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I throw predominatly rhfh, I have a problem with overstable discs. The only thing I can get out of them is a BIG hyser curve to the right, I've tried adjusting my release point, arm angle, tried anhyser release, not having any luck getting a nice straight flight. ANY ideas, suggestions, etc... would be greatly appreciated.

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I though predominately RHFH, and I throw a Z Tracker For straight and turnover shots. For most of my other drives, I throw Predators, Talons, and Reapers. I have found that the key is to make sure that on your release you are keeping your disc very flat and level to the ground. Make sure that you point your left hand in the direction you want the disc to travel through, and follow through making sure you transfer you weight onto you front foot as you throw, This will prevent you from throwing off of your back foot, and throwing it up causing a hyzer shot.
I also had a problem when I was trying to throw a bunch of Max Distance Drivers, because they have to high of a power requirement. So that is when I decided to start throwing stuff like Preds, and Talons. They are still over stable enough to throw forehand, but don't require so much power so they seem to be a bit easier to control with out really sacrificing distance. maybe want to give that a try. good luck
It sounds like these discs are too overstable for how hard you throw (don't worry about it though, they are too overstable for most people to use regularly for straight shots). Find someone to trade discs with is my advice. Those are all popular molds still, so you should be able to find someone willing to trade for them. Just because they are the fastest discs on the market doesn't mean they are going to work for you. The valkyrie still holds the world record. I'm not saying you need to throw a valk (although that might just be an excellent choice for you), but something with less fade would be good. Disc ratings really are only for comparison.

An average drive for me is 380 ft and I still like to throw the sidewinder for distance most of the time (on a 20-30 degree hyzer or so) because it is more consistently controllable. Yes I can bomb a destroyer, but every now and then I can seriously shank a destroyer because I didn't get quite enough on it. I'm hoping the new Katana really does have the flight of a sidewinder like innova is saying. Until then I'll eschew the super fast plastic for consistency.
Yes I'm trading the teerex for a leopord, since i threw the leopord I had into a pond.
I really like the Talon for sidearm, I got my chance to play with one randomly and was pleasantly surprised. I got to play with a 150 Z, but I want to try a higher weight in the same plastic and see how it performs for me.
I keep a 167 and a 174 Talon. Can be used on almost any hole. For straight shots, flex shots, or hyzers. Gotta love the Talon to bad it is discontinued.
I'm right there with you brother, I've thought the same thing, but I'm also still going to make the switch. I'm still going to keep all of them with me, I may not use them as much in the long run, but they will certainly have their uses depending on the weather and terrain.
Use the manufacturer chart to find less stable discs.
The sidearm is a more powerful shot than the backhand and adds more spin to the disc.
Most people use extremely overstable discs to absorb the power and get an offset---
The Disc wants to fight to the right while your spin makes it want to pull left...this equals a straight shot.
If you do not have a lot of power or snap on your sidearm shot, you will not need the overstable discs.
Choose discs that fly a bit straighter and they will not have the extreme hook at the end.
For more detailed descriptions of how the discs fly, visit Clearwater Disc Golf Store.
try a FL. :)
Thanks to all for comments, keep em coming.
That makes me a sad panda :(
I'm starting to like the Flash a lot for my forehands. I've switched over to the peace grip on my drives, and I gained a whole lot of control and lost a fair amount of distance. I'm primarily a RHBH player, so the forehand is more of a utility throw for me anyway. For me, the Flash is a little less stable than the Avenger, and it flies nice and straight with a reasonable fade.
Thanks to everone who commented, since I posted this I've learned how to throw better backhand, so I'm finding myself using rhbh off the tee and using the forehand for tighter shorter holes. Reaper and XS seem to fly the straightest with the forehand.

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