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I'm 53, took up this sport in August 09. Make no mistake, I plan to play this right up to the time they lower me into the ground. The thing is, at my age, progress is slow. A 50 yr old doesn't have the flexibility or muscle mass of a twenty-something. Throwing discs is hard on our joints. In the workforce, there is about to be a massive shift as baby boomers start to retire in record numbers. This sport will also see a corresponding rise in the number of older players. So....I'm wondering, has there been any discussion as to developing discs tailored toward older players? Or throwing styles? I throw forehand, and I suffer after every round. For now, I'll take that trade, as I love this sport. But I think major disc golf companies ignore the needs of older golfers at their peril. Whattya y'all think?

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One day, when I get old, I will have more sympathy for all your problems. :)

Being stiff and sore is your reward for staying active. Get used to it. If you don't use it you will lose it, so those aches and pains are just reminders you haven't lost it yet.

Nothing defeats age but exercise, nutrition, stretching, icing, etc. can battle the clock. Go to Pro Worlds and watch the old guys creak and limp and moan and about their injuries as they shoot 1000 rated rounds. It is hilarious to watch David Greenwell or Dr. Rick Voakes hobble up to a shot then display pure brilliance. Then have trouble bending over to pick up their mini after the shot. Yeah but they don't seem to have any trouble hoisting their next World Championship trophy.

There really are no discs designed just for old guys, just as there are no discs for left handed players or overhead throwers or women. With all the models and plastics and weights there are millions of choices and you need to find what works for you at the moment.

If your progress is slow in your first year of playing then it is not your age which is to blame, you are not playing with enough good players. You should be getting better every week. Noticeably better. So watch good players. Adopt their throwing form. Practice. Play leagues and tournaments. Your game will skyrocket. Even if you do look somewhat like a horse. No offense, a cute horse at that.

Frizzzbee Golf is predominately a mature sport. The average PDGA member is not a 19 year old kid who throws 500 feet. The average PDGA member is a 35 year old Amateur. As a broad, general rule the kids look for action and danger (skateboarding, basketball, etc). Appreciating the difference between a 2 and a 3 on a scorecard is way too subtle and restrained for them. This is why teaching grade school kids Frizzzbee Golf will not help as much as teaching them disc throwing skills and active games like Ultimate. We will get those kids in our game when they are ready for it and their basic skills will carry over.

The manufacturers do not ignore the oldsters. They know their market. Rumor is some guys with white beards even get sponsored.
Rumor is some guys with white beards even get sponsored. Then, Mr. Ellis, I am a shoe-in for sponsorship. Watch yer six, fella. ;)

Actually, my point wasn't that the manufacturers ignore us geezers, its that the game hasn't been marketed particularly well to older guys that still wish to remain active. I know I said "companies" in my original post, but that would include the DGA and other assorted groups, would it not?

Just an FYI, I do everything possible to play with pro-level players. You are right, it does affect your game in a hurry. I had to laugh when you mentioned Rick Voakes, as I met him not long ago and watched him put a disc on a totally sick roll that seemed impossible. The guy is a legend. I make the hour-long drive to play Bowling Green whenever possible, because that city takes disc golf seriously. Beautiful courses are everywhere.

(BTW, that "cute" horse I raised on my own since his momma died when he was only two days old. He stands around 15 hands now, weighs roughly 1200 pounds. He hasn't been cute in awhile. But I'll tell him you said nice things)
Grip lock?
I was thinking I was turning over my 150s. Sometimes I actually do, but I discovered most of my turnovers are from a tich to much grip lock. and I mean a tish.

I am a 56 year old woman who has taken up disc golfing about six months ago.  Go ahead and joke fellas, I can take it.

 I am throwing (on a good day) about 230, but I am improving every day.  My best throw was with an Innova Beast, but lately I have been trying to improve my distance.  I am working with lighter discs.  My Beast is a 165.  I have also been using (headwind) a 150 Valkyrie.  My newest purchase is a Discraft Surge 169.  These tend to be my best distance discs right now.  I also have a lighter Innova Destroyer that I do well with, but it is very responsive and I don't always throw it right.  Small changes can ruin my distance throw.  


Right now I am working on my putting.  I seem to be able to keep up with my son's game if I can out putt him.  I think that will be my saving grace.  My putting is pretty good.  Consistently, I can make a 15-20ft putt.  I have had some lucky longer ones.   I would say to try some slower, lighter discs and work on your up shot and putts.  

Well I am just starting my Company "Rip Disc Golf" and I do want to know what you are looking for in a disc! I want to make disc's for players, so feel free to send me a personal message (make sure I get it) and I'll keep it in mind before releasing my next disc...or disc's 


At this time I only have my 2 putters out, and just the prototypes at that.... should be about two weeks and I'll have my real first run of about 1000 disc's.

Why do you call yourself old, just because you reach your fifties or sixties, age is a mind set. I am 59, started playing disc golf twenty-two months ago, Itry to play at least one round every day I'm not working, if I don't play I practice.  I started with most of my discs in the 170 class, I now have most of my drivers in the 150 class, mid range and putters still in the 170 class, weather I play good or bad getting out and playing is what keeps you young.  My drives are 275 to 300 ft., don't let the younger player have all the fun.  A normal Sunday I try to play at least 54 holes depending on the weather, other days if I dont play I practice for an hour or more.  Keep trying different disc and different weights. You can play this sport till you drop, ignore the minor aches and pains, the more you play the better you will feel. There is no need for different older players there is enough to choose from as it is.  Enjoy the game and live long. 

I am 55 years old, and my son started me playing last July.  So this discussion has been around longer then I've been playing. 

My only complaint about being an older player is that I wish my son and his friends would stop suggesting I start from the women’s' tees.  Ok, that is where I throw most of my second shots from anyway, but still a little respect wouldn't hurt.

Well...............Stretch before playing. Warming up a little bit before playing the course helps. Try to play catch with someone too.

Practice Putting if a Putting Basket is available. 

Don't play more rounds than you are able to.

There are no women's tees in disc golf, only tees designed to challenge different levels of player skills. A shorter tee is usually, but not always, designed for players who are newer and developing skills.
Great line in the movie"Despicable Me" by the character Gru to his scientist.."why you so old"..makes me laugh thinking of all the scenario one could apply this line.

I am 43 and by no means am I near being in shape, but that doesn't stop me. When I first started i had muscle soreness for about a month. Some of it had to do with being out of shape, but a lot of it had to do with poor form and or trying to do too much.


I play everyday during the week and twice on saturday. I have varied the discs that I throw to fit my style and strength and adjust that as I go. The game is great and I play with those younger and or better to up my game. Will play til I die.

Let me say this.  While I agree that "age" is merely6 a state of mind...there are certain physiological realities that older players must confront.  We are not going to "develop" a big arm.  Sure, we can master certain techniques that allow us to transcend our physical limitations....but lets be real and at least acknowledge that older muscles don't respond in quite the same way as younger muscles.  As for my approach to this wonderful sport, I know I cannot compete with stronger arms, so I practice my approach shots and my putting and those areas of my game keep me competitive.  All along, I was lamenting the fact that we haven't, as a community, articulated as to why this sport is beneficial to older golfers.  You can bet your ass that if you rely on a "long drive" strategy when you play, I'll beat you more often than not.  My putting is getting better and better.  I'm learning how important it is to make that second shot go close to the basket.  Anyway, I appreciate all of these relies.

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