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So i started RHBH this last o say Oct. (Approx 8 months) and i seem to be maxing out at 330-350 (no wind or hills). No Idea where the next jump in D is going to come from. Any suggestions? I am throwing a couple wraiths (166, 170), a force (169), And 1 time beast (175) Not a whole lot of variation in distance between them.

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I would recommend switching to some slower speed drivers for a while. By messing around with fairway drivers, you can work on your form and learn what it takes to get them out as far as your wide rimmed drivers and then try out your fast drivers again and see how far you've come.
I did notice w/ my leopard, and even my mids, it was easier to spend less energy before the hit. I think i may be puttin to much enegry into my approach... tightening up.
I agree with experimenting with fairway drivers It helped me a lot when I did it. If there was only one fairway driver that I could recommend to you it would be a teebird. Go out and get one and I guarantee you'll fall in love with it. Teebirds are my go to driver on most shots except for wide open max distance shots. They only fall about 30-50 feet short of my max distances with faster discs.
i hit that plateau too. just keep throwing. talk and play with people better than you. you will get there.
Heck I would love to throw 350! Check out that new Discraft vid on youtube. I think it's still on the forum as well. Close to impossible to give advise on things like this. Every body is so diff, but here goes! I've started throwing 150 class discs to check for any wrist abnormalities in my throw as well as work on a nice smooth pull and snap. Has helped.
Me too! I max out at about 280' - I'm still trying to get past 300'. I got some help from one of the younger guys in our club and some good info from a Climo video - I'm getting a little more distance but a lot more control and accuracy. I also use 150 class discs as much as possible - not enough arm strength to heave those 175g discs.
Well if it makes you feel any better, thats exacly where I am too. I'm starting to get good with the beast for annie shots and the orc is great for e for straight distance. I noticed I'm shooting alot better lately by tightening up my approch and focusing more on my hit and pull through. The follow through after seemes to come natural after that got better. I been playing since about december. My orc is 166 and my beasts are 160 and 175 for wind conditions. I have been switching discs so much lately as my throw has developed. Trying to figure out the same thing yo are. 350 is my max during practice. I'm hoping things still develope. I got the climo feld dvd and droped 4 to 5 consistant strokes. But still only 300 to 350. I'd like to hear of your next plan on improvement.
Good luck!
Thanks for the encouragement guys. I appreciate you guys being honest enough to share what you throw on a consistant basis, accurately, and under normal circumstances.
I'm at the same point, maxed out around 340', so I took someone else's advice on the site and I've started throwing mids at anything under 300'. I don't know if it will work, but I do find myself focusing on my technique a whole lot more.

Good luck in getting past your plateau!
I also am using mid's up to 300' for more controled speed and fade.
i was practicing this morning on a small park course and i could not get my discs to turn annie into some of the holes because i had to throw the drivers so hard to make them do what you need. Was breaking my head until i read this. Going to go with the mids for shorter distances. Still kinda new to the game and used to grabbing drivers on the tee pad i guess. If you don't mind me asking, what mids do you stock for these drives? I got 2 buzz flx one and Z i guess (clear) and a kite i use for short annies.
I'm arriving to this plateau too. My accuracy is not where I'd like it to be at full power, but even on wide open holes I seem to have a limit. I can't seem to crack 290'-310'. I have a rather odd run-up, and it limits the amount of momentum I can generate. Even with a perfect throw and enough snap to be heard from fifty feet away, I can't seem to break through.
For mids I carry a Meteor (understable), Z Buzz (neutraly stable to slightly overstable), and a Wasp (overstable). I also carry a leopard which doesn't fly much further than a mid for me. I'm in love with the Teebird for shorter drives too. Every almost ace I've got has come from a single teebird. I'm trying to dump my wasp and grab a drone since it just doesn't seem to be much more stable than the buzz.

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