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So at our disc golf here in muscatine,IA they have been cleaning up shit and cutting down stuff to make the course a lot better to play at. We have tons of weeds, thorn bushes, and poison ivy so it's really nice that they have been maintaing the course. But i have a problem with this. A lot of the places that they have cleaned up and manucured have been spots in the course where i have lost lots of my discs. I guess what i'm trying to say is that i'm really pissed off that they found roughly about 8 or 9 with my name on them and i haven't heard anything.

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Well, the "law of the land" says different mate. :-)
it's nice when somebody finds your disc and calls and you get it back ...... many times i've already replaced it in my bag and if i get the other one back something's got to give .... remember ... and we all do it ... we put the disc the disc in our hand we throw it away from us ..... we choose to throw it away .... sometimes they just get away, never to be seen again .... too bad so sad .... we hurl them away and they get lost
We have a course like this too. Keep er on the fairway is all I can say. Tall grass and knarly junipers, disc goes in but no disc comes out. Its a tough course to find discs on, even when searching for our own, we rarely find someone elses. We just purchased a riding lawn mower and a wood chipper, this fall the course is getting a "bath". Hopefully we will find some discs that people lost and with any luck, we can prevent the number of hours searching for discs in the future. The only people to maintain our courses is the players, and there are only 4 or 5 of us willing to cut grass and clean up. This benifits the rec players because we return their discs, they probably wouldnt return ours, but whos to say? At any rate, keep er on the fairway!!
What ???? You have Parks and Rec workers cleaning up your courses?????? Must be nice !!!!!
yeah like once a year lol
Contact the parks dept, If you a part of a local club let them know that you rep the club and will return the lost discs to the owners if possible the others you can pass them out to new people or donate to the edge club.
Parks and Rec dept just recently took the big,bad,budget cut.many have lost jobs,County commissioners just voted away money set aside {$1.2 mill}for another 9 baskets/course,plus other park ammenities that were planned in favor of another BB field for traveling college bb tourneys.very difficult to argue the recreation side against the "money earned" from just a month of bb collection fee,tourist dollars collected from hotel/motel,dinning,etc.$3 million collected from a month of bb is difficult to argue against the mind set of current commissioners.There are four bb fields already at this park.Consider yourself fortunate.
Ahhh... the greenback... the great unequalizer... terrible things.... our local commission voted to close one of our community centers... the one closed has a 9-hole course next to it... "in the meantime" the course will stay put... but if they get someone to occupy the building that doesn't want the course.... so long to that... thank goodness there are two other 18-hole courses here...
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