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I have a herniated disc in my low back, has been 3.5 years since I hurt myself hanging Drywall. I started playing disc golf right before I hurt my back and even with the bad back which still keeps me from working I can't stop myself from playing disc golf... even though I hurt  for about 2 days each time I play.

It's my guess alot of you have problems yourself that gets in the way from playing, or at least from playing as well as you would like, I thought it might be nice to know a little about you, and since I know my back pain is a big part of ... who I am now, I am sure we can learn about each other , and learn ways to cope with problems!

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I have what is called now days, tommy johns in my right elbow, happened when I was 14 playing baseball. I throw righthand backhand, and only sidearm when I have too. Thumbers dont hurt my arm to bad, unless I throw too many. Both of my knees are bad from running alot in the military. I just describe them as rusty door hinges that catch and go out from time to time. In just the last couple two or three years, Ive had some upper back and neck problems. I tried going to a chiropractor.. that didnt seem to help, for now I just pretty much live with the little pains, and still love playing Disc. =)

Its worth the pain to play.
2 1/2 years ago i detroyed my ACL, after getting it reconstructed it definitely took time before i could even think about throwing discs no matter how bad i was wanting to get back at it. i would say it as good as its going to get and its probably only 90%, i still have everyday aches in it. when i play disc golf it doesn't bother me to plant to throw, but after a round or two, the pain increases greatly. i take some ibuprophen to help easy it some although it only eases it. i know the older i get(36 now) it is going to be more challenging because i love disc golfing and i don't see myself quitting any time soon. it is just something i have to learn to deal with. good luck with the pain, and a med card might be a good idea, although thats not an option here in Ohio......yet.
Well, thankfully I don't have any back issues, but I do have shoulder and hip pain. Playing disc seems to help my shoulder, at least while I'm playing, but afterwards it stiffens up so bad I can barely move it. It's been so long since I've been pain free I don't think I remember what it's like. (Ya gotta love getting old.)
Bad lower back, I've thrown it out at least twice and i'm only 26. Right knee, i partially tore my ACL when i was 16 snowboarding. And a bad left elbow, i get tendinitis every spring from discgolf and baseball training after a few weeks it usually goes away.
My knees have been bothering me lately, but that is only because I need to lose weight. Other than than, I don't have anything major from previous things that I've done in my life.
In 2000 I blew out my knee and had surgery to repair it. In 2003 I had an accident that left me with a herniated disc in my back. In 2008 I tore my knee again no surgery yet. 2009 I tore my rotator cuff (No repair yet)

I find that a regimen of Glucosamine HCL, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid, and Chondroitin sulfate help tremendously. If you are allergic to shellfish I would skip the last one.

Anyway my back got to the point I couldn't walk it hurt to sit and they wanted to cut. I found this rehab place that helped me to strengthen the little muscles right along the spine. They used a machine called the rep-ex to help stretch my back as i relaxed and to strengthen the little muscles they used a machine called the Med-ex which was attached to a computer that kept track of angle of incline, weight lifted, and reps. After about 3 months of doing it 2 to 3 days a week I was finally back on my feet and the Doctor was amazed how fast I recovered once back on my feet and contributed the progression to me playing Disc Golf.
I just turned 50 this year and I get various pains from time to time. It really is never the same from day to day. One day it's a knee. The next time it might be an arm, maybe a shoulder or even my neck. I don't really take any pain medications since they don't really deal with the source, only dulling the symptoms. The only pain medication that I take at all is of the green variety which God grew on this great earth. If I do take the occasional Ibuprofen it works very well since my body has no tolerance. But as I said I rarely take that stuff.

Sometimes I play better with a little pain. It is what it is and it won't stop me from playing disc golf.


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