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I throw predominatly rhfh, I have a problem with overstable discs. The only thing I can get out of them is a BIG hyser curve to the right, I've tried adjusting my release point, arm angle, tried anhyser release, not having any luck getting a nice straight flight. ANY ideas, suggestions, etc... would be greatly appreciated.

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maybe a less stable disc. What discs do you throw?
Doesn't sound like a problem to me. I'm not a pro, but I am a forehander. I throw overstable discs (Max and Flick) for hard hyzers and go with stable discs (wraith, boss) for straight shots. Keep trying the anhyzer release though, it's hard to learn but really pays off on holes where you need to snake around trees, or throw for distance on an open hole. Cheers
For the straight shots i use an avenger ss, also have a beat in sidewinder that has a predictable fade. The problem is I just bought some new star plastic discs, a boss,a destroyer,a teerex, and a wraith, everyone of them turns right. the boss and destroyer are the worst.
That's likely because they're still new...and also very overstable to boot...you should work with your Avenger and Sidewinder.
i have a star boss and used to have a star teerex. Both no matter how hard i tried would always fade off to the right... they are wicked over stable to me.
All the Star plastic I've thrown tends to be a bit more overstable than the Champ stuff at first, but once it beats in. It's fine. Also, you have some pretty overstable stuff. Well for me that is lol!! My Teerex and Destroyer only come out of the bag for headwinds (depends on the mph) The weight of the discs play a roll in stability too. For instance, I throw a 150g Boss. Can't throw the heavy stuff. Sooo time will tell!

The only thing that I use really super overstable discs are for max distance, heavy wind, or a cross between those with a huge elevation change. They're not meant to go straight unless you're really putting power into them. Maybe try those ones you got in a pro plastic so they beat in quicker and/or a lighter weight. Heavier discs and discs made in champion or star are going to be naturally more overstable than pro or dx plastic or in lighter weights. You really have to work at it with an overstable disc to achieve "straight" flight, but what you have to worry about is the massive skip at end even if you do throw straight. I'm of the mindset to disc down and use what I need to get where I want. Shot placement is huge on a lot of courses (especially tight wooded ones) and the last thing you want is a huge skip from a really overstable disc putting you in the SOS region of the course.
or worse the SOL region ;)
LOL, I know right
think light. I tried any thing from a groove to an orc to a valk. all too heavy for the way i throw (rhbh). i bought a 153 r-pro boss and it added straight and long out of the box. hit lots of trees and rocks, play in the NW and we dont have a treeless course in my area. still as stable as the day i got it. try lighter in any disc and see if that works. worked for me.
Disc Golf is becoming an increasingly popular sport, If no one has invited you to throw a round yet, it's probably only a matter of time. Fortunately it is much easier to learn then regular golf, but the way a disc flies can be every bit as mysterious (if not more so) than the golf balls.
I've thought about the lighter weight discs, but I hate to think I wasted my money on these. I will say I tried the boss out as an overhand roller and it worked fairly decent.(grass was a bit thick)

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