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What do yall think about what happened this weekend?


(copied from innova's site http://www.innovadiscs.com/home/393-ulibarri-true-sportsmanship.html)


Reposted account by VPO tournament director Chris Browning: "GG (Garrett Gurthie) won in the playoff over (Paul) Ulibarri on the third hole. Paul exhibited one of the greatest moments of sportsmanship I have ever witnessed in disc golf. On the first playoff hole, both players' second shots were close. Garrett was out and on ...a 15' putt, he hit dead center chain and the disc dropped in the basket. However, what happened next I have never seen before the disc hit the bottom of the cage and bounced out."

Not wanting to win on the flukiest of shots, Paul threw his putt into the dirt and both players finished out with a 4.

"On the next hole Paul got into trouble on the drive and had to pitch out into the fairway. GG's drive was laying nicely, and he threw his approach to about 20' away. Paul's upshot was parked, but GG missed the putt to win, forcing a third hole."

"The guys played Hole 1, which is a 594' hole that has a dogleg right into a small opening in the trees about 80' from the basket. Paul threw a great drive that landed about 20' short of the opening. GG uncorked an anhyzer that glided perfectly through the opening and left him putting for 2 from about 35' out. Paul's upshot landed about 10' behind GG's drive, and Paul attempted a long jump putt that fell short, leaving him laying three by the basket. GG missed the long putt, but had a drop-in 3 to secure the win."

Stay Classy, Paul Ulibarri...





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Wow, that is truly amazing. I'm not sure what I would have done if in a similar position. All I know is neither of them wished it went down that way. I wish I was there to see it.
I definitely would not have done things like that. I have had putts that looked great and came out. Looking great and being great are not one in the same thing. The only thing that you can control is your game. In a competition you are there to do your best. If he would have sunk his putt I don't think it would have made him (Ulibarri) any less of a good sport. But to each his own.
people will definitely remember that, good story and that course is my favorite, so its neat to hear about the holes and the way they were played.
Without being there, its hard to tell just how 'fluky' the the miss must have been...while Ulibarri's motives can be questioned, his sportsmanship cannot...
Maybe they had already decided to split the money and were playing for the trophy. If not I don't think that I could have done that. Paul is a great competitor and person.
I think this is a nice story, but not the "greatest sportsmanship ever witnessed"... whatever. The putt going off the center of the chains, off the bottom of the basket, and out is not a rare thing at all. That shit happens every day. If the putt were to go straight through the chains and out the other end it would be the same difference. Still a nice story.
It doesn't matter where the putt hits on the basket. It simply matters where it ends up. The only good putt is the one that stays in. Close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades...

I'm certain that the guy is a good sport but I don't understand his motives. Maybe if I won all of the time I wouldn't mind coming in second. That'll never happen.
Regardless of his motives or "it happens"....this is an exemplary example of sportsmanship at heart and I commend him for doing so.
(not being there to see the putt and only reading about it online)I think that missing a 15ft putt is a mistake, not a fluke. I believe this game is about playing to the best of your abilities. We'd all like to win because we truly are the best golfer in whatever tournament we play, but 'fluke' things happen all the time that cause people to have higher and lower scores. gusts of wind, slipping on the tee box, discs breaking, etc. I think it's a really cool gesture but i think i would have still tried to do my best instead of throwing my disc into the dirt.
I was out there just prior to the playoffs. The basket being used was a temp basket that was placed on top of a manhole cover. It changes the layout of that particular hole. The winds were gusting pretty fierce as the always do at Veterans Park. But that placement seems to have more than anywhere else in the park. There is a large sidewalk not even 4 feet away from it. Yes Fluke shots happen. Yes it is the goal to beat the other guy. But these guys are team mates and have been playing against and with each other for a long time. So they know what the other is capable of. Both are amazing golfers and good people. This takes NOTHING away from either of those facts.
Because disc golf baskets are imperfect. I probably would've done the same thing. Except if it was for my first win ever, which it obviously would not have been Paul's first. My hat goes off to you Uli.
You think he would have done the same if it had happened during the 2nd round of the tournament as opposed to a playoff?

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