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So at our disc golf here in muscatine,IA they have been cleaning up shit and cutting down stuff to make the course a lot better to play at. We have tons of weeds, thorn bushes, and poison ivy so it's really nice that they have been maintaing the course. But i have a problem with this. A lot of the places that they have cleaned up and manucured have been spots in the course where i have lost lots of my discs. I guess what i'm trying to say is that i'm really pissed off that they found roughly about 8 or 9 with my name on them and i haven't heard anything.

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you're right i can't assume they did find them but there isn't really a whole lot of people that play our course because is it so diffcult because of the tall grass,weeds,and other shit that grow in that course.
I never plan on getting lost discs back.
Agreed, if it is lost I just mark it up as gone forever. And then if someone happens to call me back if they find a lost disc of mine I just consider it a bonus.
I hear you on this one, it still kills me that people don't return discs though.
Always kills me, every disc I have ever found with a name and number I have at least made the call. But I believe number of people that return discs is like 13% and the other 87% don't even bother.
i have returned every disc i have found. Except for one because i called the dude and his phone had gotten disconnected. So i guess i have done some good deeds and i'll just have to wait for someone to return the favor.
One of our local courses is in a city park that regularly gets mowed by the city. We've found, on more than one occasion, shredded plastic in the grass from discs having been run over by the mower. I don't think they know or care that the discs are there or that they cost money to replace. I'm guessing that is probably the case where you are, too.

"Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity."

Tall Tom
I'm pretty sure my disc got shredded. :(
Im going to put it into simple prospective. If you left it there and quit looking then you pretty much said Im done with this dic. I tend to continue to look until I find the damn thing, because I hate having to break a new disc in and I end up buying at least 4 discs when I go in because something catches the eye.
I looked for an hour in wet tall grass brother and it was very hard to leave but it just started to pour down rain. it wasn't a good day.
I search pretty hard for lost discs during practice and rec rounds, but there is a time limit during competition. And of course rainy days and night fall which sometime make it impossible.

Generally I tend to look at abandoned discs as if it were an abandoned ship. No one is obligated to return the vessel. If they do, it's usually for a reward or finders fee. If the finder places more value on the disc than they do the finders fee then it won't be returned and I save myself unnecessary frustration by not expecting the items return. I suppose it is very generous of the finder to offer to return your property once you've abandoned it, but the "law of the sea" doesn't require it.


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