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Here your chance to win me over-Whats the order of Buzzzeses that are most to least stable (plastic wise)? Where does the Buzzz SS plastics sompare stability wise to the Buzzz line? And wth is the difference between Z and Cryztal plastic? Thanks in advance! ROWM?O

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To me, you're description of a buzzz is what "stable" means.  Overstable means hard left (rhbh) and understable means flippy.  So, "more overstable" means it fades harder left.  "More stable" would mean it has a tendency to hold the line you put it on, like the buzzz.  So when someone says "more stable" I'm never sure if they mean it flies straighter (like the buzzz) or if it fades harder left, which would actually be "more overstable".  To me, "more stable" and "more overstable" mean two different things and I'm not sure if I'm the one that's confused or if it's the other people that are using the terms incorrectly.
Overstable means it wants to get to the ground faster.
Yea I'm on your side with what stable should mean, but I don't think that term will ever get figured out lol.
Z is More Stable than Cryztal !
When I say stable, I use it to mean overstable... probably shouldn't

It's a tad bit harder to tell here in michigan being winter and all... disc testing is far more difficult. I mention this because I have been testing a crystal Z Buzzz and it's pretty stable.  X Buzzz'z are freaking bad to the bone.  They are the best of both worlds.  I love D buzzz'z but have to replace them a couple times a year, depending on the blend.  Same with X to a degree but they get flippy and change less.  If you want an understable buzz go X.  a little extra beat in will reap much reward and hold the same lines for a good period of time.  Some of the newer run flat top Z buzzz's are as good as first run or 2nd first runs.  I tried a roc out and really found nothing too spectacular about it.  I have 2 Z's and one X flip buzz at all times and use them in the spring / summer / fall as much as my drivers.  Winter is a little different because you have to bump up your shots.... summer buzz shot = winter stalker / xl shot.... etc


Rock Out,

I'm not sure why a description of the stability levels of Buzzz's would win you over.  Most players get won over to a Buzzz by first watching someone else throw one then trying one themselves.  So if you haven't already, borrow a friend's and try it.


Although I have tried all the different Buzzz models and plastics I'm not sure how to rank the relatively small differences in stability and really it doesn't matter much.  Buzzz's are designed to go straight.  While any Buzzz can shape a line, it is essentially a straight flying, easily controllable, midrange disc.


Between pure candy plastic (Z) and the candy blends (Crystal, ESP, FLX and X) the biggest difference is how they feel in your hand.  Personally I prefer Z due to how it feels and it tends to mold flatter than the others.  A flatter disc is not necessarily more overstable than a domey disc but it feels differently in the hand and to me, better.  Among the plastics, D breaks in the fastest (by a lot), followed by the blends, followed by Z.  Any of the candy Buzzz's will last until you lose it and become more valuable to you as it breaks in.


The Buzzz SS (SS stand for super straight) is a different mold than the others Buzzz's.  It is designed to be less stable (anhyzer or turn over more easily) than the others.  So you could start with a candy Buzzz and beat it in for a couple years or just pull a fresh Buzzz SS out of the box.


In case ROWMRO ever gets converted to Buzzz's, he might need a new screen name.  Rock On With My Buzzz On?  Buzzz On With My Buzzz Intact? 

Thanks Mark (and everybody else), I used to use a buzzz for straight shots, a beefy Champ Roc for windier/more overstable conditions, and a beat to hell old school big bird Roc for flippy/hyzer flip to gentle anhyzer shots, I would prefer to just throw one mold, I was looking for something to replace my Beefier Roc as I find myself not wanting to throw it in situations where I might lose it, and would like to throw something more easily replaced. Then the Buzzz SS came along and I thought it might just round out the trio taking the place of the beat to hell big bird as I replaced my old one after it split through the rim. The one I have is only gonna last so long so if I can get a Buzzz SS in Z plastic and would fly the same way out of the box and stay the same way for years then I wouldnt cringe everytime I throw it in the woods. Thoughts?
There are probably a number of players who use a candy Wasp (a Buzzz with a bead making it more overstable), a candy Buzzz and a candy Buzzz SS for precisely the reasons given by ROWMRO. Similar feeling molds with differing stabilities right out of the box which will hold those characteristics for along time and be easily replaced if needed.

Short of very strong winds I don't need a midrange stronger than a fresh Z Buzzz so I carry 3 Buzzz's, one fresh and two in different degrees of beat in. I am starting to work in a new Eric Mccabe model Buzzz SS, hoping it will break in and find a place in the bag eventually. I have a stack of Buzzz's I practice with all vying for that next opening.

In crazy winds I break out a Z Wasp or a Z Zone, trading out my strongest Buzzz.

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