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Good morning golfers,

This question has been burning in my brain for months (years actually) and I thought I would ask the divine wisdom of the community to enlighten me.

Why are there golfers amongst us who dog discs from 'smaller' manufacturers like Gateway, Quest, and Lightning? Why do we have folks who look down on another player who doesn't carry top quality plastic? Why must we put so much emphasis on the 'next best thing' from Innova and Discraft? Why the lofty loyalties? I carry a mixed bag of Innova, Gateway, Quest, and Lat 64--but I would not hesitate to try other discs, regardless of manufacturer or plastic.

This is not an indictment of anyone in particular, just a general set of questions.

Although design of the disc is important--as well as the quality of the plastic--success in this sport is dependent upon the player, not the disc in their hand. As the old politically incorrect metaphor goes--its not the arrow, but the Indian. I'm sure we might have all come across a guy who carries one DX Roc and schools players carrying 25 discs in ESP and Star plastic.

Just wanted to see what others had to say on the topic. I would like to hear from those who will only buy discs from one outfit, those who will only throw the highest quality (and expensive) plastics--and conversely from those who throw discs from the smaller guys and thier experiences and interactions with golfers regarding thier choice of discs.

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I am not stuck on one brand of disc. I have been playing since the late 70's and I have thrown a lot of lightning discs over the years. I still carry a couple. My main discs are more on the Discraft line, mainly because of the plastic, I like the Z and the esp better than what Innova has. I use a roadrunner for a turnover and I carry a sidewinder also. I use the discs that work best for the shots. The feel and personal preference is the key. I think putting down someone for having different taste in discs is stupid. If they aren't paying you to use their discs, why would you not want to try something that may be better. I still think that Lightning has some of the best discs for new players because they are easier to control.
I have yet to try Lat 64... Heard good things. But as for Quest, gateway and frisbee brand etc, I have tried several molds. I never found one that stuck...
Kudos to Ryan Flahive for bringing this topic to the attention of folks that may not have had the opportunity to throw discs from small manufacturers. While listening to an interview with Gateway pro Nikko Locastro after winning a tournament, " I didn't miss a single putt all day, first time that ever happened." Obviously I had to find out which putter he used and it was the Gateway Wizard. After buying a bunch of x-outs and misstamps from Gateway I was hooked. I've made better throws with these discs than with any other and that could be a completely separate discussion. Needless to say I was so impressed that I decided to put together a retail site that is dedicated only to Gateway products (shameless plug) www.gatewaydiscsunlimited.com . Gateway owner David McCormack says a mixed bag is the key to an advantage over people who only throw from a single manufacturer.
Once you try Lat 64... you'll never go back lol!!!
My son loves the Riot.
I have been playing competitively for a little over two years and for me its if you find something you like and its works for you then throw it. My drivers are all Innova (beast, valk, boss, teebird) with the exception of a FLX Predator. For mid's I have to go with Discraft because no other mid I have thrown compares to a buzz (flx) and I love the versatility of the comet (z) and wasp(x). For putters I support Gateway with a Glo Warlock and I am looking to put a wizard in the bag for a little more stability.
In terms of plastic I use generally higher quality plastic such as champ, star, z and FLX. The courses I play on a daily basis are heavily wooded and these plastics seem to hold up the best.
Being sponsered by DGA only lets you throw DGA and Discraft, is that right? I think the only company that lets you throw any brand is gateway. Just wondering if you could throw innova if you are on the DGA team?
Up until this past year I threw almost all Innova discs. I used to throw Discraft, but then I found the TeeBird and switched over almost completely to Innova. This past year I lost (left it somewhere) my KC Pro TeeBird that I had for probably seven years. I was really bummed out and decided to give Quest a try. My first disc was an Inferno. A little more overstable than I had hoped, but a great disc. Next I got an Inferno Classic, Raging Inferno and a T-Bone. All good plastic and great discs. So my bag is a mix of Quest and Innova. I hear the term "cheaper plastic" in regards to Quest and this just isn't true. I guess that when they first started out their plastic wasn't as good, but I can say without hesitation that I have nailed trees hard with nary a scratch on my Quest discs. Still love Star plastic, but Quest does make some good discs (just not the Wheel). Nobody at our course says anything bad about Quest. Some people just don't throw it.
Heck guys, I lost a champ teebird in the drink the other day and had 5 bucks on me. Bought my first lightning disc ever from the local course salesman. It was a D-4...i loved the way the plastic felt . It outran all my bag for distance by 20 feet everytime i threw it. what's up with that? I got so many brands in my truck,I tend to stay away from the larger companies like innova, i like to be the guy who has the weird stuff.
edit: please don't blast me, I did not mean the d-4 replaced the teebird.
Local courses here , all you see is discraft and innova. If it were not for the internet, I'd swear those are the only existing manufacturers. Small city I guess.
here, here...we have more in common than just a hatred for slow groups...
I've got a glow wizard with your name on it! (Actually, it's a band called The Ragbirds, but you get the point)


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