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Come join my group parents with kids that Disc golf. We are trying to start a community for families to find other families that Disc golf.  this is a great opportunity to meet some new people in the disc golf community.


Please come join us i know my 8 year old would love to have another kid his age to play with

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Please join I'm sure Adam would like someone other the me adding content to the group.
Lets go parents sign up so your kids have someone thier own age to play disc golf with
come on people
According to the members’ directory there are 9936 members of this site. I can’t believe you can only find 12 parents. Maybe disc golf is a natural contraceptive.
It would be nice if some parents that have already taught their children to play would join and relate some of their experiences.
Come on parents lets band together
where are all the parents
15 members and counting come on
Lets go parents we want to see more
I think you’re recruiting efforts may be hampered by one of two issues:
1. Disc Golf is an activity to get away from the wife and kids, so why get involved in a group that wants parents to teach their kids to play disc golf.
2. There may not be that many disc golfers that are parents. Face it when ball golfers say that “disc golfers lack the balls and shafts to play a real sport” they may not be referring to golf.


Your points are well taken. However, I believe Adam's efforts are to be applauded and should be taken more seriously by more disc golfers.

Lets face it, disc golf has a terrible reputation. We are generally percieved to be a bunch of slacking potheads who throw frisbees in a park for shits and giggles. I understand this does not cover all of us, but this is the public perception of our game.


Adams initiative could help this reputation on a couple different levels:

1) Taking the time and effort to teach our kids to play disc golf the proper way will help raise a new generation of disc golfers who take the game much more seriously than the vast majority of casual disc golfers.

2) Disc golfers who assume the responsibility to teach and grow the sport through their children and families will help to alleviate this issue over time. The key word there is responsibility; that word is generally dormant or non-existent in disc golf circles.


If disc golf remains an activity to get away from the wife and kids we will struggle to grow the game beyond the stereotypes that dominate the public eye.


I'm a definate believer in Adams efforts, I was one of the first to join his group.  There is a public perception of Disc Golf?  I really don't think disc golf's reputation is as bad as you make out.  A large percentage of adults in this country don't even know disc golf exists.  And the majority of those slacking potheads will mature into responsible adults with children of thier own.

Don't dis on the casual disc golfers, that's where the growth of this sport will come from.  Lets not take this sport so serrious that it stops being fun.

Will they? Many of the stereotypical slacking potheads I know quit playing disc golf when they become resonsible--disc golf was a way for them to get out of the house and imbibe in their substance(s) of choice. But perhaps you are right...I hope you are right...


With all due respect, I think your underestimating the public. Guilt by association is a powerful thing--and many courses, both public and private, have been pulled due to less than mature behavior.


I'm certainly not dissing on the casual players, sorry if you took it that way--I would lump myself into that category most of the time, but growing the game in the right way is more important than just adding players to the course.


Contrary to conventional thought, serious and fun can exist simultaneously...




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