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So, how many of you out there really play during the winter? In years past, I would play the occasional round as long as the sun was out, the temp was around 30 to 40 degrees, and the snow was no more than 2" deep. With this criteria I would get in maybe 3 or 4 rounds the entire winter season. 
Well, last winter and this winter I have expanded my criteria to the following: no snow more than a foot deep, no ice rink courses (currently Golden Rod is nothing but icy fairways), can tolerate down to 0 degrees, no blizzards or rain, and no penguins. 
I've played a little more than half a dozen rounds just in this Month of January. I'm definately hooked on winter golf. Top that ball golfers!
    My son played is first round of winter golf last winter at Bandemer,the 9-hole course in Ann Arbor on the north side. Thankfully, there was only a good dusting of snow on the ground, but he loved it! Earlier this month, Conor and I took out a friend, Eric, to Goldenrod (an 18 hole course) in Davison. We only had time for 9 holes, but we all had a lot of fun. It was a partly sunny day with the temp being around 38 degrees. There was betwen 1 and 3 inches of snow on the ground. All in all, conditions were perfect for a quick round. But, I digress. Conor had a blast playing his second round of winter golf. For Eric, this was his very first round of winter golf and only his second time on a course. He had a great time and said that he would do it again. He is even thinking of having a go at one of this year's Ice Bowl tourneys.
    So, honestly, how many of you enjoy winter golf and why? And if you have reservations about playing during the winter, and especially in the snow, why? I am very curious about what all of you out there have to say.

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Well to answer the questions you asked, here you go.

I enjoy winter golf sometimes.

Benefits are:
No waiting.
Certain discs are actually easier to spot in the snow. (Pink/Bright Green/Yellow)
No water OB! At least that's what I say.
It's still disc.
Discs all fly different. Makes you focus.

Reservations are:
WAAAAY TOO MUCH money for Waterproof Boots, good gloves, replacing lost discs, Under Armor/Snow Clothes, hand warmers.
Can't get any footing on teepads. Ice.
Discs all fly different in the teens.

It was filmed in Trysil, Norway. A skiing resort. 20 celcius below.

I am from Ann Arbor, MI. and not a fan of winter golf. I compete in the Mens Open Division. If you want to compete with the BIG BOYS you must play/practice every day no matter the conditions. I have thought to my self a 1/2 million times I am stupid for playing today in this winter crapola weather. However I feel as if you take the winter off, You will come out in the spring rusty. So my advice is to suck it up and Go Throw. You would be surprised how well you are throwing in the spring when you get to tear off a layer or 3. and 1 more thing I would like to mention, Carry a shovel when playing winter rounds. You want nice tee-pads. It sucks but you will learn to appreciate it when you go out the next day and the pads are nice and dry. Avoid injury at all cost. You do not want to try to run up on a icy tee-pad. hence the shovel. Anyway my 2 cents take care and keep hukin, Pat Burke #28567
Your picture makes a good point. Trying to keep your drink from freezing. I played a tourney this past weekend in Southern Michigan and I was only able to drink about half my beverage. The other half was frozen by the end of round 1. Might need to add some vodka next time to work as an antifreeze for my Gatorade!
I envy the southern folks for being able to play on grass all yr ,but playing in the snow can be alot of fun .the only drag for me is the occasional lost disc (yesterday, 2 yr old champ beast) oh well winter break up is only 2 months away maybe it will show its self
I play year round. There's no off-season. Being in Kalamazoo, we get a ton of lake-effect snow. That challenges me to go out but being inside sucks. Not throwing drives isn't fun either. It's just something I have to do. I take a shovel for the tee-pads and I'm good. It takes a little longer to finish a round, but someone has to do it.
I would try to invest in a great pair of snowshoes !!!
lol....of course, a good single malt whiskey could work as well!
Amen, Pat!! One of these days, I'll remember that damn shovel..lol.
Took out a newbie to play a round at Goldenrod in Davison and did a little slipping and sliding despite the new snow coming down. Never thought I would be looking forward to new snowfall on the fairways. But, I would rather have that than the ice rink conditions of last week. Although, it was pretty serene out there today. Light, continuous snowfall, no one else on the course (except for 3 other guys who showed up about halfway through our round...but they were quiet for the most part), the occasional woodpecker hammering it's presence every now and again, and a friendly conversation to fill the time. What other sport/recreation can provide this kind of stress release year round?
I'm new to DG but I enjoy playing in the winter and have played 10 rounds in JAN. I like no bugs, no leaves, not as busy, and don't mind cold. "DRESS WARM" Don't get me wrong I love the summer!
Whoohoo! The sun's coming back out tomorrow (friday for sure) and the temp is going to be in the mid 30's!! I'm hitting the course(s)!

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