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Good morning golfers,

This question has been burning in my brain for months (years actually) and I thought I would ask the divine wisdom of the community to enlighten me.

Why are there golfers amongst us who dog discs from 'smaller' manufacturers like Gateway, Quest, and Lightning? Why do we have folks who look down on another player who doesn't carry top quality plastic? Why must we put so much emphasis on the 'next best thing' from Innova and Discraft? Why the lofty loyalties? I carry a mixed bag of Innova, Gateway, Quest, and Lat 64--but I would not hesitate to try other discs, regardless of manufacturer or plastic.

This is not an indictment of anyone in particular, just a general set of questions.

Although design of the disc is important--as well as the quality of the plastic--success in this sport is dependent upon the player, not the disc in their hand. As the old politically incorrect metaphor goes--its not the arrow, but the Indian. I'm sure we might have all come across a guy who carries one DX Roc and schools players carrying 25 discs in ESP and Star plastic.

Just wanted to see what others had to say on the topic. I would like to hear from those who will only buy discs from one outfit, those who will only throw the highest quality (and expensive) plastics--and conversely from those who throw discs from the smaller guys and thier experiences and interactions with golfers regarding thier choice of discs.

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Well, I guess you could say I'm a little unreasonable when it comes to disc brand. I have about 25 in my bag and 50 overall, its all Innova. I tried a few disccraft discs and I thought they were good. I haven't tried any other brands. Where I live all my disc shopping has to be done online. I would say that dependability has a little to do with it. Not that I find any other brand less dependable. I felt like at one point I made up my mind that I was gonna throw Innova. i didn't have any basis other than my favorite discs were all Innova. I have never had a problem finding a disc in the colors and weights that I prefer. I have replaced everything the more I learned and progressed. I started throwing 175g discs for 4-5 years and never really improved much, as well as not really played much. Then I bought a bunch of 150 class discs for my GF and started to take a couple with me. That is how I learned to anhyzer. I then started using discs in the 160 range and improved my distance tremendously. Now I'm throwing all 169-173g and have went from a plus 10 player to a consistently negative shooter over this time. I don't know if I could buy all my favorite molds in all these different weights with any other brand...
I'm not a guy that is so loyal to a brand that I look down on others, but my bag is full of Discraft. The reason is I'm fairly new compared to a lot of folks out there and I quickly became overwhelmed with all the different types of discs and manufacturers. I started off throwing Innova, but the day I threw a Discraft disc I ended up throwing it well. So I started trying other Discraft discs and discovered that I liked the feel of the plastic, the thickness of the rim, etc. Now I only have to learn the discs of one manufacturer. All disc companies seem to make discs that do the things we need them to do, but I don't have the money to experiment. I'd rather research and buy the discs I know I'm comfortable with. With that said, I wouldn't hesitate to try other discs if friends had them in their bag. I tried a Lat. 64 putter the other day and liked it, but didn't see or feel anything so spectacular that I would quit using my Magnet.
I haven't come across anyone that has thrown any of the inexpensive discs but I have to say I wouldn't be a jerk at all. I would probably ask to try it once. But I have to say that it would have to blow my mind for me to buy it... I have thought about becoming a disc manufacturer but I don't even think I'd throw my own discs, ha ha! I would definately be real upset if I did make and throw a good disc and someone sincerely ripped me for it.. Sounds like you are playing with some jerks if that is the case. I say good for you for being a little different, I like that about people. Its probably in most of our nature being that we all disc golf...
I have throwen all innova as well as all discraft molds some lat.64, gateway, DGA and quest. In my bag is all Innova. There discs just fit my game and are dependable. I have been asked if I would change if sponcered, when I was given the chance I could not do it. I would never give someone a hard time for throwing what they like. You have to believe that what you throw is the best. I think that is why the one company is better than the other gets out of hand.
I have no disc brand pref., but I do have a plastic pref. Although it takes longer to break in, I'll take CE, Z, Champ, Opto, or Star any day. I like the durability and predictability with wear that they offer.
Finally, I have gotten my butt kicked by that person with that old beat up DX disc (Whippet, by the way). More power to you! and it does crack me up when people won't try a disc based on a brand, their loss.
For me, it's all about plastic quality, consistency, and durability. I would assume that brands that spawn a lot of loyalty got those three points pretty much down. After that, it becomes a matter of 'how well these plastics perform per individual' and which brands are constantly 'pushing the envelope' or 'growing the sport.' I feel I could pretty much use any brand or plastic after a little practice; so my dollar goes to the brand that 'pioneers' the most. For these reasons I use Innova first and Discraft second. I support the idea of small brands and cheaper plastics; and would never look down at someone who uses them, especially if you can kick butt with them.
Only, a poor craftsman blames his tools it is not the disc but the thrower that makes it. the only time I have ever laughed at another disc is because of imo a sill/stupid name #2 slice, #1 driver, whippet, gazzelle, drone, nuke. has nothing to do with the company just the name of disc. That being said it would take me a lot to stop throwin the cadilaic of discs discraft, although innova makes a couple of disc that do stuff discrafts don't eg sidwinder, but discraft has some that innova does not buzz( don't give me no roc b.s they wont fight threw a tree branch or wind) but alas my point is for a up and comer disc company to take out the top dogs that have benn doing it well for so long they gotta have some great stuff good won't do/
Anyone that knows my game knows that it consists of a lot of Quest. My favorite distance driver from any brand is the Raging Inferno from Quest (sweet golden distance for my beat in one - super consistent flight), and the 80/20 T-Bone from Quest is a great fairway driver (holds a line and glides like you would not believe). I'm also partial to the Crossfire Putter (built like a tank) which is great for push putts.
I throw innova and discraft because i see no reason to go to smaller companys for the most part the plastic is cheaper and cost about the same .
Also innova and discraft have molds i use such as a tee-bird why trade a disc i love to have a cheaper plastic verison .

Quest disc lose alot of creditabity because Alot of the products are not pdga approved and seem to be more based on a onr type of shot gimmick .
As for the guy who said a poor craftsman blames his tools it is not the disc but the thrower that makes it has never thrown the epic .
Have you bothered using discs from the smaller outfits other than the random chuck to see how it flies?

Gateway's Evolution plastic is as durable and consistent as any plastic on the market, as is Opto plastic from Latitude 64. To call them 'cheaper' is an insult...but that is exactly why I started this discussion.
i throw only innova in all premium plastic except for one of my putters (glo aviar). there is a much greater selection from innova and being from colorado, that is what is most readily available. i like the grip of star plastic and i have one glow champ whippet x that i like a lot. i am glad that they are durable, but really the feel of star plastic is what it comes down to and it's second to none, especially when you get a nice soft top.

i might try more companies if i was able to throw them before i bought them, but my friends throw almost entirely innova too, so that is difficult.

i am very close to buying a vision or two from latitude 64. that opto sparkle and the opto chameleon plastic look amazing and the vision seems like a great disc, especially from what i've heard on this site.

btw, i'd never look down on someone who uses lower grade plastic; to each his own. and to the dude who uses one dx roc, check out the katana ;) ha ha
I will throw any brand but I will only buy discraft. It's made in Michigan and thier lineup fits all my needs. I buy alot of discs so keeping with one brand makes things easier. I have no problems with smaller companies but I do laugh at two of them- lightning (for thier mistake of changing from sweet plane names and graphics to whatever you want to call thier current setup) and quest (for their used car salesman approach). Dga, abc, gateway,Lat and daredevil are all cool in my book. When they make products like bags, discs, and/or baskets that standout, I will buy.

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