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I'm 53, took up this sport in August 09. Make no mistake, I plan to play this right up to the time they lower me into the ground. The thing is, at my age, progress is slow. A 50 yr old doesn't have the flexibility or muscle mass of a twenty-something. Throwing discs is hard on our joints. In the workforce, there is about to be a massive shift as baby boomers start to retire in record numbers. This sport will also see a corresponding rise in the number of older players. So....I'm wondering, has there been any discussion as to developing discs tailored toward older players? Or throwing styles? I throw forehand, and I suffer after every round. For now, I'll take that trade, as I love this sport. But I think major disc golf companies ignore the needs of older golfers at their peril. Whattya y'all think?

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Let me say this.  While I agree that "age" is merely6 a state of mind...there are certain physiological realities that older players must confront.  We are not going to "develop" a big arm.  Sure, we can master certain techniques that allow us to transcend our physical limitations....but lets be real and at least acknowledge that older muscles don't respond in quite the same way as younger muscles.  As for my approach to this wonderful sport, I know I cannot compete with stronger arms, so I practice my approach shots and my putting and those areas of my game keep me competitive.  All along, I was lamenting the fact that we haven't, as a community, articulated as to why this sport is beneficial to older golfers.  You can bet your ass that if you rely on a "long drive" strategy when you play, I'll beat you more often than not.  My putting is getting better and better.  I'm learning how important it is to make that second shot go close to the basket.  Anyway, I appreciate all of these relies.
Age can be a factor in every thing you do. But I find that since I've started playing disc golf I feel more alive, both physicality and mentality.  This sport should be mandatory in all retirement communites, it is a low cost, low physical impact and a good way to get needed exercise, you play it at your own pace.  With a positive attitude and commom sense, and staying in shape  you should be able to play this sport as long as you stay active. 
I couldn't agree with you more Conrad.  I have always been athletic, but disc golf has upped my workouts a notch.  I feel tired, but feel like I have had some great exercise.  You balance on logs crossing creeks, walk up and down hills and mentally I feel worked out as well.  I take my father who is 87 out with me to play and he does a decent job.  He loves playing disc golf and says he feels less stiff and tired after he plays.  It should be mandatory for everyone.  Great sport, great fun. 
I turn 50 this year and have been playing since I was 10 (not a typo). In my thirties I could throw a Cobra 400'. Now I can throw the Nuke even farther. IMHO you need to learn backhand because of the damage your tendons are incurring from throwing forehand. I have dropped my weights from 175s to about 168-170 for discs like Beasts and Tee-rexs. I still go max weight for discs I want to be super over stable like 11x Champ Firebirds and all my putters. I also throw 150 class Wraiths and r-Pro Bosses but my 170 nukes go farther with more accuracy. Innova is making discs like the Vulcan, Katana and the Wahoo that in lighter weights (160-165) are WAY understable which is perfect for our weaker arms.

Working out is important. Not for strength, but flexibility. During rounds I find touching my toes helps my back(along with the now indispensable Ibuprofen).

All that being said, I came in third in am masters at the Spring Fling at 49 and plan to DOMINATE the am grandmaster division if I can find anybody withe balls to compete at this age.
Just an update...I changed my form and as long as I keep my elbow tucked close, I don't seem to suffer any joint or tendon pain.  I have stopped trying to muscle the disc, and I have developed a pretty decent snap.  Its been fun finding which discs will hold an anheiser for dog-leg left approaches.  I come prepared to give up distance to younger players, but a little course management and good putting keeps me competitive.  I agree that this sport should add years to my life, and corny as it sounds, life to my years.
The only guys with balls call themselves pros. Move up.
never mind
I appreciate companies making lighter discs - but stores don't seem to carry many of them. I have yet to find a Vulcan under 162g (supposed to go down to 158g) or a Flow below 168g. I have several older model discs in the 155 - 160g range and I use them a great deal for distance shots.

I agree with lighter discs not being available.  I have to look for most of my discs online.  However, I have found a local store that will order for me when he can find what I want.  I would also like more pink discs and this is not because I am a woman, but they are easier to find in the grass and weeds. 


So....  Lighter and pink is my request.

Yes we need to drink better beer.

And to those who think alcohol is part of being fit or sports, you are just fooling yourself.  There is no need to live your life in a drug or chemical clouded world.  Get high on what do and this sport is one thing that will help you live longer and better, not alcohol or drugs.

For those of you who are looking for lighter weight  discs, I find that most online stores have a good slection and usally cheaper and some even free shipping.

It would nice if some company would make discs in dayglow colors.

I dunno, I'm pretty fit for my age.  Alcohol isn't a part of sports, but its a part of life.  If you enjoy beer, then by God have a beer.  Have many. Live and let live, and all that.  Also, I know many people who are quite fit but that don't play any sport very well.  This isn't really an endurance sport, otherwise people who are out of shape couldn't play it. 

I throw 172-175 discs RHFH.  When I'm forced to throw RHBH, I have a couple of lighter discs.  Still can't throw them all that well.



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