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Okay... say you were going to design a course, but you can't really afford baskets yet, but wanted something to throw at; and also to show the general public what they can anticipate, what would you use instead of a basket? I have seen many things, some better than others, but I wanted to know if there are any creative, but budget friendly solutions out there that I have not heard of. 

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The course that inspired me to start this discussion is a new course in Baldwin, Mi called Little Oaks. The course has half baskets and the other half are posts that are the same height as a basket with a 6 inch tube around the posts that is supposed to simulate the target area of a 'solid' putt. The tube/posts and all the baskets are painted blue and yellow, thus giving it a little better feel than just random objects thrown in with the real deal.

FYI: I am designing a course right now, so your input will appreciated.
I have posted the picture below several times when a new discussion is posted about cheap alternatives to baskets. Of course the materials listed on this pic can be either donated or value engineered to a cheaper material. Good luck!

The outer pole can be lenthened so the pole"Rings" when struck by thrown discs."Tone Poles" were used prior to baskets.Another site can be viewed:http://chaaaching.blogspot.com Homemade baskets,many ideas floating in the archives list.
If you simply order and install the anchors and poles that the baskets hang on, you can then buy the baskets and chain assemblies to hang on them as you can afford them. Hitting the 2" pole is approximately equal to the catching width of the chains anyway and you could paint the pole the proper height for the target range.
The pole is a not really a safe idea.
What if 'risk management' suggests people running into them. Boink! A four foot high pole sticking out of the ground?

Years ago, well late 90's in Daytona we started with home made 50 gallon drums.
They were donated by the then "Hawaiian Tropic" company.
Used for suntan mixtures, so not being toxic were safe to use.
Putt a pole inside it, then a thin layer of concrete, with chains and a top, the lid.
Helped get us started.

You need something to keep people from bumping into them.....
Remember, unfortunately you have to treat the 'general public' like they are stupid or you are going to have lawsuits.
It's more like a 5 ft pole and they have been used in alternate pin placements on several courses for over 20 years so mowers can see not to hit the alternate anchors. If they are painted properly, then the visibility is even better.
Unfortunately, 5 or 4 feet, don't see the difference.
People will and do run into them. Maybe tie a streamer on it or caution tape.
When working on theater and tv productions, always safety first... taped off or caution flags or something is always used. Used to it I guess. Depends on how busy the property is?
I do hope you are right though, for disc golf's sake.
Had a friend in college, ruin his athletic career, by running into a pole.....
ripped his shin apart.
go to this link
Homemade disc golf baskets image.Google homemade disc golf baskets....
you can see lots of ideas...
The pole has nothing on it. Seems like all those volleyball poles standing around in parks without nets on them would have been more dangerous over the years. The main danger the Parks people have talked about is using poles that are only 1-2 feet tall in alternate pins because people could trip and spear themselves on them.
some of our tonal courses up here use 30lb old and used propane tanks ... just take the valve out then grind or torch off the valve end so u can fit over a 6' round 4" wooden fence pole ...... dig the dirt 18" down and concrete the bottom or just fill in with dirt and boulders ...... paint them bright red and u've got a tonal that rings and lets u know u've got an ace ...... same thing can be done with heavy used wood stove pipe, 8X30" painted red top and bottom and green in the middle a whole course done for free if u do it right.
This is basically what I encountered at Little Oaks DGC. Thanks for the visual though. This will help illustrate temporary alternative to baskets for the County Park Advisory Board I am talking to.
Pretty interesting website. I guess if I were to follow the site's examples, I would need to find a skilled welder.

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