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I have a herniated disc in my low back, has been 3.5 years since I hurt myself hanging Drywall. I started playing disc golf right before I hurt my back and even with the bad back which still keeps me from working I can't stop myself from playing disc golf... even though I hurt  for about 2 days each time I play.

It's my guess alot of you have problems yourself that gets in the way from playing, or at least from playing as well as you would like, I thought it might be nice to know a little about you, and since I know my back pain is a big part of ... who I am now, I am sure we can learn about each other , and learn ways to cope with problems!

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Well in 2000 I had two different surgeries to fix broken neck, and the third and last break was left unrepaired due to it's severity, now all 4 screws have broken away from the bone, the plate shifts sometimes leaving me with excruciating pain and sometimes loss of the use of my left arm, but hey, I'm alive, I can walk, I can throw, I can hunt and fish, and keep the wife more than happy, which is a heck of a lot better than the alternative....... but I'm walking a fine line here, docs told me a minor slip, trip, or fall could shut me off at anytime, but so could a bus if I didn't pay attention and walked in front of it........
Well I'll just say, before I had to retire out. My nick name became "Glass back lol!" Since I found disc golf after my injuries. My run up (walk up really), throwing, putting etc... Was taylored around my handicap (for lack of a better word). So, since I never had the joy of tossing a disc 400+ feet. I never had to deal with a decline in my game. Aside from not being able to turn or rotate around the spine. I've worked on keeping my hips flexable and using that as rotation. Minimal, but it helps. That's just my back. When the sciatic kicks in, that's a diff. story. No playing when that happens, but oh well. Such is life!
get a medical maryjane card,that should help your pain
Not sure how that card could help with pain... it's only paper ... I tried chewing on a note pad after you posted this and it didn't help!
thats funny
if I lived in a state that approved that card I'd be all over it, I've tried it, it does help. doesn't kill the pain but rather takes the edge off quite nicely, but sure isn't worth going to jail for, and I won't take any pain meds unless I'm at the end of my rope, they used to have me on 10 lortab 10's a day and a 100mg. morphine patch that I changed every 3 days....Never again!!, I'm 6'4",300+ and use to lift weights and carry engines and transmissions around the shop, that crap turned me into a raging a-hole, I was going after people at the drop of a hat, at least that's what my family and friends tell me, but I don't remember much of those days, there was a couple year period that I don't remember hardly anything......but hey the docs got paid, so did the pharmacy, and as we all know, the money's not in the cure, it's in the comeback.... and I was one stupid decision from going to jail or prison.... never again..... you know sometimes I wonder who the docs and drug companies are really tying to help.......sure don't feel like they tried to help me........my quality of life sucked.......Archery really helped me come back so far, but disc golf is helping me get better....
Well, that's why they call it "practicing medicine" After being in the med field for over twenty years. I've seen it all to often. People just do what the docs tell them without ever thinking. They are just people sifting through an ever changing field. Pain med are not bad if use RIGHT, but docs will just keep uping the dose do to an increase in med. tollerance. Well, there finding out that's B.S. for the most part. I was heading down your path until I went to a pain clinic and did my own homework. Did you know that they are finding that pain meds create there own form of pain. They don't know why, but it's interesting.
As I've said before....What do they call the guy or gal who finished LAST in med school?............Doctor!
try sucking/chewing on the old Mayjane candy wrapper,more flavor.cuts down the cavity pain
the paper must be soaked with lysergic acid first.

seriously though, have you considered acupuncture?
'kool aid" drink trips
Other then knee and back pain from playing, the only one that has sidelined me was my ankle. I rolled twice in one round and by the next day it was swollen bad, It was all I could do to get through my work shifts for about two weeks. Then about 6 mounth later I did it again in a round, went to the hospital after 4 days of not walking, found there was a tear in there somewhere. Then I popped it again a couple weeks ago so I'm slowly getting back to normal again.
Dang thats lame, I know all to well about the ankle... kinda need it to walk! I used to play basket ball all the time and to many times of coming down from a layup and landing on someones foot... rolled it so bad that it was black and blue almost to the knee, and the 2nd time it never came back... it's like it gets a pinch nerve sometimes making it very hard to walk with out a ankle brace.

But like Steve "Voodoo" said... I can walk I can play among other thing :) But it did put me out of a job... stay home watch kids and wife goes to work. Thanks God for disc golf... or as I call it "Medicinal Disc Golf" it's the only drug I need!


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