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If this is a repost, I apologize; I did some searching and didn't seem to come up with anything.  If there is a link to another post, please provide...thanks!


I'm in the market to buy a new bag; I think I've decided on the Phenix with the bed lining.  I'm also looking into a new set of straps as my old Innova ones are coming apart at the seams.  I'm looking at the Phenix Quad Shocks, DGA Gel, and the Fadegear Weatherguards.  I've been looking for reviews on the Net and haven't found much that would give info to make an educated purchase.  I just want to know people's raw opinions on all aspects of quality, comfort, longevity and whatever else you may think.




I'm also looking for opinions on bags as well, I'm not dead set on the Phenix with the lining yet.  I do want a good bag with this on it.  I'm not really worried about the extra weight as I don't have back problems.  I live in Alaska with a lot of inclement weather, so I want something that will hold up in the rain and snow.

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I happen to have/had a Phenix bag. I liked it alot. As for the bed lining. I've heard some gripes about it. Mainly the weight gain and some complaints of back pain? Why I don't know. The Gel Strapz are the most comfortable staps I have. I also like the hooks are on swivels (like a ccenter punched rivet) so that way they don't bind and get twisted. When they are hooked up to your bag. They also have less plastic than the Quad Shocks. The only bummer is the plastic clip used to adjust the strap lengths slip out during play so you have to readjust the stap lenght a few times during play. My staps are fully extended , because I like my bag low. So I don't have that problem. I think I've had mine for maybe a year? and they are good as new. The Quad shocks are fine as well. Very well made. I've had the same pair for over 3yrs now. They are just not as comfortable as the DGA Gel Strapz. There has been some talk or concern of the durability of the DGA Strapz. Since I haven't had them very long I can't say, but mine look fine and I carry 20+ discs.
My Phenix Quads are holding up nicely.....It's sad to say, but if Innova's straps are anything like their bags...well then they're likely crap too.
Go with Phenix for the straps. They're just damn well built. Last I heard both Innova and DGA had issues with their straps popping the stitching. I honestly haven't heard much about the Fade straps because they're too new and even in disc golf circles are a fairly small company.
Oh, I just saw the "edit" part. OK bags I've owned.... Phenix, Gorilla Boys, Revolution Caralina bag, and the Latitude 64 pro bag. By far my favorite is the Lat 64 bag, but that's for me. It carries 20 discs and I love the design. However, the "new" bag is just the old one made in nylon. For your evironment and if you only carry 15 to 17 discs. I would have to go with the Revolution Caralina bag (I can't believe I said that!). But it has a great rain flap and it's made of Cordura (H2o proof or resistant?). The thing I HATE about the Revo. bag is the tiny main opening, drives me nuts! The Phenix bag is nice, but lacks structure/rigidity and become rather floppy after time. The rain flap is nice , but odd. It's sewn into the compartment behind the putter or mini pouch. So you can't remove it, but you won't loose it! gorilla Boys is OK. Zippers are to small and the fit and finish are not that great. The disc frame is C-R-A-P!!
also make sure you get a bag with a really big pouch to put layers of clothes in as the day gets warmer and you heat up. I neglected that when I bought my bag and it wears me out to carry a jacket, and if you can get the individule disc slots those are huge. I bought a water proof bag and my discs and whatever was in bag always got wet sprayed the new bag with kiwi camp dry and no more wetness.
for straps... get the Brown tool belt suspenders
Link here
I got mine for $18 on sale at Home Depot. They are very durable, and extremely comfortable.

For bags. Go with Fade Gear. I have two bags from them, and they have great customer support!

Happy discing.
I dont really have too much knowledge on the different types of bag but i personally have a gorilla boy kong and i absolutely love it. this thing is definitely built to last and can handle a beating. also i have the phenix quadshocks and they have held up nicely and are a lifesaver for carrying the bag around. i would highly recommend both. however, as i said i dont have much experience with anything else so i cant comment on the pros and cons of any.
I just purchased the Fade rain guard straps and I must say that after playing my first tournament in the rain since I acquired them, I'm sold. My discs, towels and everything within my bad stayed dry to the bone. I can't say how long they'll hold up but while they do, the rain guard is worth the admission price. I've taken my bag and hung it from an old ball golf cart making the straps somewhat insignificant, I couldn't be more thrilled on how well the setup worked during Saturday's rain and wind.
Those straps look pretty heavy duty, I was just reading about them...they do look comfortable though and the price isn’t bad either. How long have you had them and how are they holding up?

Now for someone to make something with Quad-shocks, gel type, and a rain guard...that would be the ultimate! This is of course them being made with great quality; if they lasted a long time, I’d pay $60-$80 for a pair.
Holly Cow! I would bet money, that those are DGA Gel Strapz!
Phenix straps with a revolution bag...
my only beef with the Fade straps, is the pouch the rainfly rolls up into puts a lot of pressure on the top of my spine...So i switched back to my faithful Ping's i modified to fit my disc bag :)

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