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I'm 53, took up this sport in August 09. Make no mistake, I plan to play this right up to the time they lower me into the ground. The thing is, at my age, progress is slow. A 50 yr old doesn't have the flexibility or muscle mass of a twenty-something. Throwing discs is hard on our joints. In the workforce, there is about to be a massive shift as baby boomers start to retire in record numbers. This sport will also see a corresponding rise in the number of older players. So....I'm wondering, has there been any discussion as to developing discs tailored toward older players? Or throwing styles? I throw forehand, and I suffer after every round. For now, I'll take that trade, as I love this sport. But I think major disc golf companies ignore the needs of older golfers at their peril. Whattya y'all think?

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THE WAHOO is special enough....
Mark, good point. I guess I 'm saying that its been my experience that the discs aren't necessarily marketed toward older players, and baby-boomers in particular like to be catered to....its just the marketer in me making that slightly overwrought assertion. ;)

Oh, believe me, I'll throw anything I can make good shots with.
The thing is the older discs that were made. like the Stingray the Raven, X-Clone, Scorpion, those would be your best bet for discs, dont try and use the Boss, Nuke, ect.....My Grandfather used to go out and play with me and hes 56, he used a spectra a orc and a couple beasts and had a messed up back, so uses the throws that work best for you, and discs, try throwing backhand (but dont throw out your shoulder like my G-pa did)...lol...and remember to ALWAYS HAVE FUN.....
Trae, Find time to have fun is my motto. You had to point out that your granpa is only 56, didn't you. You will triple bogey for that...
Though in fairly young, I think discraft offers a good selection of "old timer" plastic as well as lightning, though I'm not as famillar with them. When I say old timer, I mean less stable or stable plastic like the putt'r, rattler, comet, eclipse, hawk,Impact, stratus, xl, xpress, cyclone, and a handful of 150's like the avenger and flick.
The idea is that older players have been playing for longer so they have more touch for the stable plastic, partly from the old shorter courses and from frisbee backgrounds. Overstable plastic will cover "form flaws" for newer players.
To throw those discs forhand, they will have to be thrown smooth, which should be easier on the joints.
What discs are you throwing now?
Ryan, I throw a 172 star-excaliber for drives. I throw a 168 valkrie RHBH when i have to. My approach game has improved greatly, but of course, I need more distance and putting is still sketchy. I have noticed that a smoother delivery is also easier on my joints. I can handle simple shoulder pain, but tendons in the elbow are a different story.
A few years ago I'd try to throw hard to throw far. It led to soreness and I never really threw that far. After playing entire rounds with only a putter it forced me to realize that smooth is far- and I was very suprised at how far putters can go. Now I can play almost everyday with multiple round days. My buddy that's at least twenty years my senior, plays non- stop. He throws a xl when he needs 290', and a surge ss for anything longer( he throws forehand).
I'm not one to say "if you don't throw ---- don't throw this speed disc", but I will say that players were throwing far and having fun even before the valk was around.
Throwing slower discs are easier on the body because they take less speed to get thier full flight- and they still have a ton of distance potential. A reaper or tracker may be a good inbetween as they are slower but still a bit overstable.
As far as discs go Innova has come out with an R-Pro Boss and the Katana. I play with some older players and theses two discs have improved there distance by at least 50 feet. Keep in mind that these people throw RHBH. If you want to improve on your RHBH try a 167-169 Katana. As far as your ? I do feel that they try and make discs for everybody. I know for shure that they did not make these discs for my game.
I just turned 50 and have been playing for the past 24 years. I always stretch before and after, and carry a folding stool with a back rest to sit on during waits. I still throw ovestable discs but am throwing lighter than when I started. I like 165 to 170 gram drivers now. Mids and putters 172-175. Lighter discs have been much easier on my wrist, elbow, and shoulder. I now wear an elastic elbow wrap that really helps a lot when I throw. I have an arthritic right hip but no pain currently, and arthritic left ankle (also no current pain) I usually wear high top hiking boots and sometimes an ankle brace with low tops on uneven terrain. I have two degenerating discs that go out once a year so I stretch and try to do mild exercises to maintain. I take ibuprofen before playing and I ice my elbow or back after if it hurts. I watch every step I take to not risk turning an ankle. This is all for the 2 3/4 hours in between throwing discs. I try to be careful and not injure anything. I still compete in the pro division and do OK. I love the game and can play this and ball golf my whole life with these adjustments. Pay attention to your body, and rest and stretch. Take some time off if you're hurt. I have learned a good roller that I need for extra distance on some holes that others can bomb in the air. Practice this shot too. The R-Pro Boss is money! I have 159, 160, and 161 grams. They are great in still or down wind. I just got a 170 glow Stalker that is great for straight drives. I guess I'm starting to throw less overtstable stuff!! Have fun.
My soreness went away after I realized that I shouldn't throw as hard as possible on every throw. Use 80-85% of your maximum (grunt, see stars, etc.) strength. The last 15-20% doesn't help your score anyway.
throw down the middle, use red tee boxes, sorry misspoke can't use red tee boxes till 60, take drugs, get a meteor and learn to throw backhand, you must persist until u get it, too important not to have. up here in canada we throw in hills and snow and we still play .... we even have it as part of our state ( provincial senior55+ ) games. 53 your still a baby.


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