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The Wicked W.... is dead.

So much for living in a cave.

It never ceases to amaze me, the so called leader living in a 'mansion' while the rest, live in caves?

Brainwashed, uneducated people. Very sad.

This is the problem, down trodden people brainwashed to believe in these idiots.

Why wouldn't we celebrate the death of one of the most evil men on the planet . The man who is responsible for thousands of children not having a mom or dad and there children never having a grandparent! He has literally affected the lives of those families for generations. If you don't find this reason to celebrate then you should find yourself another country to live in ! AMERICA FUCK YEAH!
Such a load of B.S. The only flights out of N.Y. city on sept. 11 were Osamas family. If he is dead, it's because he doesn't suit a purpose any longer. Please people this is a disc golf site; Let's leave the drama to facebook. Don't be nieve in believing that all the crap you see on t.v. is true. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Nobody will ever know if he is accually dead unless you knew that this was the real guy and you personally did the job yourself. But seriously lets please get back to reality so we can built a mosque on the site of ground zero. By the way let's...not. 

You do know that we supplied weapons to Saddam right?

Good....Now maybe the men and woman of the US Armed Forces can get home safer & start playing more disc golf.  Proud to be an American, especially even more so now!!!

I hear alot of talk about the death or lack of evidence there of.  I hear about people being happy and that justice has finally been served.  How, because one man has been killed ??  Yes he lead the group but he was not solely responsible for 9/11.  Let's get real here.  Does anyone think that he had the true weapons, and knowledge to pull off four planes, and four buildings by himself.  Do you think that he could have truely pulled off something like 9/11 with his "Cave Dwelling, non modern soldiers from a desert country whose out dated weapons were more then likely used and not worth a sh*t."

He had help.  He didn't act alone.  And until the complete TRUTH comes out and everyone involved is found and tried, there will be no true justice served in regards to 9/11.  But Osama was a good start.  We have a long time and a long road ahead of us. 

Prime example, JFK........  Need I say more.  There are many facts and real truths that are kept from the public.

So as I had said in my previous statement.  This subject is above my paygrade.  I'll just relax and continue throwing my discs. 

You are correct sir, but Bin Laden was the face of terror and Al Qidea (spl?).  As more and details become released, I feel more and more confident that the President and his team made the right call.  He said back in 2008 on a CNN debate that if he had to, he would enter Pakistan w/o permission and KILL Bin Laden & he has lived up to that promise (as he has been).  And regardless how you feel, Bin Laden publicly took credit and bragged about being the leader/mastermind behind the attacks.  Even as the President was speaking about the raid, I already had all my conspiracy questions circling in my brain (he even cut into the last half hour of Donald Trumps show The Apprentice).  But, how about we all take a little time to enjoy the moment.  That's right, I said it...enjoy his death at the hands of the greatest combat fighters in the world (SEAL Team 6!!!).  I wasn't in Pennsylvania, DC or NYC while this happened, but I have been to ground zero.  Seeing he devastation was wild.  And I can feel for those that suffered and lived in fear of another attack.  Americans started this country by fighting for freedom and this country is soaked in the blood of those that have fought for our independence.  Terrorism threatens global freedom, and the USA will be there to lead the fight so that all are free.  The global revolution has begun.  Bin Laden's death closes the last chapter over a ten year period, and the voices of today's youth can now be heard in countries like Egypt, Syria, Libya, Tunisia.  Those people fighting back the oppressive ultra right wing religious groups that hold power can now be heard in full voice.  Time for the next chapter to begin, and it's starting with people taking that power back!

Agreed Daddy Dragon,  It seems to me that Everyone is acting way to relaxed about what just happened.


Eye-witness of alleged Bin-Laden raid: "None of this is true"
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If you do anything today, READ THIS (video included). Who do YOU believe?


The plot thickens.

The above video shows an interview with Jagandir Khan, a Pakistani local who lived a few minutes walk from the mansion allegedly housing Osama bin-Laden.

Mr Khan had something he wanted to share with the outside world: there was no enduring gun battle involving US forces – or Osama bin-Laden for that matter.

The events of that night in late April as relayed by Mr Khan paint a very different picture to the intense and bloody firefight described by Barack Obama.

“The Unites States launched a targeted operation against that compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan…after a firefight, they killed Osama bin-Laden and took custody of his body.”

Interesting. Something like that would surely be remembered by residents who lived just a few minutes walk away?

According to the eye-witness, a helicopter entered the area around midnight and continued to fly overhead. Moments later, there was a loud explosion. When he and his friends went to investigate, there was nothing but some debris and a fire.

No exchange of fire. No screaming. No bodies. No swarm of US special forces. Nothing but some crackling flames and a lot of confused residents.

So it’s understandable that when Jagandir Khan awoke the next morning to news reports of a US special forces operation that killed the world’s most wanted man right next door, he was stunned.

Not just because his quiet and sleepy town was suddenly appearing on news reels throughout the entire world, but because what he was hearing did not gel with what he heard, and saw.

“The helicopter began firing a few minutes, then it came again, a few minutes firing…then at 1:15am we heard a big explosion…so we ran there, me and my brother and a few other people, but when we got there, there was just fire, there was nothing.”

Moreover, there was nothing suspicious about the property that he said he walked past nearly every evening with his wife.

“I have lived here all of my life,” said Khan. “You know if someone new comes to your street, your area.”

Now it’s entirely possible that Mr Jagandir Khan could have denied any knowledge in order to avoid complicity in keeping Osama bin-Laden hidden, but possible is not the same as probable.

When we consider the timing, circumstances and discrepancies surrounding this matter, we have to take a deeper look at the reports of Osama bin-Laden himself dying in a blaze of gunfire from heroic US troops and honestly ask ourselves ‘is this really believable?’

Sure, Jagandir Khan is just one man and Barack Obama is the all-powerful, all-truthful President of the United States of America.

But believe who you will.
May 3, 2011 · 6:05 am ↓ Jump to CommentsOsama bin-Laden killed…again?


It’s official. Osama bin-Laden has been killed…again.

News of Osama bin-Laden’s death in Pakistan sent thousands pouring on to the streets in the US on May 1, but if a certain interview aired in October 2007 reached the masses that year, perhaps Americans may have not had to wait another four years to pop the champagne.

With US officials announcing that the body of the world’s most wanted man was buried at sea following his alleged death by a gun shot wound through the left eye and chest, it’s not surprising that many are sceptical.

While the practice of a hasty burial within 24 hours of death is in accordance to Islamic law, this man wasn’t just anyone. Experts are going to want verification that the (supposed) biggest national security threat to the West is indeed dead. That, they’re never going to have.

No public display. No autopsy. No way for the rest of us to know for sure. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, just a collection of facts.

The shadowy figure who went from being a CIA-backed Mujahideen fighter against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan during the 1980s to US public enemy number one, is now lying somewhere at the bottom of the North Arabian Sea.

Moreover, the timing of the announcement is strange.

The same morning that Americans awoke to the news of their biggest enemy allegedly having been killed in a fierce firefight, the 9th Circuit Court was to hear an extremely important legal case questioning Barack Obama’s identity as a ‘natural born’ American citizen – and thus, his eligibility to be president at all.

Americans may remember another “Mission Accomplished speech” by another beleaguered president on the same date, May 1st.

That time, the announcement was a desperate PR attempt by a failing administration in need of any support it could get in a time of political crisis.

Brushing that coincidence aside for the moment, it pays for any free-thinking citizen to remember (or learn of) Ms Bhutto’s October 2007 statement that Osama bin-Laden had been killed, and who killed him.

Interestingly, “Omar Sheikh”, the would-be assassin of Osama bin-Laden years ago, is a mysterious British born militant who belongs to numerous terrorist organisations. His name became widespread in intelligence cycles after beheading American Journalist Daniel Pearl on a video which soon went viral.

His actions energized Western efforts to kill and capture insurgents in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Eventually, Omar Sheikh was arrested on February 22, 2002 by Pakistani police and sentenced to death for the murder of Daniel Pearl.

Later, in 2006, the then Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf (who came to power three months before the 9/11 attacks) published a book, In the Line of Fire, which alleged that Omar Sheik was originally recruited by the British Intelligence Agency, MI6.

Musharraf went on to state that Omar Sheik at some point “probably became a double-agent”.

Considering the ties that bin-Laden had to the CIA and his family’s business ties to the Bush family, it’s entirely possible that he was a double-agent also, but that’s for another blog.

The point being made here is this: someone killed bin-Laden years ago. Why it is being reported as a recent event involving US forces in Abbottabad, Pakistan now is what should be concerning.

While reports of possible spectacular revenge attacks and a Doomsday Video (that was to be released in the event of bin-Laden’s death) circulate, is it possible that a dreaded “false flag attack” is just around the corner?

If so, Obama shouldn’t be too worried.

It was exactly this that turned his predecessor George W Bush from lame duck to fearless warrior overnight.
Thanks OP for starting this thread. I wasn't sure if anyone here would like my opinion. By the number of new friend requests, I guess some of you do like my opinion. Thanks.
Closing this thread as having no further DISC GOLF value    :)


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