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Amen! Almost ten years later. One less crazed lunatic in the world. Now the loonies will have to look for a new head loony.
I believe that someone more crazed, younger and stronger will step up.  The LEADER being dead does not solve the problem.  I believe that things will get worse.  But that is my opinion.

The troops going home tonight on our Aircraft will be going crazy, good thing the amo is stored in the lower holds.

tomorrow is a new day and I am sure someone will pick up his tourch and we are not out of the woods yets, now more then ever we need to keep our guards up...continue to pray for our troops, my son who is one of them.


Things will get worse before they get better...


Still....we can stick a feather in our hat and we'll bring down the next MF'r that tries again.

good riddance to bad rubbish
The incredibly stupid sheeple are running through the streets like crazed morons, cheering and chanting and waving their flags . . . they are posting all over the internet praising BHO and the military and god for their "freedom" . . . thanking the lord that someone was murdered . . .

These stupid sheeple who actually believe this junk.

So you're BHO . . . and among other things, the birthers are breathing down your neck, your numbers are slipping, you're partially responsible for the murder of three innocent children, you're getting flack about Libya . . . you need a diversion -

WHAT can you do to make yourself and your administration look like the work of a Super Hero?

"Kill" bin Laden, of course.

HOW convenient.

WHAT the hell is wrong with people and what the hell is happening in this country?!

There are people who are saying "the war on terror is over now" . . . and they really believe it.

Are we in America or some kind of warped Twilight Zone?

And how long until America is supposedly attacked out of "retribution" . . . which will then justify America getting into a new war . . . a war that's already been planned?
Please tell me you arent all so dumb. No body. Buried at sea. End ofthe worst Presidents term. Don't be sheep...

Larry we have been herding sheeple for several decades now so it does not surprise me.  BURIED AT SEA?  Really?  I mean you would think they would be willing to show us undeniable proof that they got him.  The man that was supposed to be behind the attacks of Sept. 11th.  The Man that has been the catapulting force to send thousands of our troops over seas to fight the fight of good?  This just isn't satisfactory enough for me and it shouldn't be for anyone who truly believes in their freedom.  The military industrial complex (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y06NSBBRtY) as called by President Eisenhower has co-oped this country.  And you better believe more war is coming....it's coming soon.  Obama was voted in to get us out of war.  To close gitmo....to provide CHANGE.  We are in 4 wars right now...on the brink of 5 if we go to Syria.  Gitmo is alive and well.  And the policies that have been pushed through are very similar to Bush's if not helping the Bush policies stay alive and well.  We will never have PROOF of what happened tonight because we got rid of it.  And if the people who died on that horrible day of Sept. 11th didn't get their burial rights.  Their religious rights after passing why the hell should we care about his!!!  This STINKS to high hell.  As much as Sept. 11th itself does...



"The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers." 
— Thomas Jefferson
I'm just glad he's not longer playing.  He was in my division and was quite a good disc golfer.
IMO Osama is alive and being tortured for us to gain more information.

As far as I am concerned.  All this talk regarding this subject is "above my Pay grade". 

Just let me take care of myself and my family and enjoy the FREEDOM we have and most importantly,

Let me worry about improving my Disc Golf game.


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