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I'm thinking of buying a few discs from Lat64 and wanted to know what people's experience is with these different plastics.  I was curious of the break in time compared to other plastics.  I've already read Lat's website about the plastics, but that is their propaganda.

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I have a Striker and Core, both in Opto plastic, unfortunately I'm in the middle of my tournament season and I haven't wanted to spend to much time with them, so I can't help you with break in time. But the Opto line to me feels and grips like Innova Champion plastic more then anything else.
Gold line is super durable, and super sexy, but I'd have to recommend Opto plastic. It's grippy and easily as durable as anything on the market (except gold line that is). I've heard many people on this site and in person liken Opto plastic to "gummy" Champ discs. From my somewhat limited experience, I'd say that the Swedes' plastic is as good or better than anything in the world. My only beef with these guys is that many of their discs have a relieved and/or shallow inner lip. This makes for an extremely comfortable disc, but it messes up my release (it's just a preference thing). I'd recommend the Vision for a good turnover disc, the Striker if you like T-Birds, and the Pure as the perfect finesse putter. Their putter plastic (Zero) is super grippy and more durable than Pro D/DX imo.
Both are great! I prefer the gold line. In my opinion the grip is better. The durability is pretty close to the same as the opto line. I have smacked quite a few trees with my gold line core and still looks new (1 small scratch that you really have to look for).

Gold line also looks better... lol
I like the gold line, it seems super-durable, but I prefer the opto line discs. I liked how the striker threw right out of the box. One year in, and many Alaskan tree strikes later, it is still looking pretty new with no nicks or gouges in the flightplate and the same flight characteristics. My Opto Striker flies more like a tl or a nicely beaten in teebird, the goldline version had a stability similar to a new star teebird.
Gold Line is tough but it's not as durable as Opto.
I have several of both and while none are really damaged, the opto's fly like they did when new (or very close to it). The golds are are noticibly less stable and they got there with way fewer throws/trees etc...even then they fly well and aren't dramatically altered. They just seem to wear/break in quicker.

Gold = slightly grippier but tougher Innova Star Plastic
Opto = tackier but tougher Innova Champion Plastic

hope that helped...you can't go wrong w either one.
I prefer the Optos for the record
Tuff call. The Opto has better grip imo. It really reminds me of Innova's gummy plast, maybe not as flexable, but pretty sweet.
The Gold Line is pretty bullet proof. I guess I'd have to give the edge to the Gold Line, only because. I like the feel of the plastic. I've also have had some pretty bad tree strikes with the GL and there is only some scuffing. Best plastic out there today imo.
I must concur; Gold Line Plastic is the best plastic on the market--trade in all you're Star plastic...go with the Gold...
the opto is durable , lava rocks , iron wood trees smacks and you can't even tell it hit anything . i haven't tried gold line , and i'm not about to see what my macaw can do to my opto discs.
How does the Zero compare to the Super Soft or SSS Gateway putters?
i have gone the opto route personally, i have thrown plenty of the GL and it feels and flies fine, but i just cant resist candy plastics (and the reviews don't lie when they say it feels like gummy champ.) as for what to get... i guess it depends on what you have. right now i'm throwing: 172 blitz, 174 striker, 172 vision, 169 core, 172 sinus AP, as far as i am concerned, this is a nearly perfect setup, vision for flips and rollers, striker for those threading the needle kinda throws (i've heard the river fills that hole too though) a blitz for big bombs foul weather and hammer throws, the core is a glidy buzz, and the sinus is in my modest opinion the single best putter made, i know thats a confident statement, but i also think everyone should believe that about their favorite putter, or they should buy a new one. i guess thats probably more than you needed, but there it is.
Opto is like Champion or Elite Z
and Gold Line is like Star or ESP...

Latitude 64
either way, their plastic is premium, i wish discraft and innova used their plastic formula. gold > ESP/Flx and Star. Opto > Z and Champion

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