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So I am playing one of my best rounds and come up on the 16th hole. There is a couple lying on a blanket 5 ft. from the basket. So I decided to skip the hole for now. I mentioned to them that people were going to be throwing disc toward the basket. I was very polite. They said that the group before me told them that too. But they stood their ground. They weren't rude, just ignorant. I know it is a public park and I have the highest regard for public safety. So I went back to the hole after finishing #18 and told them I was going to be throwing. They were at least respectful to move their blanket 5 ft furthur. I have good aim but not always. Anyhow, I birdied the hole landing 10 feet opposite where they were. And I thanked them for moving. I went to the Park Director as I was leaving and explained the situation. (the course had been closed before because somebody hit a kid). The director was kind of enough to go out and explain it to the couple. Park respect goes both ways.

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I believe that you acted properly IMO. Be polite and be respectful. Always. Parks are for the Public, regardless of ignorance. As disc golfers, I believe it is up to us to avoid conflicts with "pedestrians" and other Park users in general. Best to just explain the hazard to others and hope people get the point. Sometimes it is best to just not play a hole or two. I'm glad the Park Director took your info under consideration and went out to explain the situation so that nobody gets hurt.

Other thoughts anybody?
I would have thrown 9 hyzer bombs right at them...sometimes the best way to explain something is by showing them. Lmao!! J/K ...I'm actually the guy who tells everybody else to be polite and courteous to the unknowing blanket dwellers and such.

Today we relocated a concrete picnic table that had been there for 3+ decades..unfortunately the newer basket placement on that hole put that table dead nuts in the line of fire....Yep!! The table had to go!! So with permission from our parks dept, because the city workers would have broke it....9 of us local Disc Golfers handled it. Smooth like butter!!!
it's a difficult line to walk.
I consider myself a "people person" and try to be as respectful as possible, but for some reason the few times that I have felt the need to go talk to a family out of safety concerns on a busy course, they have been very unreceptive and defensive asking me things like why we needed the whole park? when that wasn't the case at all, and wasn't what I was telling them at all.
oh well.
good job skip and others. respect does go both ways.
My home course is very popular with photographers especially in the fall. Lots of senior pictures and amateur photographers end up on the green of #18 which is about 300 ft. over water. There are some jackasses at my course that are very rude to the photographers and will even throw in to them. Talk about damaging the already struggling image of the sport! I am always very polite and I am sure to hand the photographer a boss or destroyer (max weight of course) so they can kind of absorb what it might be like to get beaned with a high speed driver. Most of the time they are polite and appreciative for the info. I do think that respect goes both ways but unless it is a private course, their taxes go towards the park just like yours. Safety is my biggest concern.
Our course at Sylmar is pay to play but we still occasionally get picnickers from the upper part of the park lounging in the 3rd fairway, sometimes even close to the basket. We try to tell them but some aren't willing to leave. Since we lease our part of the park and there are signs every 30' in 2 languages saying that there's no picnicing south of the road you'd expect them to have a clue about it. One time we even had to chase an entire wedding setup out of there. They were using the 4th teepad as the altar.
yea, on hole 7 at lewisville lake park, ppl always sunbathe on the rocks near the bank, which happens to be a prime spot where people hyzer in from throwing their disc over the lake. never fails, they just don't know how bad those discs hurt. they just say, "oh, ok" after my warnings. i always throw unless kids are involved.
Yeah. I think I ran in to you the day before Doo Dah on #4 at Oak. Am I thinking of the right person?
We just played there this afternoon. Between the big rocks and the basket there is a red post. I NAILED that thing today. I was b.o.b. when we got to that hole. Any who, we walked up there unsure what I hit to make that much noise and the guy that collects cans was sitting there with that HOLT S*** look on his face. I felt pretty bad but he started laughing, So all is well
It is our responsibility as disc golfers to educate the public about our game. Even if it comes one blanket dwelling family at a time. I think it can be easy to forget that we were once unaware of the sports existence. I believe you handled this situation very well. If only every disc golfer was that polite.
Parks are a big place, they can move.

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