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I throw harder and flatter at the chains nowadays so that the wind dont affect the disc but i miss right a ton and my hyzer putt will miss left. What do i do to get her back in the middle. Left abdmoinal release with a little hyzer works good with my right arm but i dont want to have to think about it just like the good old days.

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What putter are you using? I use a Dart and it's redunkulously straight, no fade at all. It throws me off sometimes because I throw with fade in mind. With that disc, I just throw straight...you literally have to aim EXACTLY where you want it to land rather than a little to the right like you might with other discs. 

This works for me, hope it helps you!

This happened to me also. When I first started playing DG the only good shot in my bag was a putt from 25' or less. I was money on those putts. Since I was a good putter I concentrated on my distance throws when I was practicing. However, as I started to increase my distance with my drivers and midranges my putting got worse.

Then I discovered that my throw playing catch with a Frisbee had also changed. The problem was that in trying to increase my distance I had changed my natural throwing motion and this affected my putting.

The only way I've found to fix or avoid this problem is to practice putting as much as I work on my distance throws. Of course I had to get a practice basket for my yard to practice putting, but it helps. Now I back to being money from 25' or less most of the time and I've started working on putting around, over/under obstacles, and putting from different levels. 

If you look online there are some putting practice games that you can play to avoid the boredom of putting practice. 


Stop thinking, start putting and follow through.

instead of "left abdominal release"... point your right foot at the center of the basket. your throwing motion should be straight from the center of you to the center of the one chain you aim at (like when donnie darko sees the future)

Welcome to infinitely challenging world of Putting.  It is the hardest shot in the game.  It is the most frustrating shot in the game.

There is nothing all that theoretically difficult about most putts.  You are close to the basket.  You just need to coax it in.  With a few tries even a  noobie player could probably put it in the basket.  With a few tries (or maybe less) probably YOU could make the shot.

Putts seem simple when they go in.  They are maddening when they don't. 

Your putting prowess can come and go like the wind.  It is there.  Then its not, for no obvious or discernible reason.

After hundreds (thousands?) of hours of putting practice I know I will come close on most putts.  But coming close means nothing.  You can hit solid metal time after time after time and keep picking your putter out of the dirt.

Putting practice is cumulative.  Which means that you will get better with practice overall but any given day....

First, youtube Mark Ellis putting and follow his advice.

Second, maybe your original putter has worn in (or out) and it's turning over more than when newer. Try a newer version of your original putter @the same weight.

Third, drive under the pin and forget about putting. Remember, Drive for show, putt, putt, putt for boge.

Putting is all about confidence. You step up there knowing that it is going in. That isn't always the case but that is the mindset that is necessary. I realized about a week ago that I wasn't following through. I started following through and they started going in. I also realized that if overthink a putt I might miss. If I get up there and make a confident stroke there is a much greater chance that it is going in.

Remember, Drive for show, putt, putt, putt for boge.

 I am totally stealing that.

I think I am still going to follow my mantra of "Drive for show, Putt for dough" lol  It will work out better in the long run

I drive for Show and Putt for Mo!

I need to work on the putting for "mo" strokes part!

I wanted Snapper to make a T-shirt out of it, but he said it had negative connotations.

It's not my Mantra, just my experience.

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