my bag over the past few years, just looking for what works best for me. I've used Innova, Gateway, Quest, DGA, Snap, Aerobie, and just recently Maple Valley Plastics Ion putter. I've never judged on what's popular or not, infact seeing new discs from new or smaller company's makes me want to be the first in my area to give it a try. I've worked discs in and out of my bag that way just testing them out, and a few have stuck with me. As for people looking down on me for using different discs, I haven't had that problem. Most people that see me throwing different brands or plastic types have asked me about them and are curious to try it for themselves.
Its funny to call Discraft a large company. Passing their HQ on the road you would never guess that they make that many discs. Innova out sells them in DG discs by a wide margin. However Discraft has the No#1 mold in Ultimate, by a wide margin.
'Large Company' is a term relative to the product being manufactured. Perhaps a more appropriate term might be 'established' or 'recognized'.
That's an attitude I can appreciate.

As for folks 'looking down' on different manufactures and plastics, I must clarify that in my experience its not been rude--on the contrary its all in good fun--but the urge to maintain the status quo (innova and discract) is prevalent in our disc golfing communities.
It is relavtive, but you could fit 5 facilities that size in a single Walmart and still have room to sell stuff. I dont know how big Innova's facility is. Never seen it, but Im guessing its not much larger.

Personally I'm a disc Golf w$%re and throw everything. I usually have Dsicraft, Innova, DGA, and Latitude in my bag.
personally i dont think its really putting down the smaller franchises, but just that they aren't as infamous as innova and discraft, i mean for one, who has been around since the start? but mostly when most people just start what's a typical thought? "where can i get an introductory product?" and innova is the one that sells the beginners box set mainly containing the leopard, shark, and aviar and bada bing you have the basics of what you need typically cheaper than buying 3 discs individually and from that the player knows the name innova, and if they are ultimate players than discraft for sure sticks out (i personally have 3 of their ultrastars and refuse to play with a wham-o) as soon as the newbie goes to a store (that's typically not a monster chain i.e. dick's) is the first time they see quest, and lat. 64, and all the others and most times fall back in their comfort blanket of knowing about innova/discraft so the others really dont get a fair chance until a more advanced player comes along and picks one up because they know what they are looking for (i.e. shape, feel, etc.) and there in lies the smaller ones to become "big" i think in time though the other ones will become more well known

thats my 2cents
I am both a brand loyal and a Plastic loyal person. Here are my reasons.

Brand loyalty for me come from throwing many different discs over the course of playing, and then after losing a discs and buying another one in the same plastic and weight and the thing doesn't even fly the same. STOP... I can hear you now saying oh your other disc was broken in or whatever... Fact, of innova discs I have thrown I have bought 3 of each and thrown them of the following molds Valk, road runner, wraith, boss, beast. They were all the same weights and color. The discs did not have the same flight characteristics of the others of the same mold. Mind you I love some of the innova discs like the Tee-Rex but with the inconsistency of these discs i mentioned I will not continue buying their products to throw. Mind you I throw Discraft, I have about 20 discs in my bag but there are only 8 molds. Thus I found what I like and works for me so no need to experiment with others with the lack of income I have. Not to mention Gateway discs are usually more expensive although I love the feel of their EVO plastic and sorry for Lat 64 but I like to keep americans in business, Quest = gimmick discs with the turbo putter and wheel and after the lawsuit of the PDGA for unapproving a conditionally approved disc "turbo putt" I lost respect for their company and Lightning I have never been impressed with any of their discs.

As for the reason I choose the "premium" plastics. People call me a power thrower coming from an ultimate frisbee background I have huge snap and arm speed. If I hit a tree within 75 feet of release with a DX plastic disc it looks like a car that had a head on collision. I started playing in Michigan and moved to Illinois, during that stretch I shattered a number of discs on trees when the weather got cold. If I hit a dx destroyer on a tree 4 or 5 times it becomes a roller so to me it is pointless to throw cheap plastic. Putters are good in cheaper plastic for some people, but I drive a lot with putters so again I carry them in premium plastic too. I will lose premium plastic before it ever wears out!

this all being said, use what works for you, brand or plastic doesn't matter as long as it works for you. Many people cannot throw a force but a sidewinder is more their speed, so be it! Your beat to hell Roc works! Great, I will throw my flx buzzz or esp wasp.
Im Sponsered by DGA, So I throw a mixed bag. I like the mix bag because it allows me to throw whatever i want. And not just 1 companies discs.

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