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About 17 years ago, two guys came to the college I was attending and put on a flying disc show. I was asked to video the show and in exchange they'd let me have a disc. At this point, my friends and did not own our discs, we borrowed the schools. After much consideration, and no real knowledge to go on, I choose the Tracer from Discraft. It's orange and has a weight of 177. It's really dinged up now and but still flies well, when I throw it well. That's my oldest disc. What's yours?

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92 San Marino Roc....Very sweet 'well broken in' DX Roc....It's not currently in the bag.
i have only been playing disc golf for 4 years now. the first discs i bought were a pro classic roc and a pro rhyno.. those are my most used disc to this day, well not today cause both are at the bottom of the lake right now waiting for me to find them again,
i have begun to collect eagles ( i know it sounds funny) cause i love those things. my favorite type of driver hands down. i just bough a 9x pro off of ebay for like $9, i also have a 10x and a champion edition. i can't tell if it is a first run or not, like i said i have only been in the game for 4 years so my knowledge of plastic is limited.
A 2000 Z-Xpress, the same year I started playing, disc is still in the bag and still used almost every round. I have 4 backups for this disc because honestly none will compare to this one so lets hope I never lose it.
I have what I believe is an old Aero with the Disc Covering The World logo on it as well as an Aviar, same logo. We had a thread about the age of these somewhere else. The Aviar is circa 1980, and the Aero is older still. Not sure if its an Aero. It says Champion Discs, rather than Innova Champion Discs. I have a 205g Super Puppy, but I quit using shortly after I got it when I learned it was an illegal weight. Its probably my oldest disc and it may be as old as a 1978 or 79 vintage. I also have a Wham-O #6 Glow-in-the-dark golf disc that is a heavy, smaller vers. of the 141g freestyle disc. I leave it in the back yard for the dog to mess with, but she has wimpy teeth and prefers a fabric disc. Decent water bowl. Still glows.
Forgot the perfect condition First Run XS. So sweet and will never be thrown, the disc that got me started.
I actually have a INNOVA COUPE that was the predecessor to the AVIAR that was given to me at a Ultimate tourney I was playing in by someone from another team as we waited for our turn to play, we walked around playing object golf. Seen one the other day on Ebay for $100
I have too many to list ... This is just one corner of my work/disc/music room.

hey a fellow collector sweet ! are all those crates full of discs ? by the way i have around 500 discs give or take, alot of old stuff, early wippets, 1st run xs, some ce stuff, its kinda crazy to have that much stuff and not even display it, at my old house my mancave walls were covered litterally, my wife wouldnt let me do that in the new house though. i know caugh wipped !

John McMullen said:
I have too many to list ... This is just one corner of my work/disc/music room.

Yep ... their full and I need more crates. Crates are on my xmas list. And yes, it's sad that I can't have them all hanging up ... but in that room I have USDGC and collector Rocs totally surrounding the top of the walls! It's crazy cool.
The boxes under my drawing table are full of '08 USDGC Rocs.

How do you like the COW POO disc hanging up ... LOL! Someone at work gave it to me.
I found a Y2K edition Ching Sniper on a course a couple of years ago that had no name on it, so I guess that's it. I threw it and it's actually pretty sweet for being totally obscure. I'll probably keep it in the bag for a bit unless anyone wants to buy it...
john the cow poo disc is totally awesome ! kind of a crappy gift though..........i know lame LOL, i am totally enviouse of all the rocs you have, out of all the discs i have, i only have one champion roc, an 06 throwback champ roc, i had two ( pictured on my homepage ) one for the collection one to throw until i either walked away from it or it was stolen from my bag, not sure what happened, it just sort of dissapeared out of my bag about three weeks back, and know one returned it, thats to expensive a mistake to repeat, i will just stick to the star plastic ones or the dx i guess they are alot cheaper to replace and less temtation if it in fact was taken from my bag. :-(
I started playing back in 1988, and a guy that I worked with had some old discs (at that time), one of which I kept, most I gave away to start other people playing the sport, it's an X-15 and the rim is actuall convex rather than concave like all of the new discs are, kinda clear or opaque with a green stamp
also still have old Eclipse, Stealth, Vortex, Tracer etc etc etc

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